This cartoon was inspired by my recently acquired first toolkit

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  1. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Jesus looks quite plump. Did he leave any food for the others at the last supper??

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    No, that’s just fluid retention. It’s a proven fact that the body tends to be less efficient at removing fluid from tissues during the summer months. Especially when you’re just hanging out in the sun.

  3. fabrulana’s avatar

    LOL ! Abso-lute-ly brilliant !

  4. jeremy’s avatar

    Ha ha ha
    Can’t ever get enough good Jesus jokes.

  5. seemikedraw’s avatar

    And I found it educational! Now I know where the nails actually went. Oh that crazy Jebus.

  6. Alex Affonso’s avatar

    Same here, Mike. I loved your cartoons. I’m going to plug your blog on mine. Genius. I also liked Bigeyedeer, the blog linked here.

  7. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Ha Mkey, I am Catholic and should find that offensive but can’t help but love the blasphamy. Kepp em coming!!

  8. maryt’s avatar

    Hi Mike, I was brought up Catholic too. Your crucifixion is much too pristine…where is all the blood and gore?

  9. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Ummm…in this version he’s mounted on a metal cross (that looks like wood), and they’ve used really strong magnets to affix him to it. I’m not much of a believer, but I did some research and apparently that’s how it happened.

  10. Peet’s avatar

    This cartoon is really offensive to left-handed Romans. You’re so insensible, Mike.

  11. turtlebutt’s avatar

    Hahahahahahahahahaha. Your cartoons are amazing.

  12. Matt Rosemier’s avatar

    I realize that ideas, especially good cartoon idea can come to more than one cartoonist over a given period of time.

    But I think you’ll also agree that there is some similarities between this cartoon and mine here.

    Oh and a little tip…don’t do one of Jaws coming up after Jesus walking on thew water. Me and another guy have already done it.

  13. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Matt, they certainly are similar and yes you obviously got in first. I must say it doesn’t really surprise me – there must be millions of Jesus gags out there.

    Anyway, for the record this is pure coincidence. Sorry if you believe otherwise.

    And don’t worry, I think I’ve had enough of Jesus cartoons – between you, the other guy, me and my friend Phil over at the Rut, I think we’ve pretty much covered it all.

  14. Noddegamra’s avatar

    Hahahahahaha!!!! Amazing! Where do you get your ideas from!?!?!

  15. Matt Rosemier’s avatar

    Hey, no sweat Mike, like I said I think people can have the same or similar ideas with no knowledge of the other. I definitely wasn’t accusing you.

    But Jesus being spent as comic-fodder? DUDE. You gotta be kidding me. Jesus is a gift that just keeps on giving to us cartoonists. I aint done with Him by a long shot.

  16. Ruby Moon’s avatar

    LOL!!! the soldier look like a wimp and jesus is just looking at him like
    “i cant belive you just said that”

  17. Saad Akhtar’s avatar

    Your comics are brilliant! I’m subscribing and will add you to my webcomic list. Although you should do something about the image resizing. It’s pixelating the text pretty bad. Maybe if you export the images at the size they’re being displayed here??

  18. anonoymousis’s avatar

    What does it mean?

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Anonoymousis, what do you mean, ‘what does it mean?’?

  20. seemikedraw’s avatar

    It may sence mattmorgan. Jus not tu yoo.

  21. seemikedraw’s avatar

    You are x 1000 000 no returns!

  22. josh’s avatar

    jesus died for all of you

  23. Rachel’s avatar

    You are the biggest retard ever. Thats plain rude because jesus died for you. If it wasnt for him u wouldnt be living would u? NOOO U WOULDNT!! Soo stop ur gay drawings

  24. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Rachel, I’d like to think that my cartoons about religion are fairly light-hearted and I’m mindful not to be overtly offensive to anyone.

    And yet still I get comments from people like you.

    Firstly, coming from a (presumably) religious person such as yourself, I don’t really think that using ‘retard’ and ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner is particularly Christian. But then again, you’re probably not very tolerant are you?

    And secondly, I’m not a big believer so your argument doesn’t hold much weight with me.

    But thank you anyway for your ignorant and narrow-minded comment.

  25.’s avatar


  26. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I have a job. Is there some connection between joblessness and cartoons about Jesus that I don’t know about?

    Honestly, I really think that you should loosen up a little.

  27. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Hi Mike,

    My name is Bob Francis, I represent the new website
    I have an opening in my art department and I think you would be perfect for it! Essentially, you’d sit around all day drawing offensive pictures of Jesus. On rare occasions, you will produce offensive pictures of Moses and other biblical figures.
    Anyway, if this sounds like your bag, email me at

    Thanks for your time.

    Bob Francis

  28. shmally calomb’s avatar

    Jesus Christ that jesus cartoon is funny. ahhhh, jesus. and i’m a jew……

  29. Juan Jimene’s avatar

    Well Mike if you think this is all for fun an you think your doing somthing right or cool well keep doing it we christians will stay away but remember this when u come to a time of suffering and everything comes down and bad things happen to the people you love remember all your cartoons remember the person your making fun of, because you might know or not know that jesus can give you glory or he can give you nothing and youll have to work yourself to death by your own body becaus god can give with out you working hard or working your self to death and he can take the things he has given you like your house and all your money an if you not know that when you go to get judge not by other people but the omighty god all your cartoons will be waiting there for you an there youll have to explain and remember this nobody enters into heaven with out the faith in god and your worship towards him the only way your going in this way is hell for eternal life but you may not care but once your at that point your really going to regret it and every one that supports you at this will too. So i say to you repent from all this and change your ways so you can see the glory of god and will be save from the life of suffering, i promise you if you change your ways things will be way better.

    God is love

  30. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Juan, I appreciate that you’re trying to give me advice rather than simply condemning me, but I still have issues with what you’ve said. You believe that Jesus will interfere with an individual’s life and take his/her home and money? You’re implying that he’s vindictive. And I think you’re also suggesting that it was he who gave me my home and money, rather than these things being the result of my hard work and initiative? I’d like to think that I actually participate in my own life.

    And really, can we please put things is perspective? This cartoon is not malicious. It’s not hateful. Yes it pokes some fun, but I still think these reactions are exaggerated. They sound like they come from people living in fear, not bathing in love.

  31. ANA CAROLINA’s avatar

    eu sou virgem! mas não fiquem preucupados quando eu dizer que eu tenho 8 anos mas é só o signo virgem de setembro e eu adoro jesus e seu reino de sabedoria etc eu tenho todos os livros de historinhas

  32. Kingsoviat77’s avatar

    Dude… I think these people need to lighten up. I find this funny and Im religious myself… why so much hate? If you cant laugh at your own faith sometimes then Im afraid you might have some fundie qualities… and nobody likes them “God hates fags” fundies yknow.

  33. skipwhizzbang’s avatar

    Remember how everyone was astounded when the muslims protested against the Danish cartoons of Muhammad? Seems we have many of the same fanatics in our midst! It’s a cartoon for Christ’s sake? (pun intended) Keep doin’ what your doin’ Mike! Great stuff.

