I found a strange bottle labelled ‘drink me’ so I drank it. When I awoke I’d drawn this cartoon.

Ten months since my last cartoon! One cartoon a year… yes, I’m pretty sure that’s the promise I made myself when i started this site. This one’s a bit of a companion piece to this old one

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  1. Bogdan Bocse’s avatar

    Maybe if it would’ve gone down that way, I wouldn’t haven fallen asleep half-way along the movie.

  2. KiltBear’s avatar

    10 months already? Damn, that was too fast. Your sick and twisted humor has been missed.

  3. ignacio’s avatar

    your work is f**ing perfect

  4. teddy’s avatar


  5. Mac’s avatar

    At laaaast! Nice read you again! And of course – give us more! :)

  6. StickBoy’s avatar

    Man, I almost cry of emotion when I saw a new See Mike Draw entry on Google Reader! Great to see new things!

  7. David’s avatar

    Very cool to see you back at it Mike. Love your cartoons :-D

  8. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks all! Your comments are always appreciated. I’ve set myself an achievable goal – to do my next cartoon in less than 10 months.

  9. Sunny Kalsi’s avatar

    Welcome back sir. Hope you stay a bit longer this time.

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Good to be back sir. Indeed I shall try!

  11. hodak’s avatar

    It was sure a great idea to keep you in RSS reader for this whole time!

  12. potas’s avatar

    Welcome back. Yet another awsome drawing. Worth the waiting….

  13. Tony’s avatar

    Wow, I accidentally clicked this on my bookmarks bar, and saw something new! Welcome back!

  14. ilya’s avatar

    awesom. good stuff!
    very good, that you are back!
    Russia is waiting for some new pics!

  15. Ogannes’s avatar

    C’est magnifique!

  16. Ninuchi’s avatar

    Your comics are really violent and cruel… Just like they should be! Indeed! Indeed…

  17. Synchronium’s avatar

    Had to do a double take then. “A new cartoon? IT can’t be!”

  18. Mike Carballo’s avatar

    Dude, I had almost given up on you. Now I’m glad I never kicked your lazy ass out of my bookmarks. Welcome back!

  19. Mattia’s avatar

    Welcome back :)

  20. BeckyMinx’s avatar

    Now that’s a proper ending to a silly story.

  21. emmajames’s avatar

    nice collection i like it.

  22. Mike D’s avatar

    Oh thank god! I was jonesing pretty hard there. So glad your back!

  23. Alessandro Ribeiro’s avatar

    Couldn’t be funnier!!!
    lol.. I liked that “CSI meets alice in Wonderland” LOLLLLL

  24. John’s avatar

    you are GOD! if I was a woman I would have wanted to have your children. I would love to have some dirt from your floor so I can worship it

  25. Egor’s avatar

    it’a very-veru nice) tnh 2 u)

  26. Alfredo’s avatar

    LOL, a mash up of alice and stephen king’s “it”!! (or just a coincidence?)

  27. קבוצת רכישה’s avatar

    Nice Cartoon! Thanks!

    I found a strange bottle labelled ‘drink me’ so I drank it. When I awoke I’d drawn this cartoon! Funny Stuff!

    Great Job! Very true!

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