This cartoon will somehow benefit mankind

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  1. johnmortell’s avatar

    I could SO see a reality tv show made from this….

  2. G’s avatar

    I gotta admit, I thought I was going to see something nasty in that 2nd panel. Way to make me feel like a real perv.

  3. yaly’s avatar

    Oh G! I know we are all pervs in our own way. No need to feel alone. lol. I like the drawings. They are more realistic when it comes to nerds and what they would do. Keep on drawing.

  4. i-martian’s avatar

    it’s really funny but it doesn’t make sense when he makes a female version of himself .. it’s another clone right !?

  5. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I’m not sure which one you mean i-martian – they’re both male clones. Maybe it’s the rather inappropriate battle outfits that threw you?

  6. leafprobably’s avatar

    I’m putting my money on the one with the shield…

  7. wordgnome’s avatar

    Love the drawings! Wish my hands would work that way, instead or the scratch I come up with. Mike can you clone some hands and mail them to me?

  8. Alex L’s avatar

    @G- I know where you are coming from, I had a horrible image in my head… Mike what have you done to me to make me think this way.

    Great as always, I love the way all your scientists are either pervs or bloodthirsty maniacs, its so realistic.

  9. Simon’s avatar

    This. Is. Wonderful.

    In all my dreams of the human clone (and of gladiators) this is new and original. and it’ll never leave my brain.

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Now now G and Alex, don’t go blaming me for your dirty minds!

    Wordgnome, I cloned some hands for you but they wouldn’t fit in an envelope.

    Thanks everyone for the comments as usual. Always nice to get the feedback!

  11. Hudders’s avatar


    Why would it be a tie though? The guy with the spear’s done for: he just doesn’t have the room for such a lengthy weapon in that arena. As soon as he lunges, all the other guy has to do is dodge out the way, (an easy task, so close up) and run him through from behind.

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    It’s a rubber sword Hudders.

  13. Jersey’s avatar

    wow…funny and beneficial :)

  14. petersonion’s avatar

    Silly scientists: they armed the clones who will now obviously revolt and take all their cash.

  15. N Q’s avatar

    haha…little bald cartoon people are so cute :D

  16. Hudders’s avatar

    Well… OK then.

    But remember the maxim: “an enemy’s weapon that he doesn’t know how to use belongs to you”.

  17. Mr. Fabulous’s avatar

    Well….I feel enriched!

  18. hughvic’s avatar

    OK, so I’m thinking the scientist, Cloner Donor, has an identical twin, Stoner, with whom he’s sparred all his life. Stoner is right-handed, Cloner a Southpaw. Cloner then clones Boner, to spar in his stead with Stoner, freeing Cloner to spread the Gospel of Science to the four corners of the world.

    And that is why one gladiator is right-handed and the other one not, and why only one of them is “the first human clone!”

    The onlookers, by the way, are unpaid graduate students who do all the work to which Dr. Donor puts his illustrious name. Donor therefore has just cloned the first plagiarist as well.

  19. Hudders’s avatar

    @hughvic: cloning is, by its very nature, plagiarism.

  20. hughvic’s avatar

    But my attorney, who for some reason looks exactly like Clarence Darrow, says that it’s an exercise of copyright. Dang it, now I’m confused. Again.

  21. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Ha nice one, can we call the one on the right Maximus Braineous.

  22. The Witchy Woo’s avatar

    Just send them over to me and I will give them a little blaspheme. I love your comics

  23. The Rev.’s avatar


    This one has had me giggling all morning…I just keep envisioning the two using the exact same moves on each other, perfectly in sync. Too funny- Keep it up!

  24. מוסך פורד’s avatar


    So true! This cartoon will somehow benefit mankind Funny Stuff!

    Great Job!

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