  34. sidney’s avatar

    Jesus looks a plump . . . he should be skinnier….but it was good made me laugh

  35. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Ana, obviously I’m not quite sure how to respond, so I guess I’ll just say thanks for stopping by :) (whilst hoping that you’re not slagging me off)

    Kingsoviat77, thanks for the welcome level-headed comment! Glad you liked it.

    Sidney, it’s not that he’s plump – it’s just an illusion because his undies are just too tight.

  36. S K S’s avatar

    The death of Christ is not something to make light of. Out of His great love for you, and I ,he took upon Himself the death toll that we deserved, yet you tear him down and curse him with your heart. I wont judge you nor speak any furthar but just know this, no matter how much you oppose him or try to tear him down to others and yourself, His Love is everlasting and will never fail you.

  37. Paul’s avatar

    aaaaahw…..cute….lol…but we shoudn’t really laugh ’bout this….just sayin’

  38. Bill’s avatar

    LOL Mike, never seen anybody before making laugh out of Jesus this good lol. Keep on the good job and bring PennyArcade down hahaha

  39. JesusFreak’s avatar

    It bothers me that these people are standing up for Jesus by putting you down…thats exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught. he told us to love others as oursleves. and how are you guys doing that by calling mike a retard and gay? Mike, wether you care (or believe it) God loves you and I forgive you for making fun of my lord and saviour. I take it as an illistration of how irrogant the romans where to who Jesus really was and the pain they where putting people through…i know that’s not what you intended but oh well :D

  40. non religious person’s avatar

    Omg ur all freaks. thats not even funny. how bout u get all ur minds out of the gutters :(

  41. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Non religious person, which part of any of this implies that people have their minds in the gutter? I wish you well with the next comment you leave somewhere, and hope it makes a tad more sense.

  42. sabir’s avatar

    hahhahahahahhaha fuck hahhahaha

  43. noel’s avatar

    jesus died for us is this how we repay him with the blasphemous cartoon and also instead of defending him . Some users are so lukewarm and insensitive make fun of him . How would you like to be on the Cross for someone else and Inspite whatever he has done for us is this how you’ll repay him . As for me he is my father who is always living and waiting for us to come back to him .Let us ask Mary to help us all to reach heaven to meet Jesus and to help us understand the truth . As for the person who uploaded i would suggest to remove it as soon as possible or it will not be good .

  44. noel’s avatar

    well mike , you are a rude person . no wonder your life is a mess . its not your Hardwork that gave you everything its Jesus who decides . if it wasnt Jesus will you would not have been born . if it was not his will you would not be able to lift an arm to even draw this satanic thing . you call this fun . no wonder people make fun of you and you wonder in your room why is this happening to you ? so you start to revolt like this . it will not get you anywhere .
    If at this moment you were to Die , you would be judged and you know the only thing a soul does when he sees god he flees from him because out of shame since the soul knows that he cannot be with him because of its tendencies and its hard hearted heart . change your ways and get this picture down .

  45. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Noel, this cartoon was never done with malice or to inspire such a reaction. I honestly don’t like the fact that it’s generated such ill will, and I’d like to keep this comments section relatively good-natured, but I’m compelled to say that you sound like an absolute idiot. Not only are you obviously an insane zealot, but you’re also vindictive and immensely stupid.

    For the record, my life is rather good thank you, and I don’t sit in my room ‘wondering why people make fun of me’. I can’t really comment on your logic because there doesn’t seem to be any.

    Anyway, I hope that the ability to write semi-threatening comments is valued in the next life. You’ll be a big hit.

    Oh, one more thing – it’s vindictive ‘wrath of God’ types like you that give religion a bad name.

  46. Lex’s avatar

    Jesus christ! This religous lot are a bunch of nasty people!

  47. ed’s avatar

    david bowie in space

  48. stalker!!’s avatar

    i shouldnt laugh but it is pretty funny and im not going to judge you mike but umm, pretty offensive!

  49. Raven’s avatar

    Noel: people don’t seem to realize that Jesus was not the only one to ever be crusified. Hundreds of people were, does that mean that they died for our sins? no. no it doesn’t. rant

    People, remove your balls from your asses and lighten up! its funny. I’m sure Jesus had a sence of humor.

  50. joy’s avatar

    thats a really funny comic. i love how jesus’s face look like. this has a good humor.

  51. jen’s avatar

    i cannot believe someone could be so ignorant as you
    jesus died for u and me and all u can do is make fun of it all
    man u need jesus or else get ready for the lake of fire

  52. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Jen, you’re a twit.

  53. malcolm’s avatar

    your indeed a person with no heart after all Jesus did for us . you and all the people with you get a life .

  54. kelly’s avatar

    your a twit Mike …. indeed u and your followers are a twit

  55. seemikedraw’s avatar

    kelly, it’s “you and your followers are twits”, not “a twit”.

  56. DeviousJoseph’s avatar

    Lol xD Good one Mike, and all these diecore religious types seem to be forgetting the facts behind their.. Well anyway, kudos on the funny and have a nice day you witty bastard you xD

  57. jesus barrientos’s avatar

    hey my name is jesus too!

  58. seemikedraw’s avatar

    DeviousJoseph and Jesus Barrientos, thanks for lightening the mood around here!

  59. Vixus Ex Nihilo’s avatar

    Wow… I’ve been a Christian my whole life with both of my grandparents being Assemblies of God pastors for 50+ years and I don’t find this offensive at all.
    If people are calling themselves Christians yet putting you down at the same time, they’re not really Christians.
    I apologize on their behalf.

  60. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Cheers Vixus, I appreciate your comment. Nice to hear from someone with a level head.

  61. 'Mike Ko'’s avatar

    Hey, Mike – (how’s your bunker holding up???)
    – Sorry about all this un-saintly behavior!!??
    Wow- (they speak a ‘form of greek’ Jesus never knew)

    … Oh Dear People…
    Just WHAT- pray tell is eating you??
    Or Even; Which ‘christ’ are you “following” [Matt 11:28,29..]
    (Oh yes, I keep forgetting – most people never read John 3:[17] )

    Maybe it is that I’m a 1st time viewer…
    Or just that ‘love hopes for the better’ in others 1 Cor. 13:all

    (((Ok I looked around now… Very inventive there Mike! [the no-ped...!!!
    - not comfortable with it all - But I see/know why you say some...)))

    Otherwise - I'd give a nod the reference to the Muslim cartoons.*
    …Or *anybody who are driven by/against something...
    “other then the issue before them” - - Read -‘knee-jerk’
    (this place is sounding more like some campaign rally)(either party!!)

