Umm… I hope this cartoon has you crackling up with laughter

Let the lame puns continue!



  1. Buh’s avatar

    You should resize the images to fit on the blog before you post them, so they don’t come out looking all scratchy.

  2. jeff’s avatar

    Great stuff, Mike. Hey what’s that font you’re using in the balloons? It looks a lot like one I designed called “The Wall”. It’s sold by a couple of font houses and could have been renamed by now for all I know. If it is the same one, try mixing upper and lower case for some interesting effects.

  3. cowgalutah’s avatar

    This is so like me…When the old man is in trouble with me, I don’t care what he is doing when I find him.
    I even yelled one time when he came home late and he had stopped and bought me flowers and that was why he was late!

  4. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Do they look scratchy? I deliberately draw shaky lines – it’s not just that that you’re seeing is it?

    Jeff, it’s called Litterbox. I had tried upper and lower but thought the lower might be too small. If you did design it then nice work, I’m lovin’ it.

    Stopping off to buy you flowers Cowgalutah – what an inconsiderate jerk! ;) Yep it always pays to suss out the situation before the yelling doesn’t it? Apparently this pig yelled until the cows came home.

  5. Mr Wolf’s avatar

    Excellent Work!
    And very, very, funny.

    Saludos desde Uruguay, south america.

  6. markstevo’s avatar

    A rehash of a Monty Python (Life of Brian) joke. But thems prolly gots offn sumenplaysz elsez 2, so ‘skay. Makeded me gots lorlz! thxbai.

  7. Backpacking On Little Money’s avatar

    Like your other food jokes . . . lip smackin’ good!!!

  8. scott47’s avatar

    Hahahaha, poor pig haha. Check out my blog of how to make money

  9. vineetgupta’s avatar

    Good stuff. I’ll definitely be checking back later.

  10. Brent’s avatar

    My life to a tee. Great job.

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