Another postcard from Urf

Yep, still spending my time on Urf. I’d like to thank the sociopath on reddit who referred to me as a ‘fucktard’ and suggested I ‘die in a fire’ – I couldn’t have done it without the help of inspirational individuals such as him.

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  1. Heather (errantdreams)’s avatar

    Wow. I guess some people can’t find enough material in their real life to aim their hatred at?

    People are strange.

  2. Reddit’s avatar

    OMFG Epic Fail!

  3. lianne63’s avatar

    bloody brilliant.

  4. Kris’s avatar

    I do like it how often the most aggressive types on other’s stupidity can’t spell.

    I like this cartoon. There is ample ground for some l33tspeak though!

  5. Anon’s avatar

    Needs more 4chan :P

  6. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Anon, you want more hentai in my cartoon?

    Wow, I’ve never seen 4chan before. What a randomly bizarre collection of…umm…absolutely everything.

  7. newsc2’s avatar

    4chan’s /b/ is the _____ of the internet.

    (couldn’t think of any singular word to describe it)

  8. sexywhispers’s avatar

    Nice! Isnt getting hate inspired blog and email comments the absolute best? Make me feel good…cause….just sometimes, when people dont like you…….you know you are on the right track! ~Dee

  9. caryw’s avatar

    4chan’s /b/ is the asshole of the internet.

    bottomless, filthy, asshole… of the internet.

  10. lucamorandi’s avatar

    This cartoon is so true, it perfectly represents the majority of forums on the web! :)

  11. Alex L.’s avatar

    Its every internet conversation I’ve ever had.

  12. Halfang’s avatar

    Internet in a picture.

    I love it.

  13. Czar’s avatar

    Wow! This work is undeniable interesting! Who drew this one? He/She is spatially genius I must say.

    Keep up the excellent work!

    Are there any new drawings to be released in the future other than the Urf? Please tell me.

  14. tychy’s avatar

    this cartoon is really funn… aw fuck, i’ve just put an elbow through the wall of my offline box.

  15. Red Kid’s avatar

    Hey mike, you have spent enough time on Urf. Take a rocket back to earth please!

    Arrgh! I still feel like kicking those boxes!

  16. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks (as usual) for the comments everyone. This one generated some decent discussion on reddit, with liberal helpings of the word ‘fucktard’ of course.

    Czar, that’s the first time someone’s called me a spatial genius! Thanks :) I’ll be getting back into my own cartoons shortly – it’s just nice to try something else now and then like Urf. Hopefully I can keep them both going without either suffering too much. At least I have Phil (the rut) helping to ensure Urf doesn’t fall by the wayside. So I guess that answers your question too Red Kid.

  17. theironwang’s avatar

    i was going to question where were the lolcats until i saw indigo-alien’s comment.

  18. spinachflame’s avatar

    Fantastic! I’m so sick of those repetitive comments on all the blogs. And the drive-by annonymous slams. You knocked this one out of the park, Mike.

    For other cartoons, check these out:

  19. The Rev.’s avatar

    Deliciously Funny!


  20. lonetruth’s avatar

    This is so true! Worst culprits? IRC, gaming lobbies, and gaming forums.

  21. Huh?’s avatar

    Call me dumb but I don’t get it…

  22. מוסך מאזדה’s avatar


    So true! Another postcard from Urf Funny Stuff!

    Great Work!

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