I just squeezed this cartoon out this morning

I feel like apologising for this one. I just had to get it out of my system :)

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  1. Kris’s avatar

    Hey, poo jokes are always funny, don’t let anyone tell you different.

  2. DavidM’s avatar

    Did the baby poo a human?

  3. Darren’s avatar

    You’re a bad bad man!

  4. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Kris, unless they’re practical jokes of course.

    David, perhaps it did poo a human – a big messy one that’s impossible to clean up. You know, like Britney.

    And Darren, I’m not a bad man really. I’m simply a guy who didn’t have a clever idea at the time.

  5. Darren’s avatar

    lmao @ Britney comment.

  6. Tatman’s avatar

    This reminds me of the South Park episode where it turned out that Bono was actually an evolved piece of shit. Hilarious! I’m a new found fan of your work, Mike. keep it up!

  7. Arpeggio Andy’s avatar

    Nothing to be ashamed of mike, everybody poops. Or in this case, every poop does a whoopsie.

  8. Noddegamra’s avatar

    LOL! great stuff. Very immature :P

  9. Paul’s avatar

    Hahaha, oh man Mike! You’re so wrong and so funny at the same time…:P

  10. spinachflame’s avatar

    I love that the poo’s live in a normal house and not some poo-smelling poo cave in Poo-ville. Not to be confused with Who-ville.

    More cartoons here: http://spinachflame.wordpress.com/

  11. geryon’s avatar

    Hehe the steam is my favorite. Gross.

  12. Chris’s avatar

    That’s a funny one. Although people may complain that it’s immature, even the best of us need some immaturity every now and then.

  13. eardrummer’s avatar

    This is awesome. New Yorker material.
    Never apologize for a good idea, especially not a funny one.

  14. Don’s avatar

    I was thinking that it poopooed a whoopee cushion.

  15. Sarah’s avatar

    Hehe! I just wrote a blog about poop! We must all be having a crappy kind of day!

  16. Hugo’s avatar

    Execrable, Maestro. Unutterably execrable. All Paris is stunned. Even the decons are speechless.

  17. Lonie Polony’s avatar

    Heehee, I have a secret weakness for jokes about pooh. And Uranus.

  18. G’s avatar

    Baby Poo is kinda cute. And Mama Poo? Hot! Steaming hot!

    But who invited the turd in the tie?

  19. LewisandCluck’s avatar

    This is weird, I just got done reading “Peanuts” and then I read your cartoon.
    I’m just glad the gag wasn’t corny as well.

  20. Alex L.’s avatar

    Vastly disturbing and hilarious at the same time.

  21. Emily’s avatar

    Oh my gosh! I don’t quite know how to feel about this.

    Amused? I’ll go with that one!

  22. Red Kid’s avatar

    Ewww!! HAHAHA!!
    Ewww!! HAHAHA!!
    A real oxymoron! :D (I hope I got that word right!)

  23. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I’m both thrilled and sickened that you all enjoyed this cartoon. Shame on you!

    It brings to mind a Groucho Marx saying – “I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member”. Funny.

  24. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Great cartoon although slightly disturbing, you really do get bogged down in the disgusting ;)

  25. spinachflame’s avatar

    Great quote. Woody Allen used that in, I think, “Manhattan”.

    Cartoons here: http://spinachflame.wordpress.com/

  26. Henk’s avatar

    Thsi cartoon really is da shit.

  27. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    That is sooooo wrong. The poos somehow look cute here.

    Wrong Wrong Wrong!

  28. Hugo’s avatar

    Moreover, in your headline, or caption, or whatever you unspeakable people call it, you have split an infinitive. A perfectly innocent and unoffending infinitive. You. You are. You are a brute, sir. A brute.

  29. Danny Mac’s avatar

    Very funny stuff over. Do you do these online or on paper..?

  30. Hugo’s avatar

    Now Mike, it’s getting to be that time again. Los Dos Pepes are restless, and they need the money. Let’s not allow that to happen, OK?

  31. L'0rd’s avatar

    oopsie daisy

  32. wordgnome’s avatar

    i LOVE this one! especially since i have a new baby and he is quite the shitbox.

    please check out some of my drawings, including JESUS vs. SATANBOT! Thanks!


  33. Hugo’s avatar

    It’s out of my hands now, Mike. Regrettable, to be sure, but these things have a way of happening. Of course I’ve asked Pepe and his diminutive sidekick Pepe to be swift with you, but between the two of them they tend to have almost a mind of their own. Anything could happen. Kinda like…your NEXT CARTOON!

  34. Peet’s avatar

    That’s Barbara and Poppy Bush carrying George W., right? Cue security guards at the White House going: “We’ve got a code brown situation here…”

  35. monsieurjonny’s avatar

    shit shitting shit? lol

  36. מוסך’s avatar


    Very true! Great Job! I just squeezed this cartoon out this morning! Funny Stuff!

    Nice Cartoon!

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