Please do not eat this cartoon

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  1. Algernon’s avatar

    PhD Whale Student… Fantastic :-D

  2. Emily’s avatar

    Science + Whale = awesome.

    I love his little band-aid over the harpoon hole XD

  3. Niko’s avatar

    The harpoon caused it to lose all its knowledge.

  4. G’s avatar

    That whale’s not wearing any pants! What kind of sick perverted comic is this???

  5. OJ’s avatar

    thank you!


    i’m writing my annual exams now and i’m more than happy to see this stuff.

    to be honest i’m checking out a few times a day if there is any update.
    why? because i need it.

    thank you!!
    thank you very much for lightning up my day.

  6. Kris’s avatar

    I enjoyed this one very much. I’ve long said that there is not enough whaling in comics these days!

  7. renatapandolfo’s avatar

    funny! the chinese / japanese speaking english is really funny! (so is the rest)

  8. Alex L.’s avatar

    Someone needs to send this to greenpeace.

  9. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    Glad to see you haven’t defected to URF permanently

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I like Urf roodiedoodie, but if I spend too long there the stupid talking animals get to me.

    Glad you guys liked this one. I’m actually heading to Japan for a few weeks in October so I’ll be able to meet some of their whale scientists, or at least eat some.

  11. renatapandolfo’s avatar

    eat the scientist or the whale? hahaha just a joke! hope you don’t get mad…

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Both, because I actually meant to write ‘their scientist whales’, just like the one in the cartoon. But of course they don’t really exist…OR DO THEY?

  13. Red Kid’s avatar

    yeah they do! who do u think made fish sticks huh?? huh??

  14. Dejan Stamenkovic’s avatar

    ha ha ha very funny… ???

  15. renatapandolfo’s avatar

    oh! right! i had read it too fast and didn’t realize what you meant.. I knew I shouldn’t have posted that comment. >.<
    so… if you run into some scientist whale there, say ‘hi’ for me. thanks

  16. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Dolphins! You get DOLPHINS to do your research for you.


    Hey when is a member of The Urf coming to India?

  17. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Now Nimish, why on earth would you get dolphins to do your research when they’re so delicious?

    Maybe now that Phil’s famous in the Hindustan Times he can arrange a celebrity visit, all expenses paid, but apart from that I think the India visit could be some time off.

  18. zombpiv’s avatar

    what did you draw that on?

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Zombpiv, I use a good old pen and drawing pad, then scan it, vectorize and colour it in Illustrator.

  20. Free Really Funny Song Parodies’s avatar

    Okay I got a good laugh off of this one. I thought it was very clever keep it coming!

  21. Hugo’s avatar

    There’s something radical about this one, Mike, seriously. It’s to do, I think, with the idea of drafting even animals — and human subjects alike — into our vast expert systems. Quite a horrid thought. I think this may be the first of your cartoons — of the many I’ve seen — that isn’t so much funny as really insightful and ominous.

    Certainly this is the first of a great many comments I’ve sent you that is earnest, and serious.

  22. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Indeed Hugo! It’s bound to happen sooner or later, once we realise that the average monkey is smarter than Gen Z.

  23. Halfang’s avatar

    Eh I think Mike is a pretty cool guy eh he draws science whales and doesn’t afraid of anything

  24. Penguinsauce’s avatar

    I actually ate some whale in Japan when on vacation. NOT delicious tell me tell ya! It’s like stringy beef and it’s still fishy. They should just stop hunting them since they taste terrible and they suck at research. Love your comic btw.

  25. bob’s avatar


    BUT IF U WANT ME 2 ? ?

  26. DRAETHBAE’s avatar

    HAR HAR HAR REPEAT 10000000000000000 TIMES!

  27. buu88’s avatar

    Must they really speak in broken English? It detracts from the overall message.

  28. קבוצות רכישה’s avatar

    Thanks! Nice Cartoon!

    Please do not eat this cartoon! Funny Stuff!

    Very true! Great Job!

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