    I wish to reflect on someone else’s comments
    -[with points of order inserted/added]
    -Fully in agreement with the first part -…unconvinced on the latter

    Oh, my Ditto’s to Vixus as well – & any like him- I.E. Matt 5:9 -peacemaker

    JF wrote “It bothers me that these people are standing up for Jesus by putting you down…that’s exactly the opposite of what Jesus taught. he told us to love others as ourselves. and how are you guys doing that by calling mike a retard and gay? Mike, whether you care (or believe it) God loves you and I forgive you for [making fun of my lord and saviour.] I take it as an illustration of [how ignorant* the Romans where] to who Jesus really was [and the pain they] where putting people through…[I know] that’s not what you intended but oh well[???]”
    (*arrogant would fit the thought too – Rome loved it’s use of power-)

    1st- As Vixus stated, How is this AGAINST Jesus??
    In any court, one needs to read out the actual crime of said accused –
    - not just shout him down with a loud “Crucify Him” from the “visitor’s” section! [& visitors we are]
    2nd – That the Romans = the focus of cartoon – was my view too.They were a crass society too. + Irony is very central in cartoons & in Life !
    (it be real thick in this thread!!)
    -yes – I think ‘ruby moon’ (above) nailed it-

    – And even if it could have been drawn to intentionally to belittle Christ’s pain? (which is uncertain.) He asked for/forgave ‘them’ -why can’t we have
    mercy for our fellow’s here???
    3rd – How do we feel free to go about & decide other’s thoughts???
    – Do we like it when others so miss-read our minds [or hearts]
    Humm; wasn’t there a ‘shiney’[Au] rule that talks about that???

    4th and last (+ a bit of a repeat)
    – even if someone could have guilt/wrong motives here…
    Was your[the viewers] ‘perfection’, that which caused God
    to be loving to you??
    Was it ‘that’ [man's success at the law]
    – which made necessary the Cross ?? NOT !!!

    So, If you don’t live ‘by the Law’ anymore? {but through Grace}
    – Why Demand it of “outsiders“??
    [No wonder they prefer to stay there.]

    – Jesus said it – take it up with Him-
    -made/called to be “known by our love-connection” -John 17:21-23

    Sorry it got so long ??- mk

  62. seemikedraw’s avatar

    No problem about the length – I appreciate the reasonable and well-thought-out comment! However, I must admit ignorance to most of the references you’ve made. I find it so interesting to see the internal debate between followers of the same religion – to me it serves to trivialise Christianity. There’s obviously a lot of misinterpretation, and it makes me glad to be who I am, living the way I am. We don’t need a rule book to live by and bicker over, just a good moral compass.

  63. itsABBIE’s avatar

    its sooo funny. :]

  64. fresh’s avatar

    Ignorance prevails.
    Fire is waiting for non believers.

  65. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Idiocy prevails.
    Fresh, what’s it like living in the dark ages?

  66. Henk’s avatar


    May I point out that all this namecalling and bashing out of name for the lord is the exact same thing we see some Islamic people do when condemning stuff they disagree with.
    Although obviously that’s something completely different cos that was a Danish cartoon….

    Seriously people. Whenever you see something that you do not agree with put it into perspective before you react. The worst thing that can happen here is Mike going to hell right? He’s well aware of that after the first couple of comments and he puts that into an even different perspective from what I can tell.

    Now take a seat, grab a beer and for gods sake (or even better your own!) stop stressing about stuff that’s meant for amusement and go do something more usefull than commenting here.
    Like my boss would like me to do….

  67. ACE’s avatar

    That not funny
    jesus needs to be respected!
    can’t believe it, yall r so stupid if u think that funny.

  68. ben hunt’s avatar

    jesus was not loved and still isnt and mr saywell is wasting his time! horse are great donkeys suck

  69. i hate rockhopper’s avatar

    zx bitches how could u disrespect crist like dat

  70. Phill’s avatar

    getting back to the point….

    …Is the cartoon offencive? Well, it obviously depends on how you interpret the content. so many in the above diatribe are seeing this toon as belittleing the death of Jesus. I don’t think it does. Mike states he’s comming from a non-relgious point of view, so his primary issue would not have been the sacrifice Christ made or the far-reaching implications of that sacrifice. However, comming from a religious point of view I’m well able to see the irony of how those who are not religious (emphasised by the Roman soldier) don’t truley comprehend the enormity of Christ’s sacrifice particularly in comparison to their own little world.

    This cartoon has been ideal for raising the awareness and getting people to look beyond the sanitised blandness that evangelicalism has given to the phrase ‘Jesus loves you.’ How has such a massive proclamation been reduced to no more than a jingle on the lips of so many? If we look beyond the character in the foreground (ourselves and our issues) and look at the charcter beyond (Christ and his sacrifice) we start to gain a true perspective of what Christ’s death meant.

    Finally, Jesus said that the whole door of our faith sits on two hinges; loving God and loving others. a wonky door is no good to anyone folks.

  71. Dude’s avatar

    Holy smokes! I’ve never seen so many pretentious people on one post in my life! The way I see it, we don’t know one way or another so not making fun of a god is more like an insurance policy. It was funny though.

  72. cypher’s avatar

    Draw your mother…..stupid.

  73. A Servant’s avatar

    Mike, I think your picture is great!

    Maybe you should picture your father (Dad) on the same cross and maybe then you would you understand that making fun of “Jesus Christ” is a sin. I will not say further, but advise you to remove this picture. You are proclaiming to be Anti-Christ.

    Followers of Jesus Christ are tolerant and will always be that way.

  74. cutebot’s avatar

    So, I am wondering, where in this cartoon is it making fun of Jesus? It sure as hell makes the Roman soldier look like a jerk, though haha.

  75. steve’s avatar

    i thought it was pretty funny and i am a big christan to

  76. Ra’s avatar

    Its no doutb in my mind that this cartoon is not only offensive to me but to many other people But its ok Thats why Jesus Christ came to die in the cross for people like you who dont have anything better to do then to make fun of your creator BUt on top of everything Jesus die for u and me their for you have a chance of salvation and redemption of ur soul God Bless you to the fullest and remember that their is one God and one God only Who cartoons like yours dont make any diffrence in the kingdom who only makes the person who did it look stupid for their ignorance and lack of reconizition for the one Who gave it all for ALL.

  77. Zara’s avatar

    I cant believe u wrote that thats so offensive and i personally would never ever do that and u better change ur ways before u go to hell

  78. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Ra, I do have plenty of better things to do than ‘making fun of my creator’, as you put it. This is just one cartoon out of many that I’ve done, and yet you all seem to assume it’s my single-minded goal to make fun of Jesus and to offend you.

    I really can’t keep debating this cartoon with religious fanatics such as yourself. It’s akin to hitting my head against a wall, and I’m trying very hard not to draw attention to the irony that the narrow-mindedness and ignorance you accuse me of are actually the traits you are displaying yourselves. So I’ll just allow you to keep your comments coming, and I’ll thank you for putting this cartoon on page 1 of google images under the search term ‘jesus.’

