This is the world’s first cartoon of bigfoot that isn’t blurry and out of focus.

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  1. I-martian’s avatar

    :) that was good ..

    ” It’s Only Yeti ”

    :thumps up:

  2. Hudders’s avatar

    “I coulda gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!”
    :D Great stuff.

  3. Red Kid’s avatar

    Lol @ Hudders! Lol @ the comic…
    Awesome as always :D
    The shooter’s good isn’t he? he got the Yeti right in the heart!!

  4. hughvic’s avatar

    Now that’s more like it, Mike: a cartoon so good that you don’t even have to threaten bodily harm to those who fail to grasp your splendid dementia.

  5. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    It’s the yeti’s fault… probably trying to prank those innocent hunters. Idiot.

  6. Paul’s avatar

    Ha, silly yeti! Doesn’t he know tricks are for kids?

  7. EvilMonkeyNZ’s avatar

    Classic Mike. I know what NOT to where for halloween this year…

  8. G’s avatar

    And I always wondered why you never see Big Foot and Yeti together! They’re the same missing link!!!

    Yet(i) another example of Mike’s insight into the Weird World of Wackiness(tm).

    Sweetness abounds.

  9. L'0rd’s avatar

    thousands of thumbs-up dude

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks guys for the rather amusing responses :) Hudders – I’m picturing an evil plotting yeti, but can’t figure out what he’d be plotting.

  11. Alex L’s avatar

    Dam yeti’s always pulling pranks.

  12. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Ha nice one Mikey, do they even know what Big foot looks like to make a costume?

  13. Noddegamra’s avatar

    Poor Yeti, he was probably just on his way to a fancy-dress party…

    awesome cartoon again Mike! :D

  14. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    Put a bandoler on that costume, and it would look like Chewie from Star Wars.

  15. evoLverR’s avatar

    You, as of now, oficially RULE!!!


  16. hughvic’s avatar

    Oh, hell. You mean His Majesty didn’t rule before? He might’ve told us, it seems to me. Now it’s too late for me to rise from bended knee.

  17. banx’s avatar

    hey! ur #1 on reddit

  18. mikeyc252’s avatar

    This is amazing.

  19. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Mikey likes mike’s cartoons.



  20. Loving it’s avatar

    Awesome I love your work.

  21. dimastidano’s avatar

    This is funny….

  22. Daniel's Critical Corner’s avatar

    I just spit out my drink ! I can’t take it ! Ha Ha !!!
    I’m glad I found your awesome page, I’ll be back
    often :-)

  23. מוסך בבאר שבע’s avatar

    Thanks! Nice Cartoon!

    This is the world’s first cartoon of bigfoot that isn’t blurry and out of focus! Funny Stuff!

    Very true! Great Job!

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