No, you can’t have your money back for this cartoon


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  1. Heather (errantdreams)’s avatar

    Ya know, it does make me wonder why you never see that scene in those movies… :D (I still have yet to see one of them… I keep intending to one of these days.)

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well whatever you do Heather, don’t ever watch a hollywood remake. They’re scary for all the wrong reasons.

  3. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Well he does have a genuine case. But the law doesn’t have anything for him. He needs a sympathetic store manager!

  4. Lonie Polony’s avatar

    I nearly had a heart attack when my phone rang just after I watched that movie.

  5. ramon lebon’s avatar

    I can’t figure this one out, and believe me I’ve tried. Can I have a hint?

  6. G’s avatar

    Went right over my head. Unless he had just watched a Rob Schneider movie. Then I totally get it.

  7. Hudders’s avatar

    This is why the VHS version of The Ring is better than the DVD. If you watch it while rewinding, it removes the curse and adds another seven days onto your lifespan.

    Myself, I only watch it backwards. It’s the only way to stem the tide of time.

  8. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Did you find that out from the director’s cut Hudders? Damn, that could’ve changed everything!

    Ramon lebon and G, maybe you haven’t seen movie The Ring – it’s basically about a weird video that, if viewed, puts a curse on you and you’ll die in 7 days at the hands of the stock standard creepy asian girl with long hair (who happens to be soaking wet from a well).

  9. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Great one Mikey, although I don’t think she was asian was she.

  10. Hudders’s avatar

    Asian in the sense that Americans call orientals asian, (which, I guess, technically they are).

    Quite what they call asians, I’m not sure…

    Apparently oriental isn’t a term we should use anymore. Ah well.

  11. Red Kid’s avatar

    damn! i spilled coffee on me!! it’s all your fault mike :O you haaaaad to make an awesome joke like this!?

  12. Hugo’s avatar

    BLASPHEMY! Or humor. I never can decide which.

  13. Rotten Jimmy’s avatar

    I watched the Ring on DVD – and there are subliminal messages hidden in the movie that you can see when you pause it… I’m sure nobody caught them when seeing the movie in the theater because it’s only about 5 or 6 frames of the movie… pretty bizzzzare

  14. twistedfa’s avatar

    Oo” is that sadako beside him? oooh my~ XD

  15. mew da vinci’s avatar

    sadako? really? I thought that she’s a man (boy)..

  16. paperdreamer’s avatar

    I watched this with my friends before we all passed out in our dorm room. We are asian, so when my one friend started rising slowly from the bed to go to the bathroom it was uber creepy. Her straight black hair scared the crap out of me as I was lying on the floor, seeing her sideways in a semi-concsious state.

  17. A.Ho’s avatar

    LOL, spot on

  18. God’s avatar

    HAHAHA! huh?

  19. spinachflame’s avatar

    I like the black-and-white look of this one, very in keeping with the movie.

    Cartoons here:

  20. bow arrow’s avatar

    lol my sis still scared after watching that flick

  21. מוסך בבאר שבע’s avatar

    Thanks! Nice Cartoon!

    This cartoon has gone to the dark side! Funny Stuff!

    Very true! Great Job!

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