Mr Sulu made my cartoon famous

Well, kind of. I was talking to Phil from The Rut the other day about how people don’t comment so much these days, just hit the like button (or not, as it may be). I guess it just depends where you look though, because I just saw this old cartoon on George Takei’s Facebook with 2,527 comments and 21,818 likes… the bummer was that there was no credit. Think I’ll just send all my cartoons to George from now on.

PS – you can find this one over at Neatorama

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  1. Moi’s avatar

    Sew on her balls; duh!

  2. Brett’s avatar

    Sorry to hear you weren’t credited, that does suck, I hope people who enjoy it find you as your stuff is brilliant. I can’t really apologize for not normally commenting though, I read web comics like I used to read the newspaper comics, in a hurry between other things. I know the web is supposed to be more interactive and when I can I do try to say how much I enjoy things, but even when I am in a hurry I will click a +1 button when there is one. Supposedly it helps the artists search rank and I can see the ones I liked later if I want to show someone. I do try to buy books and thank artists at shows when I have money, but is rare when I have the time to stop at each piece I like and say so. Doesn’t mean I and other fans are snubbing you though.

  3. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Hey Brett, yeah I totally understand. I guess it was really an observation that the culture has shifted, and I just miss that discourse I used to get in my comments section. There was a debate on a cartoon I did about Jesus that was WAY more entertaining than the cartoon itself :) Anyway thanks for writing, I appreciate it, and glad you like my stuff!

    PS – speaking of likes and +1 buttons, I just lost ALL of mine when I changed my permalinks. Bummer!

  4. Roto13’s avatar

    I may or may not have posted a link to this site in the comments. I either did it or I was going to do it but didn’t bother because there were eight billion comments already.

    Also I don’t follow George Takei on Facebook because I have enough elderly female relatives posting their email forwards in my news feed.

  5. Paul’s avatar

    We still love you. Even if Jesus doesn’t after *that* comic :)

  6. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well he’s a forgiving guy – I’m sure he’s over it :)

  7. ignacio’s avatar

    yes, culture had changed and customs too. Today there is more people in the SN than browsing blogs.

    You should consider joining any social network, not you actually, your cartoons in order to promote them. I’ve had your rss since ’09 (at least)
    Moreover, it’s easier for the people to follow stuff using social network than rss

    keep the good work, your strips are simply great

  8. kypar’s avatar

    you need a Tumblr page…and even a facebook page…

  9. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Yeah I might look into starting a Tumblr page. I always thought that having two venues for sharing my cartoons would mean that one would cannibalize the other, but obviously that’s not the case.

  10. Dave’s avatar

    I finally found who created this drawing I’ve loved for awhile now (the image I have just says “Mike” without the left side info tag). Awesome! I’m actually interested in a high res version or print. I prefer to have it on the wall, not on my shirt. Could this be possible?

  11. Mike’s avatar

    Did you ever try to msg him about the lack of credit? One would hope it was an honest mistake. It’s likely he would repost it with the appropriate credit. One would hope.

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Something tells me he’s not too big on crediting the creators of the stuff he posts. Not sure how I’d even contact him without doing it publicly on his page.

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