  79. Henk’s avatar

    You lot do realize you’re taking away from mikes drawingtime with this BS eh?
    Good. So stuff it already

  80. Gaby’s avatar

    I actually think this comic is very funny. I’m a Christian (no – not just for name’s sake.. I actually follow the word of Christ). I don’t think this is making fun of Jesus – In fact, I think it’s poking fun at the soldier and portraying Jesus as the tougher of the two men.

    It makes me smile. I mean, how could someone (a tough guy soldier at that!) have the audacity to whimper over an injured thumb when the guy right next to him has just endured beatings, being rejected from the people he’s supposed to save and has endured nails being hammered into him. The guy gets one boo-boo and Jesus just gives him a look like “…Really?… c’mon…”

    Mike – I’m glad you’re not letting all of this negative feed back discourage you. I enjoy that you’ve managed to make it light hearted in an appropriate and subtle way.

  81. Mike Ko’s avatar

    1st off… congrats on the Google bit – I can find you easier!! ;-o – - -

    Many of the things in life are funny & would only be more* so if …
    [*= we would be more free in our humor]
    … if there was not so much wounded-ness all around.
    – Pain blocks or redirects; most incoming input…
    Hurt people…*hurt people *[will]

    - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder-
    This is true! – Our Perspective is the guide of each of us.
    His; guided him to draw-out his thoughts.
    “yours” – Guided you to Crucify him with…
    less of a trial then they gave Christ !?

    Our attempts to get our thoughts across can be varied…
    But hate comes with many masks too!!!

    Oh Mike, I Am So Sorry… – - Your “Bunker”…
    Should not have to be needed to defend ones’-self from any…
    [actual] “Christ’s-ones”!!!
    – - Jesus said to “follow me” =[copy me] in-like actions/will – -
    Even as with “something close” to my Compassion! :-o
    This things = Christ [not the above posts]
    John 3:[17] states his M.O. (prime directive)
    Consider it – Learn it!!! Let it matter to you !!(Kelly, fresh & co)

    Oh, most all my references are more for those that*know -*or ‘should’
    & The ‘shiny” in last post was the ‘golden rule’
    (often lost among all the fools-gold & fools with gold- these days)

    Yes Mike, you may trivialize “christianity” – - But I perceive it is…
    Only because ‘christianity’[Inc/.org] has Trivialized itself!!!
    “Fights” over the mere greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’ are starting again???
    -it wasn’t his birthday anyway –Get a [new]Life!!!
    The sex-abuse scandals, The wife-belittling/Arab-hating-
    & God-talking—>Conquering-the-world-4-corporation-
    & the CIA…”church folk” – & I WISH this was “the joke”- but ALAS NO…
    – Christ said, “my kingdom is not of (in) this world”
    (they missed the memo)

    [[all such small-mindedness is not worthy of Jesus]]

    One of the above said,
    “jesus needs to be respected!“…
    And while that is a ‘truth‘…
    It is not a “Law”- but more that of a call…
    If he is not their king as yet – ‘kingdom’ laws can not be applyed.
    (again echoes of denmark do come to mind)

    Again – it gets long? …? (need an editor) ;-o
    Ok – Wrapping up…
    What is the law needed here???
    Simple; … The Law of Love…

    Love’s need = Freedom

    To tell me not to love
    It can not hope to succeed

    To ask me to love you
    I surely shall try

    Show me your love
    It will indeed speed my reply

    But to tell me to love
    You shall not dare
    Neither shall I!

    yes, a safe rule for all mankind !!!

  82. sonelta’s avatar

    Hi Mike – I liked your comic pic here. I put it linked on my blog (credited to you) – is that OK? I just thought it was nice and light-hearted. I’m sorry that some Christians left not so nice comments about it, too extreme if you ask me. Haven’t seen your other stuff yet, but will check it out.

  83. bobinog’s avatar

    that shows that dat roman wasnt thinking of jesus who had nails in him.

  84. Mike Ko’s avatar

    Just a note – I did not mean to use such -Total broad-blanket-blaming
    or carryout any reverse attacks; while asking as to why these attacks
    were being made???
    I am not equating every statement against mike as “hate”
    Only calling ALL to consider the real possibility of its presence!
    [that which is different -is troubling to most- but not requiring 'such' negative reactions]

    Oh, – Kelly & Fresh… I did not mean to single ‘you’ out -
    I just grabbed names… somewhat @ random??
    (I love a few twits myself) ;-/
    - but some of ya’ll need to either make your points understood
    or believable (a servant?) [not the dad part -but the others]
    Or… not bother – mike stated it already, – - the confusion is thick enough -

  85. thomas’s avatar


  86. Novaro’s avatar

    Brilliant cartoon! I found it witty, despite what the ones with a stick up their ass had to say about it. Keep them coming!

  87. hank’s avatar


  88. cameron’s avatar

    Great cartoon no mader what anybody says..:)

  89. gabby gomez’s avatar

    stupid ediots thats not funny
    ps – i cant spel no good

  90. Tony’s avatar

    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at a comment section than I have at this one. Mike I think you’ve created your albatross and crucified it! I’m sure the christians will forgive you, if they don’t they’re not christians.

  91. Kevin’s avatar

    It’s just sad for Jesus to suffer and die :cry: :cry: :cry: :sad: You should watch Passion of The Christ It a sad movie :cry:

  92. Mike's Webs’s avatar

    The cartoon is great. The comments by religious fundamentalists are hilarious (and a bit offensive if you aks me). :)

  93. Raouf Athar’s avatar

    “…they killed him not nor crucified him, but it appeared so to them; and those who disagree concerning it are in doubt of it; they have no knowledge of it except pursuit of a conjecture; they killed him not for certain.” (Qur’an chapter 4, verse 157).

  94. Austin’s avatar

    that was great lol i was cracking up when i saw it. ppl need to lighten up, that was funny.

  95. Ngan-E’s avatar

    an extract from the comments above————
    seemikedraw: Rachel, I’d like to think that my cartoons about religion are fairly light-hearted and I’m mindful not to be overtly offensive to anyone.

    And yet still I get comments from people like you.

    Firstly, coming from a (presumably) religious person such as yourself, I don’t really think that using ‘retard’ and ‘gay’ in a derogatory manner is particularly Christian. But then again, you’re probably not very tolerant are you?

    And secondly, I’m not a big believer so your argument doesn’t hold much weight with me.

    tony:But thank you anyway for your ignorant and narrow-minded comment.
    I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard at a comment section than I have at this one. Mike I think you’ve created your albatross and crucified it! I’m sure the christians will forgive you, if they don’t they’re not christians.

    dear christians out there i hope you will read my thoughtsabout this drawing clearly.
    firstly it is offensive to those who is DEVOTED to Christ. many will say ‘its just a drawing…its fairly light-hearted!’ really sensitivity seems to be missing in your heart mike. shouldnt you say SORRY? you may not be a christian but others are…think about others and not only yourself. God did ask us ALL to forgive our brothers many times. and i do forgive you for this act cos you do not know what you are doing. you are still living in a toddlers world. grow up for things you do not know is going to happen. you may not know but jesus, my God is a great and wonderful God.

