In celebration of the Walking Dead’s return

And just a shout out to reddit here, for some formal confirmation type stuff…

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  1. Erik’s avatar

    Laughed my a** off: A masterpiece! :)

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Good to hear Erik! I wasn’t sure if this one was amusing or not – I just really enjoyed drawing it because I’m a zombie nerd at heart.

  3. Tobe’s avatar

    A new comic by Mike is like spotting a unicorn.
    You thought it doesn’t happen anymore and you’re not deserving, but then BAM! And he’s here, pointing his phallic shapes at you, and you’re so happy!

    BTW Someone has a very nice selection of zombie movies there. I’d maybe exchange Resident Evil for Zombieland, but otherwise good taste! :D

  4. seemikedraw’s avatar

    What a wonderfully magical analogy Tobe…apart from the phallic bit which I’m not sure about…

    Yep I thought I’d put something in there for everyone. In retrospect, I should have put in Brain Dead (or Dead Alive in the US). More splatter in that film than any other!

  5. Tobe’s avatar

    There aren’t any pointy things here? I’d swear I’ve seen some. But my memory is hazy, I might be misremembering things. Maybe I got confused by Betty’s breasts. (I need to stop, this sounds so wrong :D)

    Ah, Brain Dead is sweet and so Freudian!

  6. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Ah yes I have resorted to willy jokes on a few occasions. When all else fails!

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