New t-shirts! (even MORE shameless self-promotion!)

I have a couple of new t-shirts up at, including a fancy new colour version of my I Want To Believe cartoon for the X Files nerds out there and also some Star Wars stuff.


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  1. NOIR’s avatar

    Mike, congrats : you are going to be rich, the alien T shirt it´s just too much xD

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Cheers Noir. I’ll settle for ‘mildly wealthy’. Actually, I’d just be happy to see someone wearing one of my shirts on the street :)

  3. Vodka and Ground Beef’s avatar

    Ha! This is one of my favorites!

  4. Henk!’s avatar

    To be honest I like the shirt with the pretty girl in it better. That hasn’t got much to do with the designs though which were both cool.

  5. howtocarveroastunicorn’s avatar

    Man, great range of tees in the shop Mike – was chuckling away! I’ve featured one of my favourites, “Wizard of Oz, The Short Version” on my Blog “How to Carve Roast Unicorn” for my “TUESDAY TEE” pick:

    Good luck with sales etc and keep making plenty more! Regards,


  6. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks man, I really appreciate it. I hadn’t seen that model image before. Now I want to buy one too :) By the way, I love some of the stuff you’ve been finding for you blog. Right down my alley.

    Yikes, this reminds me just how long it’s been since my last post. So very, very slack…

  7. חלקי חילוף לרכב’s avatar

    cool shirts!!

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  8. Stocks to Watch’s avatar

    i love, love, love the last one!!!

  9. Ball Valve Blog’s avatar

    I love, love, love the first one!

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