    I pray that you will stop this act and if you do have courage, reply me. :) i would be nice to have a chat with you:)
    i ask all christians out there who reads this msg to give words and encouragement to this guy here, pray for him and not only say that he is in the wrong. pray that God will touch his heart..let us all do our part. save a soul for God! God Bless All:)

  96. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Ngan-E, I have the courage to reply to you, but I’m not sure what to say because I’ve said it all before. If most of the above comments had been reasonable and rational instead of vindictive and threatening, I might apologise for offending some. But I myself know many Christians who are not offended by the likes of this cartoon, and I therefore feel little compulsion to appease those who I honestly believe have over-reacted to this, and have probably done so to numerous other ‘offensive’ things on the net.

    If there are any truly decent people that have taken offense then I am sorry, but I don’t believe too many of the commenters here are truly decent.

    To those who have have left decent comments, thanks for stopping by!

  97. K.C.’s avatar

    John 3.16
    For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.

    Jesus Christ, my God, is an awesome God and will forgive you for this because he loves all of his children. I, along with hopefully all the other christians, will pray for you and will pray that you will find the wisdom to stop mocking the person who created you. You may think this is a funny little joke but to christians we call Jesus our Father. You doing this is drawing a picture of my Father dying in a comedic way…I’M here to say it is NOT funny. I will indeed pray for your soul.

  98. K.C.’s avatar

    If you would like to seek God you can just talk to him for he hears the prayers of his children. He will answer you he will show you a sign, he will guide you and leed you to heaven. I will be praying for you. I love all of my brothers, including you, as a human being you are my brother and son of God.
    Peace be with you.

  99. Ben’s avatar

    K.C. Wrote: ”
    If you would like to seek God you can just talk to him for he hears the prayers of his children. He will answer you… ‘

    -end of quote-

    OMG Mike! You totally have to try this! I just did, and it totally works! I talked to God for like an hour. Super nice guy. He says your comic is funny, and all the people spouting hate in this post need to report back to Sunday School for some remedial education.

    More seriously: Christianity’s core tenets of love and understanding are great, but so frequently these tenets are perverted into a message of ostracism and hate directed at those who don’t share christian belief’s. Many of the comments here are perfect examples of “Christianity” being used to spread hate. This is a symptom of most major religions. I don’t mean to pick on Christianity specifically, but do you think that Christianity is a “good” religion? Look at the posts in this thread. Think about the number of people that have been killed in the name of god. Sure, the religion has good intentions, and some people will follow them and become better people as a result. But, on the whole, is it actually good for humanity?

    My vote is no.

  100. Someone in Pittsburgh’s avatar

    Hmm, I personaly make fun of both my father and my mother in ways that would make even thick-skinned people cringe.

    Another thing, out of all the people I have met my relationship to my parents is far better and more enriching to my life. Beign nearly thirty I am the only person I know in my age group who regularly goes out with my parents and doesnt fret or feel burdened when they call me, or when they wish to visit me. For instance, when my room-mate’s mother calls half the time he wants me to give an excuse for him to not talk to her, it has never been the other way around.

    Makes you wonder if the capacity to not take things like sarcasm and lude jokes seriously and roll with it instead of get all emotional about it has something to do with the health of your social relationships. Just maybe…

    Beyond all that, seriously, doesnt this say that in the face of grave personal sacrifice most people will be more worried about shallow and proportionaly insignificant things?

  101. Cole’s avatar

    Mike, I googled images of Jesus (wanted a nice screen saver image, and Jesus seems to have been at least a likeable guy) and your cartoon was one of the first that came up. I came for the cartoon, but I stayed for the hilarious “debate” it opened up, as if a debate is even possible with the followers of the Christian sect. A message to the “Christians”: Your religious sect is one of the most deadly, intolerant movements in the history of Mankind. Jesus was a brown-skinned Palestinian Jew. He taught forgiveness and tolerance. To be “Christian” means literally to be Christ-like, yet I’ve only ever met one actual Christ-like individual claiming to be a Christian (and I’ve met a whole buncha folks). “Christians”, if you really disapprove of this man’s art, FORGIVE HIM, pray for him, and move on!

  102. Important.’s avatar

    You dont see us up in a fit do you; we’re simply saying that we find that offensive. Its fine if you want to put up these images..freedom of speech, remember?..but dont go around calling people who are gutsy enough to defend their faith “intolerant” or “extreme”. Its the least hospitable we can be towards a God that loved us so much, even unto death . & by us, i mean all mankind, whether you choose to believe it or now.

    As someone who actually cares about other people’s eternity, I really hope you guys would try God. I challenge you all, go read your books, do your research and invest in a personal relationship with Jesus; He will change your life in ways you never thought possible. I know this because i experienced it.

    In Christ.

  103. Mike Ko’s avatar

    Hello again mike,
    your bunker seems to be holding up OK …
    But… Man Alive – do some people just NEVER get the message????

    To All You angry scheeple out there…
    A ‘child’ once said that… (he got it)
    “Jesus came to clear up a lot of God’s bad ‘PR’
    Why are you’ll working to reverse his gracious acts??
    — Christ’s — [not mike's]–

    Yes ‘Pittsburgh’… this does show something is quite unstable
    in your typical American’s “emotional IQ” :-(

    Please Ben, (& others)
    look again at the process that you referred to;
    “Christianity’s core tenets of love and understanding are great,
    [[but so frequently these tenets Are Perverted]]
    See also 2 Corinthians 5: 18… (the memo)
    18 And all of this is [a gift] from God, who brought us back to himself through Christ. And God has given us this task of reconciling people to him. 19 For God was [in Christ], reconciling the world to himself, no longer counting people’s sins against them. And [he gave us] this wonderful [message of reconciliation]. 20 So we are Christ’s ambassadors; God is making his appeal through us. We speak [for Christ] when we plead,
    “Come back to God!* 21 For God made Christ, who was without sin, to be the offering for our sin, so that we could be made right with God [through Christ].
    {*IE. ‘the’ God that He Really Is}…
    [ ]‘s above; are on method/cause/& purpose’s… involved in it all

    You know…
    I think heavens ‘personnel office’ might be rechecking some of its assignments ?? ;-o

    I will just pray for… some peace for Mike (& for this thread’s other victims)
    ‘His peace’ to you all…
    “Mike Ko”

  104. Mike Ko’s avatar

    RE; — your typical American’s “emotional IQ”–

    —> & more to the point;
    The one’s that like to call themselves…
    by the Name of the one that;
    “Commanded” His follower’s To LOVE!!
    Matt 5:43-45;

    43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He* causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

    see also… * =’s ‘the God’ that He is!
    M K

  105. Mike Ko’s avatar

    oops again??
    a key portion of my main message went missing???? :-o
    – a part right before,
    “See also 2 Corinthians 5: 18… (the memo)”

    But … I think I said enough for today…
    [[will try to remember the rest & get back here soon]]?
    m k

  106. Tim’s avatar

    Hey Mike,
    Pretty funny image, you’ve done well to come up the list off images on google. Anyway just saying your second comment is correct. the nails went through the wrists to lock them in place. And secondly it was done for pain as it would crush the median nerve that was running to your hand. Which is another reason with the whipping and all that the crucifiction was the worst death the Romans had thought of, and did not allow Roman citizens to be killed this way.
    Anyway I hope you decide to actually look into the evidence of Jesus, his claims, and his death yourself. As C.S. Lewis put it “Christian if false, is of no importance, however if true, is of infinite importance.”
    Keep up the good work,
    God Bless, Tim

  107. Matt Rosemier’s avatar

    Hey Mike…

    Yeah i agree that we all get our ideas floating around out there in the ether (or muck, depending on how you see it) and no, i wasn’t accusing you of stealing my idea.

