This cartoon is going to run for governor of California


No luck with the suggestions I got last post unfortunately. My reddit button won’t appear after pasting the code in, and when I tried to go to bp-blog for the social bookmarking plugin it took me to a rather odd, totally unrelated site!

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  1. leafprobably’s avatar

    Janice seems a bit dim…

  2. Terrible Lie’s avatar

    tee hee tee haa
    I enjoyed those! ty

  3. cbahm’s avatar

    Weird — the link worked for me. Sorry about that. Here are a few other plugins for social media, etc. — can’t speak for them based on personal experience, though. By the way — just noticed your site is hosted at rather than at your own domain and host; I don’t know how much latitude you have to use plugins. Might want to check before doing a lot of work on this; just a thought.

    Social Bookmarks:

    Add My Site:


    something like Sociable:


    Social Bookmark Tool (widget, not a plugin):

    WP-Email: adds “email this” functionality:

    Good luck!

  4. hughvic’s avatar

    This cartoon would make a great Governor. We have had cartoons as Governors, and oddly enough our present Action Hero is not one of them. I once conspired to recall a cartoon from office, and found that my fellow Californios agreed with me about that cartoon, so I’m pretty sure that this cartoon could get elected because I say so. I want very badly to hug Janice and maybe take her out for coffee and test her susceptibility to a shameless rebound exploitation on my part. The thing that’s holding me back, though — and I don’t think that even this opportunist could bear to tell Janice this — is that ominous ambiguity in the phrase, “I’m afraid I must leave you to complete my grisly task.” Janice just doesn’t seem up to it, and I’m afraid maybe she’d see right through me and understand that as a veteran cartoonslayer I’d be more suited to the task, which frankly I need like a hole in the bubble.

  5. hughvic’s avatar

    Say, whatever happened to Callahan, Mike? He cannot have gotten far on foot…

  6. seemikedraw’s avatar

    leafprobably, love can be blind. There, that’s my insightful comment for the day.

    Terrible Lie, glad I could entertain you.

    Carolyn, thanks yet again for the tips!

    And Hughvic, although I don’t have the foggiest idea what you’re on about I enjoyed your contribution nonetheless :) I think it’s a lovely gesture that you want to give Janice a hug, but don’t take it any further – she has baggage.

  7. Mike’s avatar

    Try the Sociable plugin for wordpress at You just upload it, activate it and then in the options pick which social media sites you want to display the submit icons for after the posts. You can take a look at my blog to see what it looks like.

    If you need help getting it set up, send me an email and I’ll try to help (no I didn’t write it – I just like the plugin).

  8. hughvic’s avatar

    Thank you for the tip-off about Janice. I think you might’ve just saved me a whollotta trouble. I’m glad we agree that we haven’t the foggiest idea what I’m on about.

    Give Janice a hug for me, then.


    P.S. After some years of admiring the lovely Barbara Bach I came to the sad conclusion that love is deaf also.

  9. Pope Terry’s avatar

    God dammit, she just wants to be loved! Why must the world be so cruel to someone so beautiful…

    Maybe she should try that nice Cyclon that moved in up the road…

  10. joe chemo’s avatar

    I think that Janice and Marvin from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy would make a great couple. Im-probable, yes; but it drives me.

  11. Red Kid’s avatar

    Why is she sad? Didn’t she know he was different/extra”ordinary?”

  12. hughvic’s avatar

    Mike, when traveling try to keep them safely in portfolio. It’s not good for cartoons to run.

    Just a suggestion.

    Oh yeah. Another suggestion: Janice might want to get tested. You can’t be too careful these days. Poor thing.

  13. hughvic’s avatar

    And Mike, I sent this cartoon up the Hollywood Hills to Lauren Wood, the musician and Patroness of the Generally Lost, just in case she’s found Janice’s missing Gubernatorial candidate, or your missing screw.

    I’m confident that she’s got your case well in hand by now, and yours and Janice’s really couldn’t be in better keeping.

    Just please don’t tip off Lauren to my caddish intentions for J. Thanks.

  14. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Dear hugo,

    Are you perhaps bored?

  15. hughvic’s avatar

    Oh, very much so. You see, Janice does not know it but she is radioactive, whereas the adorable Lauren is in L.A. while I am clear across the U.S., and Elizabeth in Alexandria rightly believes, owing to a certain radioactivity of my own, that she must not marry me, though Governor Schwarzenegger assures me that he has a special plan by which I shall, in the end, succeed in rendering her likewise radioactive.

    For the time being, though, these circumstances, I’m sure you’d agree, do augur for a certain boredom.

    Could I draw, no doubt I’d not be bored. But then Paul Conrad once congratulated Pat Oliphant, on the latter’s Pulitzer for cartooning, with a note reading, “Dear Pat, If you could not draw, you’d be an assassin.” Mr. Oliphant was of course justifiably proud of his friend’s observation, but I must admit that knowledge of this friendly exchange has, ever since, left me with a lingering suspicion of the dangers of wedding draftsmanship to dementia.

    I remain, however, a most enthusiast of the notably prolific products of dementia, including not least Ms. Wood’s and your own, to say nothing of the Governor’s. Dementia in general, in most cultures but especially in our own national one, is in my estimation a most underrated boon to robotkind and server alike, and in this campaign season (the cause at this moment of the most excruciating boredom), I can only look forward with fond confidence to the elevation to office of the first demented President in many a month.

    Klaatu barada nikto!

  16. hughvic’s avatar

    Ms. Wood wishes me to establish, for the record, that she in no way associates herself with my innuendo of yesterday concerning the fetching wife of a certain colleague of hers.

  17. Noddegamra’s avatar

    Another great comic! lol. I had a go at doing one of my own today (, not quite as good a standard as yours, but what do you think for my first attempt? :)

  18. hughvic’s avatar

    Noddegamra, this Charter Member of the Mike Fan Club digs your first cartoon! That’s great! Keep it up, please.

    Reminds me of the old addage, “Friends are God’s apology for relations.”

  19. Noddegamra’s avatar

    Thanks! + thanks mike for also dropping by and leaving a comment! I appreciate your support :) I will try to do another one next week

  20. Emily’s avatar

    I like your cartoons….keep it up.

    the wizard of oz one was priceless.

  21. מוסך מאזדה’s avatar


    So true! This cartoon is going to run for governor of California!

    Great Work!

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