No, I’m not dead

I’ve just been rather busy. As you can see, when I’ve had time I’ve been working on Urf with my friend Phil from the Rut, but the rest of my time has been spent on a project which will hopefully prove fruitful and make me rich and famous.

And so until things calm down a bit, See Mike Draw continues to suffer a severe case of neglect.


  1. Il Venturetto’s avatar

    Nice to hear from you.

    We are not dead either.

  2. Daneeta’s avatar

    Glad you’re not dead, Mike. Thanks for reminding me to subscribe to Urf, and I hope you do become rich. You are already famous. Does it suck?

  3. Red Kid’s avatar

    No problem Mike, you take your time with your work… we’ll be prowling around you. Feel comfortable, we have you in our scopes, always. :)

  4. Simon’s avatar

    I too am not dead. But could you work on this as well.
    Also: When is Pencil’s at Dawn coming back? If it’s dead let it go.

  5. VK’s avatar

    Gosh!! You’re still not dead!?? ;-)

  6. Henk’s avatar

    That’s some hefty religeous brainwashing.
    Gotta admire those people though. Feeling freed enough not to have to use their own brain.

    Anyways best of luck on the script. I hope you get all rich and famous (but I think that was already covered in the comments of another comic) and do so quickly so you can get back to what really matters.

    Keeping your whingeing adience from doing their jobs ;)

  7. Tony’s avatar

    Mike has clearly slipped his perch

  8. Epicanis’s avatar

    He’s not dead. He’s just resting.

    (For almost half a year so far…)

    “AWAY from the light, Mike! Move AWAY! Come back to us!”

  9. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well Epicanis, if you believe the nuts who’ve been commenting on my Jesus cartoon, I won’t be seeing any light when I go.

  10. Henk’s avatar

    Did your hand try anything funny? Or were you able to draw something up?
    Anywho I hope you had a good Xmas and have a happy new year.

    As for the commenters in the Jesus cartoon… It’s scary to see how many christians spell like retards. I can imagine having a hole in your hands makes holding a pen awkward… but it’s no excuse to spell funny when typing.

  11. warlock’s avatar

    How about now? Are you dead yet now?

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I’m not dead! I’m just not drawing at the moment either…well not drawing seemikedraw cartoons that is.

    It could still be some time to come, but hopefully when I can unveil the project I’ve been working on it’ll all be worth it!

  13. Martin’s avatar

    I’d wish for more seemikedraw and less urf; I think the former is five times funnier than the latter.

  14. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Yeah, it’s not always ‘haha’ funny – Phil and I started up Urf just so we could do cartoons that didn’t always rely on a punchline. We kind of liked the idea of building up a world, cartoon by cartoon.

    I tend to stress out a lot about seemikedraw – that it’s not funny enough – but with Urf we don’t really mind. I think the audience is a lot smaller, but that means less pressure!

  15. CupCake’s avatar

    hahahahahhaha hilarious

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