Duck! It’s another cartoon!

This cartoon reminds me of many conversations I’ve had.


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  1. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Very cute Mikey!!

  2. Pab’s avatar

    hahaha! you are a genious!

    Congratulations from spain!

  3. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Hey Lis! You were fast today :)

    And thanks heaps Pab. I seem to get a lot of visitors from Spain!

  4. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    Hey, it wasn’t a “freakin” miracle on B3ta!!!

  5. fotokew’s avatar

    LOL! Goose! great one

  6. arloj’s avatar

    I’m in a completely irritable mood today… but seeing this cartoon actually emitted an unexpected “ha!” from me! Keep up the great work!

  7. GMAN’s avatar

    First thing I thought of was Sheldon and that talking duck, whatever his name is. Some old strips showed him talking to another duck with no luck. WTF?

    Yours is funnier.

    <— not my actual website.

  8. Elisabeth’s avatar

    Haha, love it. Even though it sounds insincere to write out haha.

  9. cowgalutah’s avatar

    Nice to see you made the top posts for the day! Congrats you deserve it!

  10. atalkshowonmute’s avatar

    ah i dont know how much this means coming from a stranger but i stumbled upon your blog and i just love it! the cartoons really do brighten my day.

    keep em coming!

  11. dovelove’s avatar

    Haha! Hey, my first laugh came with the “guarantee not actually guaranteed” lol

    You’re funny :) heh

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks everyone for the comments! Always good to get a bit of feedback rather than just watching my cartoon sitting there with nothing going on (which I find rather depressing).

    And atalkshowonmute, it means a lot coming from a stranger – nice feedback like yours is what gives me the incentive to keep this up. Well, that and my nice new Mac.

    PS – oh and roodiedoodie, nice pick-up. I thought I’d keep this one family-friendly :)

  13. Pope Terry’s avatar

    I wish I had a talking duck

  14. Red Kid’s avatar

    too good mike =D
    want loooooots more of such… kindly provide :p

  15. tiziana’s avatar

    greatly enjoyable, as always :-D
    just love the duck’s expression at his comrade’s “QUACK” ;-)

  16. stickynotetheatre’s avatar

    I find it funny that Phil calls this one of his “sister” sites…he’ll do about anything to steal your masculinity.

  17. Mike Bohol’s avatar

    Talk is no longer cheap. Thanks Ducks!

  18. DrowseyMonkey’s avatar

    LOL..LOL that’s too funny. Can I post that with a link back to your site? Or’ I can just post the link…whichever…let me know.

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Of course you can DrowseyMonkey! I’m flattered :)

  20. knightsandwalker’s avatar

    That was really cute

  21. Rachel’s avatar

    I am loving your work. Heck, I don’t want to get through all of your past cartoons too fast cause then I will be left wanting.

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