A Game of Thrones comic. Everyone else has spoiled it anyway.


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  1. andy’s avatar

    i have ptsd as a result of that episode.

  2. rafy’s avatar

    am i the only one around here who read the books?

  3. CoCo’s avatar

    No. You’re just some c**t thinking he is the only one and he is hip and sh!t. Those books are best sellers and it’s frackin’ obvious MOST GoT fans read them.

  4. andy’s avatar

    you got all that from staring at marks on paper? … you’re like … a wizard.

  5. actually has ptsd’s avatar

    please do not take mental disorders so lightly it is not nice at all

  6. sajal’s avatar

    I hope you are the only one who thinks there is only one book ;)

  7. i'm going slightly mad’s avatar

    Please don’t hold it against others if they don’t have to take everything serious.

    It finally happened …

  8. jayson’s avatar

    Haha genius. Where’s the “like” button on this comment!

  9. O.R.’s avatar

    I bet those are Lannister wedding planners. Jus’ sayin’.

  10. badguy’s avatar

    Am i the only one around here who thought of monty python insted of GoT?

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