    And i am not accusing your buddy at The Rut of stealing my idea either, even though mine predated his by two years.

    Plus, mine is a lot more funny.

    Oh, one thing i have to disagree with. There will NEVER be too many Jesus comics. Jesus is infinite in His mockworthiness.

    Seeing all of the flack you catch here makes me happy that i don’t have a forum.


  108. samhaine3’s avatar

    Sigh…1. how do any of you know this is Jesus? it has no INRI above him that proclaims him the King of the Jew, does it? no…2. how is mike being offensive to Him? It shows the Roman to be an ass, not the other way around. Jesus is not even seeming to get mad, but is giving him a “you’ve got to be kidding me look…3. the bible says: There is a season for everything, a time for every occupation under heaven: A time for giving birth, a time … A time for tears, a time for laughter; a time for mourning, a time for dancing…(Ecclesiastes – Chapter 3)…4. grow up…that’s what God wants of all of us…and to love one another…just a thought.

  109. ponce’s avatar

    i can’t wait to hear how you burniing in hell with your fucking family :)

    NOTE FROM MIKE: Dear ponce, something tells me that if there is such a thing as hell, you have a good chance of going there with that kind of sentiment. Tsk tsk. Oh, and I’d never wish ill upon your family because I’m sure you became an angry jerk all by yourself.

  110. Phil’s avatar

    Dear Matt, I am Mike’s buddy at The Rut.

    I looked at your “walks on water” cartoon and now believe more than ever that funny is a matter of taste.

    Secondly, I posted that Jesus cartoon only about a year or so ago, true. But I wrote it while I was at Uni about 8 years ago. So your insinuations really don’t amount to anything, do they?

    Thirdly, don’t kid yourself, it’s a pretty obvious idea to begin with, so perhaps you should google search the concept, gasp as you behold all the other variations on the same theme, then track down all the authors and write them pointless, passive-aggressive messages, too. Who am I kidding?? I’m sure you already have.


  111. Clay Childs’s avatar

    I can honestly say this is so stupid.All of you people who support this is so ignorant!You all will one day be condemned.Do you honestly think it is perfectly ok to mock someone who loved you so much,that he died for you?I am saying this because i love each and every one of you and want you to not perish but have everlasting life.Hear these words and understand them and if you dont you will burn eternally.”I am the way the truth and the life:no man cometh unto the father but by me”-John 14:6.

  112. cha-cha’s avatar

    wow guys seriously this is rediculous. i really think you should just let mike express himself. if he wants to draw pointless (but hilarious) pictures of jesus; let him. if ya’ll dont like it; dont look. go somewhere else that “doesnt offend the “lord” but honestly i dont think that was too offensive (coming from me; a deep christian girl) god told us to live our lives and sure we follow him and shit but that doesnt mean we cant have a sense of humor while we’re at it. this is life. fuckn live it.


  113. Anokie’s avatar

    FANATICS and ZEALOTS – UNITE! JOIN THE ‘WE ARE ANGRY ABOUT ALMOST EVERYTHING’ (WAAAAE) movement. This movement is non-denominational and is open to Muslims, Christians, Jews, Atheists – and anyone else that feels the need to express extreme negativity or/and anger in volatile, disjointed, intensely emotional, and misspelled verbiage, about any subject you choose. cut and paste into your web browser and go. Please. Pseudo ‘let me show you the error of your ways, I will help you fix yourself’ passive/aggressive personalities are also welcome, please come fix all the other members of this group.

  114. Anokie’s avatar

    OOOPS. I forgot to include the website:

  115. Craig Kackley’s avatar

    First off I would consider myself a devout Christian. Secondly, I am very disappointed in all the ignorant, hate filled responses I have read from so-called “believers.” If these “Christians” would study the scriptures they would find that the only people that Jesus showed contempt for were the Pharisees, or for lack of better terms “so-called Christians who just didn’t get it” not the un-churched. I remember reading in Luke about Jesus saying “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance.”

    Now a word to the artist. You have to understand that although your intention was to create, in your words a “light-hearted” comic, this is very disrespectful to anyone who claims to have faith in Jesus Christ. Reason being, is that we believe it was through the cross (the death of Jesus Christ) that we have forgiveness. It was only because of Jesus’ perfect, spotless sacrifice that we escape eternity in damnation and we can live by grace a life of victory. This is something to all believers that is to be taken very seriously. I understand that you didn’t create this comic to maliciously offend, but to a believer a mockery of the cross, is a mockery of everything we stand for.

    My prayer is that you can hear my heart in this message, and to hopefully help you understand why you received some of the negative feedback. But please know that I do not judge you, I hope to let you know that Jesus Christ loves you, and through him and the cross in your comic you can also have hope.

    Have an awesome day.

  116. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Craig, thanks for taking the time to write an intelligent and reasonable comment. Of course I’m aware that this cartoon is offensive to those who have faith in Jesus Christ – I’d be extremely ignorant if I wasn’t. I think that if my responses have been less than sympathetic it’s simply because such angry and vindictive comments have caused an overreaction on my part. The bottom line is that this site has a particular audience – people like myself – and I don’t really expect “believers” such as all of those above to be visiting.

  117. catfish’s avatar

    hey mike,i thik you drew all these cartoons for attention….wich yu have seemed to have gotten.congrats! maybe you see a steady side job coming down the pike? maybe a mention in some obscure atheist magazine?who knows?? the sky is the limit! for now….but alas, death comes to us all then we face GOD for judgement,it really doesnt matter what other people say or think…or even what i say or think about what you do or say or in this case draw,we are all sinners in one way or another.

  118. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Catfish, ‘a mention in some obscure atheist magazine’? How very patronising. No I actually drew all these cartoons to make similar-minded people laugh. It’s just this one cartoon that has attracted this laughable response.

    Anyway, basically you’ve just added another thinly veiled threat to this long list of threats. That’s the problem, you just have to keep hammering your view, trying to educate the sinners, when the sinners really don’t want or need to hear it, because they’re doing just fine without your advice thank you very much.

