That’s right, time in prison can make you hard



  1. Mary’s avatar

    That cracks me up. Even more so because I have always said that stretched to death would be the worst death possible for me. What a completely opposite take on that :)

  2. shigpit’s avatar

    OMG, this is awesome.

  3. Paul’s avatar

    Oh my, oh my…I suggest NOT tickling him!

  4. Jeff’s avatar

    Good lord I love this webcomic :) Top of my list, right next to XKCD.

  5. GMAN’s avatar

    Top of my list, too! Right next to Savage Chickens, Sinfest and Peanuts. Yea, Peanuts!

  6. Spenno’s avatar

    One of your best Mr Dog.

  7. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Cheers everyone :) Yes indeed, everyone loves a boner gag.

    So GMAN, it seems you really like Peanuts!

  8. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Nice one Mikey, I thought i knew you, but i don’t know how your brain works at all…..and am loving that!!

  9. Furi’s avatar

    Arf Arf Arf, Office lol’d

  10. stickynotetheatre’s avatar

    Awesome, dare I say even better than the alternate version? :P

  11. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    Fantastsic Mike – really liking your stuff.

  12. Backpacking On Little Money’s avatar

    I can’t believe what i just saw!!!!!!!

  13. Lex’s avatar

    this is one of my favs.

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