A cartoon about a special love between a girl and a vampire.

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  1. unknowntheartist’s avatar

    HI-LAR-IOUS! Great work!

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    *bwahahahahahahaha* awesome!

  3. Nacho’s avatar

    Jajajajaj, the greatest one ever!

  4. Jonathan’s avatar

    I like the URL.


  5. Jonathan’s avatar

    I like the URL.

  6. famuub09’s avatar

    lmao very funny

  7. asdf’s avatar


  8. none’s avatar

    Take me down the path of darkness?! High-larity!

  9. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks all! I admit, I saw the movie but can’t say I was a big fan of it. I’ve never seen so many longing stares in one film. I realise there’s a certain irony in me drawing this cartoon – most people who might find this style of humour amusing probably aren’t the type to have seen the movie or read the book, and those who have are probably fans and most likely won’t appreciate this take on it. Oh well.

  10. Rob’s avatar

    funny cartoon

  11. pachuvachuva’s avatar

    really funny. i like the drawing style. ^_^

  12. Anonymously Secret’s avatar

    Haha! Funny how the cartoon looks a little like the actors.

  13. seemikedraw’s avatar

    prfx, I don’t really understand much from your sentence fragment except that you’re obviously a Twilight fan who’s taken offense. Don’t worry – it’s just a cartoon, and Bella and Edward are still very much in love.

  14. songmistress’s avatar

    I actually am a HUGE fan of the books (not so much the film), but I still laughed in spite of myself, because THIS is funny.

  15. WorldOfIllusion’s avatar

    Oh man… that made me laugh.


  16. maryrestaino’s avatar

    Funny and original. Great work.

  17. beautycouple’s avatar

    It was great :)

  18. winslie gomez’s avatar

    nice one!

  19. Martha Andrew’s avatar

    lol… NICE NICE :) haha

  20. kidō’s avatar

    hahah simply great!
    love it

  21. fayek’s avatar

    haha! funny =)

  22. sukihollands’s avatar

    LOL!!! :D

  23. Judge Pow3rs’s avatar

    Very funny, great work :)

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  25. jen’s avatar

    Wow, that was too funny! Great work!

  26. zoe’s avatar

    I have seen the movie AND read the books and i still found this very amusing/hilarious/down-right-funny!
    Probably because I’m Team Werewolf, not Team Edward.

  27. Stick Boy’s avatar

    JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA (you know, in Spain it’s “Jaja” instead of “Haha” :D)

  28. Pam’s avatar

    all your comics are great.
    You have fans in México =)

  29. Cardelli’s avatar

    very funy

  30. Zanypickle’s avatar

    Well, that would have changed who was biting the pillows… There really would have been feathers everywhere!!

  31. Jade’s avatar

    Im a huge fan of the books and i think this is funny!

  32. Miloman’s avatar

    Been follow you guys for a while…

    Brilliant “take me down the path of darkness!” LMAO!

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    Hey, great post, very well written. You should blog more about this. I’ll definitely be subscribing.

    hassaidi love prank

  34. fizzdizzy’s avatar

    i have read the books over and over again, cos they’re brilliant, but this is so funny!! (XD

  35. yatski’s avatar

    Ultimate Antidote for all Twilight-obsessed teens.

  36. Daniel’s avatar

    hahahhaha, really good
    you guys are great

  37. CATR's Chris’s avatar

    hahahahahaha! Too darn good!

  38. amna’s avatar

    really funny…..

  39. Kristyn’s avatar

    Hilarious. Thanks for the laugh, I needed it today! :D

  40. Ana’s avatar

    Hi! I’m a Twilight fan and I just laughed big time at your cartoon. :D
    Congrats! Love the drawings. Laurent is super funny. =)

  41. Chelle’s avatar

    I never though about it being called the dark side. This is sooo funny I’ve gota send it to everybody

  42. Isidoro Reta’s avatar

    great works!!!

    see ya.


  43. Mon’s avatar

    I’m a big fan of Twilight, but this is HILARIOUS !!!!!!!! :D

  44. Mon’s avatar

    I’m a big Twilight fan, but this is HILARIOUS !!!!!!!!!! :D

  45. ab_alone’s avatar

    muhahahaaarrr ;))))

  46. yeskamaniaca’s avatar


  47. durasel’s avatar

    Man, this are the most hilarious cartoons i’ve ever seen! I admire you a lot and I recomand you to all of my homies in Romania! Cheers!

  48. Jennifer R’s avatar

    That’s good! That’s very good!

  49. Tamy’s avatar

    Hahaha! sending this link to all my die hard Twilight fan friends……….just to piss them off!
    great work!!
    laughed out loud…………….really!!!

  50. cindy’s avatar

    hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha so true

  51. seafoodpunch’s avatar

    omg! this is hilarious! I’m so sad that there are no new posts up! I just want to let you know that I’ve suffered through all 4 books and have had the movie on in the background while working on stuff. BUT, I constantly think that a vampire would never even be able to get a boner since they dont have enough blood, right?!! right?!! millions of moms and teen fantasies are now bashed!

  52. Anderson’s avatar

    If you could do everything again, would you raise me differently?

  53. Yo' Momma’s avatar

    This is great. I love your site. Totally inappropriate and fantastic. I gots to blogroll you if you don’t mind.

  54. fromawriter’s avatar

    Hilarious. I love your site and your with a twist at the end webcomics~

  55. veterans administration home loans’s avatar

    twilight sucks – pun intended. Great stuff

  56. קבוצות רכישה’s avatar

    Thanks! Nice Cartoon!

    A cartoon about a special love between a girl and a vampire! Funny Stuff!

    Very true! Great Job!

  57. best for iphone’s avatar

    funny cartoon nicely done

  58. yvan165’s avatar

    I love this one! Hilarious! And the pun… I mean… just great.

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