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Recently a comment was left on my site accusing me of ‘blaspheming’ and ‘giving glory to satan’. Personally, I don’t see my cartoons as committing such a heinous moral crime. For those of you who might take offense, I’d like to remind you it’s just a cartoon and it’s just having a little fun. For those of you who don’t take offense, thanks for stopping by. :)

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  1. Noddegamra’s avatar

    Hahahahahahaha!!! Another amazing comic strip Mike! I really love this one! lol! :D

  2. Hudders’s avatar

    Don’t give hobos with access to white dressing-gowns ideas!

  3. seemikedraw’s avatar

    They probably couldn’t afford the golden bat to complete the illusion.

  4. JRSofty’s avatar

    So which cartoon did they post that you were blaspheming?

    Personally I think your toons are great.

  5. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Cheers JRSofty (and noddegamra and hudders). It wasn’t post-specific, but rather on my ‘about seemikedraw’ page. Everyone’s entitled to their opinion I guess.

  6. Comic Strip Blogger’s avatar

    Blaspheming? BS! For me it is blasphemy that you have no advertising on your blog !

    PS. I don’t like current Pope.

  7. mjohnson’s avatar

    Hi, thought I’d stop lurking in the shadows and say something along the lines of hello and keep up the good work, I enjoy your stuff.

    The more blasphemy the better I say. I shan’t be happy until some deity actually sends some kind of angel round to rough you up.

  8. Ghisa’s avatar

    Your toons are great!
    I’m a Christian and I’m not offended by your work: because it is a good, smart, amazing, demonstration of talent!

    But... would you dare to draw something similar about islam and its prophet?
    I dont think so.
    I know... we live in a strange world.

  9. godsdandruffcom’s avatar

    Great comic.

    I suspect the religious practices we often parody do more to glorify Satan than any comic ever could.

  10. eric dyck’s avatar

    I’d like to complain that I was not SUFFICIENTLY offended today.

    Great work, and keep it up, as with the demise of the Perry Bible Fellowship you will need to double your output to fill the well-drawn-webcomic void on the interwebs (& in my heart).

  11. Oysterboy’s avatar

    I don’t see what’s blasphemous about Obi Wan Kenobi threatening a vicar.

  12. fotokew’s avatar

    LOL!! btw…jesus did kick the money changers out of the church according to the bible. silly people!…this is good stuff

  13. The Bagel of Everything’s avatar

    “God forgive you and have Mercy on you for blaspheming Him, and wasting a God given talent to give glory to Satan.

    ‘Kathy’ didn’t leave a link, lest she be judged.

  14. Hudders’s avatar

    I like how you’ve managed to get a cock-and-balls motif into the stained glass without it looking too obvious. ;)

  15. dougrogers’s avatar

    Could you reprint it? I missed being offended the first time. :-)

  16. Harmonica Man (Jeff)’s avatar

    I had no idea that Jesus was hooked up. Funny stuff. :-b

  17. rydlp15’s avatar

    Love Brother Mike!

  18. rydlp15’s avatar

    “Do onto others as you would like others do unto you”Jesus

  19. Alejandro’s avatar

    This is awesome!
    Your imagination is flawless. ;)
    Thanks for the good work…

  20. wordgnome’s avatar

    Now we know the real reason why Jesus threw out the money changers!!!! HAIL SATAN!

  21. hughvic’s avatar

    Mike, I can never thank you enough for your courage in laying bare this diabolical protection racket that traps so many of us unsuspecting victims. You have done a true service!

    I have a confession to make, in the hope of following your example of warning others. A few years ago I was leafing through one of the cheapest of gift catalogs, the kind which hawk little pads of return-address stickers with postal mucilage on the reverse. And there I came across what seemed to me at the time the most awe-inspiring article of religious kitsch: a “Jesus nightlight!” ($2.95 + S&H.) He was in our favorite kind of homespun Jesus-robe, like the one in JC Superstar–you know, with the bellbottomed sleeves–and he was standing with arms outstretched, a version of the Salvator Mondo or Christo Cementijoao or whatever they call that thing that looms over Rio.

    Only–and here’s the funnest part–he was a portable Gothic cathedral, all about the light and truly in-spired. Done in translucent plastic in a tasteful amber, our mail order Bride was said by the inspirited authors of the catalog text to “emit [yes, "emit"] a comforting glow sure to
    keep you safe at night.” Can you not see why I would find that wonderful, Mike? A whole damn theology in a mail-order catalogue blurb, with an illuminated holy relic in my Power Source to prove it!

    But wait! It gets better! Not by accident did the inspirited writers add in
    parting that, lest we get zapped [Zappa'd?] in the metatarsus on the road to the water closet, the plasticine Nazarene meets all safety requirements of Underwriters Laboratories and that He may be returned! Do you see? Blessed assurance and protections, for just two dollars and ninety-five cents (that’s only 1.50 GPB!) plus shipping and handling, delivered to the four corners via winged messenger!

    Well, you see what happened, don’t you? The thing flamed out. Poof! It was gone. I sent it back to the manufacturer, but the warranty had expired and they only offered to replace it at the new, higher price.

    You can’t be too careful about these religious protection rackets. They’ll steal your soul.

  22. Halloweenville’s avatar

    your cartoons are fantastic people are ridiculous. this one is great too!!

