March 2012

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So not long now until season 2 of Game of Thrones and I can’t freaking wait! I thought I’d take the opportunity to plug my Winter is Coming shirt, featuring Eddard and Jon frolicking in the accursed winter snow. See how they suffer? Anyways, shirt purchases help to keep me doing what I do and of course they make you look AWESOME*! You can find it here.

*shirts may not actually make you look awesome.

Well, kind of. I was talking to Phil from The Rut the other day about how people don’t comment so much these days, just hit the like button (or not, as it may be). I guess it just depends where you look though, because I just saw this old cartoon on George Takei’s Facebook with 2,527 comments and 21,818 likes… the bummer was that there was no credit. Think I’ll just send all my cartoons to George from now on.

PS – you can find this one over at Neatorama

If anyone recognises the onlookers in this cartoon, it’s because they’re the Elizabethan Homies!