  119. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    So, the Pope tells the faithful in Africa not to wear condoms, thus condemning possibly MILLIONS of people – people who TRUST the Pope – to die of AIDS. Men, women, and of course, those inncoent children who are consequently born with the disease.

    And yet it is MIKE who you label a sinner.

    Wait… What?

  120. Matthew Akisan’s avatar


  121. Mike’s avatar

    Hey mike i know you are not of faith but how bout you draw some cartoons of Mohammad too? or are Christians in their generally peaceful ways just too big of a target for your jokes. Go draw cartoons of Mohammad and see what happens. that is if you have the guts to or are you just going keep picking on the kids who cant protect themselves.

  122. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Mike, in response to your oh-so cunning challenge, I’d like to say that:

    a) I don’t ‘pick’ on Christians, as you put it, to elicit a response from them – I didn’t create this site to generate religious debate; and

    b) I don’t do requests.

    Oh, and using your logic, should I also draw cartoons about every single animal in the world because I’ve picked on pigs and chickens?

  123. Vlad’s avatar

    We all do the same jock all over agian – Isaiah 53. The jock is fun but followed by no laught!

    Let me know if you can fit them together your cartoon and the fact for a good laught – or inteligent one at least. I want to laugth as well. vladpuha – at + yah… com. I hope you will not feel judged or picked up on I just cannot see how can you have a good jock out of Isaiah 53.

    MIKE’S EDIT: Vlad, I had to delete the tedious list of quotes from the Bible that followed here in your comment. If you read this, really think hard and honestly – who on earth wants to read that stuff here in a comments section of a cartoon blog? I don’t think you understand how the average person thinks. I’ll tell you this, and it’s a certainty, they don’t think ‘I’d like to surf the net and be educated with verse from the Bible’.

  124. Dan’s avatar

    I have read every single comment left on this page, and it makes me feel really great to be a non-believer. I have met so many ignorant, zealous, fundamental Christians, primarily protestants which is interesting, since they’re supposed to be the forward thinking ones. At times I feel like I am the only person out there who thinks people are completely insane, you don’t know how many people I’ve met with 7 kids, living in poverty, and literally praying to make ends meet, and praising the “lord” saying he will provide. If “God” took care of you, you’d have food on the table every night, your children wouldn’t live in fear, and you’d be living happily. In reality, many of these families harbor so much hatred for people of color, gays/lesbians, etc., have marriage and abuse problems, and many can’t even feed their children let alone give them a happy childhood free of fear of “God” with more than a stick to play with or chew on. That to me is proof enough that “God” doesn’t exist, at least in the way we think of it. One final note, people seem to have ignored the fact that not only is this cartoon very funny, and not really offensive, but that Jesus was simply a man, a Jewish man in fact, who may have just had some cool ideas. He is not “God” or the son of “God”.

  125. SinnerBeta’s avatar

    10 bucks that at least half of the people who responded negatively without contact info were the same person trying to stir shit up and give others bad name.

    Anyway, I’d compare this to seeing your mother slip on a banana peel: you may laugh since it’s funny and she’ll probably forgive but, but some will feel bad about it afterward since it must have hurt and she’s your mother after all.

    Also Dan, I’d like to ask both you and the religious zealots to keep your opinions to yourself, since you sound all the same to me, thinking that you know better than others and judging them, even though you don’t know them and don’t understand them or the concepts they’re living by, nor do any of you have a real proof to the existence/nonexistence of God.

    And bigeyedeer, I have an idea: how about stop screwing like rabbits if your country is ravaged by AIDS ? With the whole “trusting the Pope” deal, you’d think they would also try listen to him about premarital sex, chastity etc, which could minimize the danger of infection. Before you ask, those are just my own ideas, and I too think that Pope should change his stance on condoms, at least for married couples or the infected.

  126. laura’s avatar

    yall r bad ppl shame on yall

  127. Patricia Garcia’s avatar

    I think that the world today makes money out of sex, profanity and the like. I am certainly saddened. Found the whole seemikedraw funny at first, like Mondo Media’s Happy Tree Friends and similar things. This is not actually poking fun at Christians from my point of view…I actually saw it as Jesus sayin’ “So that hurts? What about me?”

    Kidding aside, (I don’t really want to be serious, but this is my nature) Let us consider the fact that everybody makes mistakes once in a while let alone impulsive and swearing Christians. Oh I want you to find someone perfect. Come on. Almost everybody’s badmouthing, whatever their religion is, right? Even Mike. We’re on even ground. Let us give each other the opportunity to be rude, if we are rude, but it is really nice to have someone act within the internet etiquette rules. In any case you’re wondering, I am Christian, to be more specific, Roman Catholic, from the Philippines, 18 years old.

    I always thought it was very naive not to believe in Jesus, but now I think these are also naive: believing in Jesus but pushing the belief to others, and not believing there is a higher power – come on, the universe wasn’t built by coincidence. That might be the lamest thing. Ever. Yes we worked our way to get to where we are, but isn’t it quite mysterious why we did. And how is it so complicated? My mom said to me once that, “Imagination is proof that God exists.”

    Making fun of Him in comics is certainly offensive, but a toilet un-flushed is similarly offensive, right? But it is not the same. It’s okay to make fun of Christians, but to make fun of Jesus… I know we cannot always do things that will please everyone. Though we know what is certainly most offending.

    And Dan, you say if God exists the table must always be full? What an existence. You gettin’ all you want. So what’s the point of living through life? That’s so boring. Nothing will ever challenge you. If that were the case I’d sleep all day.

    To Mike, you say you don’t want to evoke certain emotions and it’s all in good, clean fun…well, keep on continuing the work. I’d be visiting regularly.. but, I agree with Craig…it’s a insult to everything we believe in. But I am not a ‘devout’ Christian like he is. But this strip made me reassess how I am as a Christian. I have been long neglecting Christ, I think this is the turning point. I believe I have sinned more than I haven’t. It’s time I don’t. I realized the sacrifice He made for us.

    Call me names but I think if I die believing these sort of things, and discover there is really a God, then lucky me. If not then, too bad. But doing good things sorta makes me feel better, makes me a little proud of myself. :) I just hope everyone the best too.

    To those who discusses condoms!
    I used to think that they should be banned. I believed everybody should feel that sex is a very responsibility-oriented act. Have AIDS, be pregnant, or something else so that nothing in life should be unpunished. Promiscuous or non-promiscuous alike. :) But I’m kinda pro-choice now. God is the only person who can judge us. Oh someone might react what about the kids, and the increasing population? Well, that’s really unlucky. But this is all just me. I respect all of your opinions.

    If the world worked like we thought it would work, then there is no need for it anymore.


    This was long….but so worth it. Sorry if I flew off-topic. I know you are not the only one who drew Jesus cartoons. But this was the site I was in. But I’m part of the blog traffic so that’s one benefit you get from me. :) I know I’m young but I think it’s a right to speak for yourself. If I offended you in anyway, I’m sorry… I’m human too. I’m not one of those ‘Holier than Thou’ folks. Please respond…I wanna hear your side.

