This cartoon was born out of wedlock


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  1. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    The first Klingon-Human cross breed to be concieved.

  2. Bog’s avatar


  3. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Joe, you know that’s an alien face hugger right?

  4. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    D’ouh! Wrong movie. To repent, I’ll spend several hours watching the entire Alien movie series.

  5. Red Kid’s avatar

    hehe!! the doc’s expression is hilarious!!

  6. Pope Terry’s avatar

    You just get the feeling the Dr would have that expression if he siad anything, ‘would you like some coffee’, or even ‘its cancer’

  7. arloj’s avatar

    Gotta stay positive, right?

  8. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    You know, I am really starting to hate you…

    …of course, it is purely a jealousy thing! ;)

  9. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    I didn’t really get it but the drawings are very cute.

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Roodiedoodie, as long as you hate me for the right reasons then it’s cool :)

    Lis, have you seen any of the Alien films? It’s the face hugger thing that impregnates you!

  11. Spenno’s avatar

    The guy holding the woman’s hand looks like David Duchovny. Having seen several episode of Californication, i’m not so sure it was the alien who impregnated her!

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    She actually went and did this to herself after being impregnated by David Duchovny.

  13. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    The truth is out there.

  14. Melissa’s avatar

    first i was just gonna say that your cartoons are brilliant, everything i hoped but never expected to get from the new yorker. but then i decided that the guy holding her hand really does look like david duchovny.

  15. mfearing’s avatar

    Very good stuff. I will add a link to this on my site! I also have a panel toon site, though I keep falling behind on it.

  16. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Cheers mfearing! Yeah it’s hard to keep it regular huh? Got a link to your site?

  17. stickynotetheatre’s avatar

    WTF….how did I miss out on an Aliens-referring cartoon? Just yesterday I picked up the Aliens Omnibus trade paperback too…

    No one luvs quite like a face-hugger…

  18. AnikA’s avatar optimistic! :-p

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well you gotta look on the bright side of life anika.

  20. scott’s avatar

    aliens totally rocked. funny

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