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  1. Eugen Erhan’s avatar

    nice touch with the blanket :)))

  2. Leanbeans’s avatar

    Too cute!

  3. Tatman’s avatar

    Poor Tom Cat. I’ll bet he still chases invisible mice and poops in an invisible litter box. Too bad he didn’t know about the powerful effects of Black Tar Cat Nip. Too bad……..

  4. Kris’s avatar

    I just hope that this cartoon raises awareness around the issue of LOLcat exploitation…

  5. Adam R’s avatar

    Tonight on VH1′s Behind the LOLz…

  6. captainblue’s avatar

    Fabulous! That made me LOL @ teh cat

  7. Nimish Batra’s avatar


    +1 to Adam R as well… :D

  8. Hugo’s avatar

    But the sandwich did look delicious.

  9. Chad's Bloglife’s avatar

    I personally hope this raises the awareness of invisible sandwiches. They are starting to affect our cats.

  10. themadness46’s avatar


  11. lsaz’s avatar

    hahahah the best ahahaha xD!

  12. vineetgupta’s avatar

    Lol. Schizophrenic lolcat = win.

  13. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    I have an invisble sandwich too!

  14. Mike’s avatar

    @Kris: When are the first Catsploitation films coming out?

    In other comments: Pauvre chat. Pauvre, pauvre chat… Jerry finally hit Tom on the head one too many times…

  15. legoless’s avatar

    Lol, awesome cartoon.

  16. Ali Shams’s avatar

    nice one. but I still think you were funnier before the reddit incident.

  17. Red Kid’s avatar

    haha! i knew lolcat was all sinister!! down wid em!

  18. alfakid’s avatar

    We need the sandwich. Period.

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well thanks yet again for the comments guys and girls – I hope we’ve all learned something from this. Yes, even cats look hot in a nurse’s outfit.

    Does anyone remember the movie Top Secret? I think that was the first time an animal has been funny – when they put a cow in gumboots.

  20. Hugo’s avatar

    Yunno Mike, it occurs to me—and therefore to a lot of us from whom one cannot generalize—that you are the only PURRSon who can’t enjoy the totally random glee of discovering what you’ve come up with for an encore. It’s such a gas. You’re such a gas. But you’re the one who’s not gassed—or gassy, or gaseous, or whatever. Think I’ll go now…

  21. hollyfawder’s avatar

    The cat thing is really funny at the parish. notables.weebly.com

  22. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Comment thread of the month as far as I’m concerned.

  23. alfakid’s avatar

    Dude, you’re smelling funny :) gas :)

    Need a light ? :P

  24. spinachflame’s avatar

    Lolcats gets its comeupins!

    Cartoons here: http://spinachflame.wordpress.com/

  25. Heather (errantdreams)’s avatar

    Aww, poor Tom! Looks like Jerry won again…

  26. ET’s avatar


    very nice

  27. Eric TF Bat’s avatar

    OK – so as recently as 20 May this image worked. Now it’s broken. Where did it go?

  28. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I don’t know what’s happened to it Eric! I tried uploading a new one and it wouldn’t appear. Very odd… But if you click it, the cartoon still works on its own page.

  29. Lisa’s avatar

    Ha, I love how one eye is bigger than the other, makes for a funny crazy cat!

  30. spinachflame’s avatar

    The picture is loading fine on my computer. Looking forward to your next comic!

  31. prach79’s avatar

    hilarious cartoon! :)

  32. KeepingYouAwake’s avatar


    But seriously, this is awesome. I found you linked from Creatures in my Head today, coincidently the same day that I read about Laughing-out-loud cats on drawn.ca. It’s going to be the death of LOLcats today for sure.

    I posted about you today, as well. Nice work!
    My post: http://jonscottdesign.com/?p=144

    (I didn’t want to get blocked so I didn’t include many URLs, but a simple Google search for the names I provided will show you the way)

  33. מוסך בבאר שבע’s avatar

    Thanks! Nice Cartoon!

    I IS MADE A CARTOON! Funny Stuff!

    Very true! Great Job!

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