If you ask, this cartoon will deny it ever existed

This is my most recent cartoon from Pencils at Dawn. The theme was ‘area’. If nothing else, I just like the little alien…


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  1. Paul’s avatar

    I’m here via StickyNote Theatre. This one cracked me up! Gotta watch out for those horny aliens. :P

  2. stickynotetheatre’s avatar

    How could you NOT let that cute little thing impregnate you? Definitely not Jenkins’ fault.

    BTW, Mike fans, he has a guest submission posted on Stickynote Theatre! Go check it out!

    Ok, I’m done plugging…swear to the baby alien I am.

  3. cowgalutah’s avatar

    OOOHHHH! He is very cute!

  4. Diesel’s avatar

    Great comics. Welcome to humor-blogs.com!

  5. leafprobably’s avatar

    Love the little alien, and especially love the use of “dammit soldier” in a cartoon. Its one of my favorite overused movie lines.

  6. scott47’s avatar

    oh my god, that is hilarious! haha. Check out my blog to earn money online

  7. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Scott enough already with the pyramid scheme. Lets just enjoy the catroons and earn money by.. oh I don’t know … working!!! Btw Thats is not meant as agreesive as it sounds :)

    Mikey good one, at first I thought it was Jenkins Tod and then I read it properly. Good one.

  8. stickynotetheatre’s avatar

    It’s ok…Scott forgot to link to his blog anyway. :P

  9. Diesel’s avatar

    Hey Mike, I mentioned you in my shout-out today. Just an FYI…

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Nice, thanks very much Diesel!

  11. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    The alien is cute. But is that George W. Bush pointing at Jenkins?

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