What would Jesus do?

This scene was apparently removed from the bible in a late draft due to the general consensus that no one would know what an ‘x-ray’ was at the time.


  1. Tim Kurek’s avatar

    This is HILLARIOUS! Gotta Love it!


    tim kurek

  2. jesusthechrist’s avatar

    Good one on me.

    You realize I see you naked already, right (check out Hebrews 4:13)?

  3. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well then could you please tell me if I should get this spot on my back checked out?

  4. J.’s avatar

    Truly . . . you can get away with anything if you draw it cute. :D

  5. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Hebrews 4:13? “And so it was that Jesus did peeketh through the curtains. Amen.”?

    BTW did Jesus really have a mullet?

  6. jesusthechrist’s avatar

    Mike I didn’t give you a spot on your back to worry about. But you should be ready–you are about to go through an important and life changing experience. You’ll be fine. In fact, you’ll be better than you were before.

  7. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Puzzling. I thought Jesus spoke through our hearts… but it seems the comments section on our blogs is a far more effective means of communication.

    PS. Mike, weird huh?? It’s like he knows about the sex-change operation you’ve been planning!

  8. jesusthechrist’s avatar

    Why would you think I only speak through your heart? Who told you that? There are many ways I speak, though many will not perceive it.

  9. unaperfettastronza’s avatar

    Let speak so on!!!

  10. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Do you speak to people through the medium of sock puppetry? That would be awesome.

  11. Gyangu Toowit Gustave’s avatar

    Brilliant! XD

  12. boxheadman’s avatar

    lol and roffle. *LOL AND ROFFLE.*

  13. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Great one and great comments guys, I liked the sock puppetry one ;) I also love that Jesus gives the thimbs up which obviously was derived from biblical days and has stood the test of time. Love it as usual Mikey!

  14. kckc’s avatar

    Maybe this is what Jesus would perform as modern day miracles… turning water into wine is boring… XRay vision… trés cool!!!


  15. marxsbeard’s avatar

    loving the jesus cartoons!

  16. JUANO’s avatar

    jajajajjaja!!!!!!! buenisimo!! me rei mucho!!!

  17. Pope Terry’s avatar

    Thats brilliant, I’d take my hat off but its just so damn massive you see.

  18. 703cs’s avatar

    Probably already said, didn’t read all the comments.. but..
    LOL if he can see through the girls clothes.. can he not also see through Jesus’ robe?

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well, yes…but…eewww!

  20. AMine’s avatar

    It’s only the power of Chuck Norris!

  21. bow arrow’s avatar

    the thumbs up! lol priceless!

  22. הרחקת יונים’s avatar

    What would Jesus do? Funny Stuff!

    Great Job! Very true!

    Nice Cartoon! Thanks!

  23. הרחקת יונים’s avatar

    This cartoon is child friendly! Funny Stuff!

    Great Job! Very true!

    Nice Cartoon! Thanks!

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