  128. RC’s avatar

    I don’t find this offensive in the slightest; it’s mocking the Ancient Roman up there on the ladder, not Jesus.

    Mike, I love your cartoons. Never stop drawing, man. :)

  129. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Words of wisdom! Thanks RC.

  130. Vitriol’s avatar

    OK, this cartoon does NOT offend Christian moral values AT ALL. It’s not making fun of Jesus – if he in fact died ON THE CROSS, it’s not offensive to portrait him on the cross, now is it? And how in the world would the Roman soldier make this picture anti-Christian? The joke is fully pointed to those who show no empathy at all, and just whine about their stupid little problems even if someone dies right before their eyes. If anything, it should be PRO-Christian, like if it said “dude, don’t be such a wuss, show some respect, damnit!”
    But you just see it like it’s mocking your saviour. You know what? You can’t take a joke for crap. You just don’t get it because you’re so full of your own faith that you can’t even realize that this isn’t hurting anyone. It doesn’t tell you to worship Satan, it just shows Jesus on the cross as part of a joke which involves him AS A PROTAGONIST! It seems to me that those who are complaining walk this Earth looking for “infidels” and ponting out who’ll go to Hell for sure. That’s NOT THE POINT of Christianity! The point is to follow positive values and to love people. The Bible doesn’t say ANYWHERE that Christianity is the only true religion (although it does say that God is the only deity, but that’s not the issue right now). So if heaven is for the believers and hell is for the foul, then where will the OTHER GOOD PEOPLE go? You’re whining about this one little cartoon when you have even worse problems yourselves. So you’re no better than the Roman soldier on the picture.

  131. Dylan’s avatar

    I know there’s no point picking on a year old comic but really, give me a break. “GOD LOVES EVERYONE AND JESUS KILLED HIMSELF FOR US”. Please, the bible was just a scroll that was found in a cave. Just because it’s old doesn’t mean it’s true. If the “holy bible” was real then fairies, santa clause, and elves would exist too. “All who don’t believe in god will be sent to hell.” Ok, so what if someone wasn’t born into a christian family or guardian or whatever and never heard about the christian religion. That means they go to hell too right? That’s some “loving” god you have there, one that doesn’t even give someone a chance for even LEARNING the religion and sending them in the “eternal fire” forever. Who created God? “God was always there” NOTHING can be ALWAYS there. “God made himself”…….no need to explain.
    Also, Jesus encouraged slavery. Whereas in the bible it says “God loved the WORLD so much.” Ok, making slaves and killing the egyptians so some people can have safety, YUP! YOU DEFINETELY LOVE THE WHOLE WORLD ALL RIGHT!!! “there will be no sadness in heaven” that’s impossible, every place HAS to have sadness in order to have happiness. it has been proven that “Jesus” was alive. How do you know he wasn’t some faker just trying to get famous and honored? By his “miracles?” How do you know some bozo just edited the story so it can seem like Jesus was a great man? Besides, the Bible was probably just some story a person made up in his free time because he was bored.

  132. Dylan’s avatar

    Oh yea by the way this cartoon isn’t supposed to offend anyone you sensitive little freaks

  133. nicole’s avatar

    si Jesus na lng
    lino-loko nyo pa
    eh pano kya kung kyo
    ang lokohin nya pyag ba kyo???

    STOP THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-(

  134. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Nicole, I can’t say I understand what you’ve written, but I get the end bit and all I can say is don’t be a narrow-minded moron. Honestly. I thought we’d gone beyond this kind of comment.

  135. Tanya EnthammerHall’s avatar


  136. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Tanya, thanks for yet another fanatical tirade. Unfortunately it’s taught us nothing other than the fact that you exhibit an almost perverse obsession with the graphic details of Jesus’ death, which is symptomatic of people with a religious fervour such as yourself. I find it slightly sickening that you seem to relish the telling of it so much. And like many of your ilk, demonstrated numerous times already in this comments sections, you seem unable to accept that not everyone has to abide by your rigid and archaic belief system.

    Oh, and I think there’s a problem with your caps lock key.

  137. milligan insurance’s avatar

    Great post! You may want to follow up on this topic!!!


  138. Darrin’s avatar

    I was raised christian and this is just plain rude
    LOL JK!!! hahaahaha this is awesome :P!!!
    jesus sure did die for us (so we’re told)
    freedom of speech via picture
    stfu bible whores

  139. Chris’s avatar

    Wow. Three years, four months later, and the comments are still coming in. Mike, I think you are a very funny, slightly disturbed man, and I’m very glad I ran across this (Thanks,!) I truly admire the way you’ve handled this insanely long comments page – responding to all those zealots must have taken the patience of a saint. I’m also heartened by the equally vociferous rational contingent – it’s good to know there are a few free-thinkers left in the world. Keep up all the good works, everyone!

  140. מוסך פורד’s avatar


    So true! This cartoon was inspired by my recently acquired first toolkit Funny Stuff!

    Great Job!

  141. Stocks’s avatar

    i love, love, love the last one!!!

  142. Minor’s avatar

    I’m christian myself, and i don’t find this comic the least bit offensive. its cute, and its hilarious! in fact, the way i look at it, it seems to be very pro-Christianity. Soldier gets hurt hitting his thumb + whines to Jesus about how much it hurts = their ignorance of Jesus’ own pain. keep up the awesome work!

  143. Smurph’s avatar

    Bahahahahaha Jesus Christ that was fucking funny. i mean holy shit i was in tears for like 10 minutes :D
    and then to top it all off, i got to read all the zealot bitch comments for a giggle.
    im only 16, and ued tobe a christian, but if there is a god, he fucked me over . . . mainly causehes a dick,
    so as far as im concerned, Mike you did a funny as cartoon about a made up man (JESUS) that is angry at the roman guard for apparently being in more pain them him

    love your work buddy, dont let these hateful pricks stop you from doing what you love :D

    ANTI CHRIST REPRESENT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Anna’s avatar

    Hey Mike, just saw this cartoon and think it’s great.

    Seems like there are a lot of ignorant comments from both sides here. A few people who need to look more into their own religion and faith and know how the things they say can alienate people from what they believe is the most amazing gift ever.

    Or people who delight in slamming other people’s beliefs/God/Jesus/Religion in general.

    I’m a Christian and about to go away and teach some youth about Love. Feel like trying to get this cartoon in somewhere.

    I personally think God would find it funny, he must have a pretty good sense of humour after all.

  145. Chris’s avatar

    Mike you are brilliant, I love all your work but this is the best of the best. I laugh till i cry and my stomach hurts every time I see it.

  146.’s avatar

    I personally blog also and I’m posting a thing similar to this excellent post,
    “SeeMikeDraw · This cartoon was inspired by my recently acquired first toolkit”.
    Do you mind in the event that I reallyincorporate some of your ideas?
    I appreciate it -Dale

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