I just don’t understand kids these days…

…or this cartoon for that matter.


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  1. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    You Sick Puppy…Yay!

  2. Noddegamra’s avatar

    lol! A great humourus kickstart to my monday/week! Thanks! hehe :D

  3. L'0rd’s avatar

    hahaha,awesome,keep your work.

  4. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    That is sick, but very funny!

  5. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well, in the world of graphic design, apparently if you don’t have a good idea then you compensate by either making it big or making it red. I guess I went for red.

    PS – hey Lis!

  6. Noddegamra’s avatar

    The boy is going to be dissapointed though. I can’t wait to see him give her breast implants. lol

  7. Sean’s avatar

    You just drew my perfect first date (if I leave out the donkey). Thanks for the laugh!

  8. Kate Boddie’s avatar

    Demented! I so love it!

  9. Jen’s avatar

    Hilarious, so great! The redhead looks a lot like Conan O’Brian.

  10. Kalelced’s avatar

    It was great, nice work!!

  11. Paul’s avatar

    Beyond disturbing. Loved it!

  12. arseface’s avatar

    You sick fuck.

    Great work!

  13. Wendy’s avatar

    Ummmm Ewww! That should be an ad for birth control!

  14. Pope Terry’s avatar

    Arwh… he’s in love… and a sociopath!

  15. politicallyblonde’s avatar


  16. beto gomez’s avatar

    hahaha…nice, I had the same idea a month ago, check on my blog:


    But yours is perfect, and mine is in portuguese

  17. seemikedraw’s avatar

    So you did! Great minds think alike huh? I like the simplicity of yours beto. I don’t think mine really needed the extra kid – just confuses things a bit.

    Anyway, nice work :)

  18. hughvic’s avatar

    Call me a romantic, but I find Sally even cuter than Janice. And what boy wouldn’t want to jump a girl so cool that she digs gross-out? Sally’s my new object of desire.

    Sorry, Janice. You’ll just have to sort yourself out, dear. Sally may be a lot of things, but at least she’s not damaged goods.

  19. hughvic’s avatar

    Psssst! (And Mike, don’t tell nobody, but I’ve always wanted a stick figure who kept a pet gall bladder…)

  20. Red Kid’s avatar

    holy cows! this is sick!! how much sicker can you get ei? let us see plz :D

  21. vineetgupta’s avatar

    Much much better!

  22. elizabethews’s avatar

    that’s hilarious.

  23. Georgie’s avatar

    Why woud you kil some one to then ask to see their boobs ????? but still lol

  24. מוסך מאזדה’s avatar


    So true! I just don’t understand kids these days… Funny Stuff!

    Great Work!

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