  23. Paul’s avatar

    Giving glory to Satan?

    Bwahahaha. That’s hysterical. Keeping on doing what you’re doing, sir. Another fine comic to offend the masses. :P

  24. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    ;) ROTFL… and ROTFL on the comment thread well… keep up the nutty my man.

  25. Arlo’s avatar

    Hahaha… brilliant!

    Um… but am I the only one who has noticed it says “I’m a just” and not “I’m just a”???

  26. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Wow, I can’t believe how many times I went over the text and still missed that! Arlo, you get a prize for proof-reading. And everyone else, you get a prize for commenting.

  27. cooleyhigh’s avatar

    You know, this is probably not even what you were getting at… but it would be nice if all of these church leaders were collecting money with the real intent of ‘giving it to Jesus’… that is, using it as it should be used – for the church and enrichment of its members and the community… as Jesus would have probably used it, since he was all about compassion and sacrifice.

    By the way, which cartoon did these ‘commenters’ say was giving glory to stinkface satan? I’d like to see it… I’ll do a search, but do you mind posting the link here…?

    Oh yes, and the cartoon is funny — this is the point, right?

  28. cooleyhigh’s avatar

    OY! The search was not helpful…

  29. EvilMonkeyNZ’s avatar

    I’m only commenting on this cartoon because I value my ability to walk.

    I would like to say this cartoon is not funny. I know a preacher in a small church who was recently hospitalised by Jebus for this very reason. It should be noted that Jebus very rarely visit’s the churches himself. Usually a couple of his 12 mobsters come to collect the “Protection Money”

  30. oceallaigh’s avatar

    But, Brother Michael, thine engraving doth but confirm Holy Writ:

    Acts 5:1-11

  31. seemikedraw’s avatar

    oceallaigh, I knoweth not what thou meaneth.

  32. oceallaigh’s avatar

    No? You haven’t read the story of Ananias and Sapphira, who withheld monies from the apostles and “mysteriously” departed from an interview with Simon Peter feet first?

  33. Ken’s avatar

    I’m a Pastor about to graduate from Bible College.

    I would just like to state that some people get offended by cartoons about Jesus and some people are Christians. If you were to make a Venn Diagram about those two groups of people, you’d only need two colors (if you catch my drift).

    I like your cartoons. I have never seen anything even remotely close to blasphemy. Although, sometimes, they are not funny. I can forgive this, because it is both free and sometimes they are very funny. The one about Jesus’s resurrection was funny. This one is also funny.

  34. Kim’s avatar

    This is the first time that I’ve been to your blog, it was featured when I signed in. I find your cartoons kind of funny.

  35. Wanda Rizzuto’s avatar

    Reminds me of an episode of Taxi. I think. Good job!

  36. hughvic’s avatar

    I think it reminds Wanda of a “Taxi” episode too.

    And hello, Pastor Ken. I happen to share your profession, and though I must not claim to know the mind of God, I do have it from a good source that He has a mighty sense of humor; so much so that He finds even me bloody hilarious, and intends to keep me around just for laughs. I plan to bring Mike’s cartoons as props. I think.

  37. G’s avatar

    But I come here to give glory to Satan.

    Here, and Family Circus (of course).

  38. Andi’s avatar

    I came for the “blapheming.” I stayed for the “giving glory to satan.” Keep it coming!

  39. Jersey’s avatar

    it would be funnier to use the pope or some other ultimate figure of some church denomination instead…maybe it’d be tons more hilarious? ;)

  40. seemikedraw’s avatar

    But Jersey, people running protection rackets normally prey on small businesses who they can extort easily. Thus the meek old priest. I guess you can just picture him wearing a pointy white hat to achieve the extra tonnage of hilarity.

    Well everyone, your input has been extremely entertaining indeed. Maybe people will start visiting for the comments soon rather than the cartoons – either way I’m happy!

    PS – hughvic, are you really a pastor?

  41. Alex L’s avatar

    I just want to know what Jesus is going to spend the money on, it cant be booze.

  42. Alex L’s avatar

    oh and yeah great work as usual.

  43. cthomp7777’s avatar

    Hardy Har! That’s almost as funny as a dancing Chewbacca (Youtube it. It’s sups amazing.). Oh and plz, plz don’t break my legs I commented oh so generously.

    shapes of sweetness

  44. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Ha that is great, I am religious and I loved it.. Also the whole omniprescence thing must come in handy when collecting his bribes.

  45. zondron’s avatar

    hail satan for god’s sake

  46. hughvic’s avatar

    No, Mike, not ordained. I just find it great fun to profess the divinity of an itinerant criminal rabbi from the boondocks of Late Second Temple Israel. Floats my Ark. And incidentally, He is indeed tight with The Doctor. Or so The Doctor says.

  47. Red Kid’s avatar

    No way! Who ever said that don’t know God well! God loves your blog and your humor, He blesses it with high page ranking.

    And about the stip, it’s as great as ever. It had my Atheist teddy bear (alter ego) laughing in his head for quite a while.

    Love your work Mike!! :D

  48. S E E Quine’s avatar

    ` Yes, we all know that Jesus was like that… the whole scene he made at the temple was just for show!

  49. Diesel’s avatar

    Damn, your site is getting popular, isn’t it? Well, I saw it coming. And I’m going to take credit for some of it.

    Even though you are a filthy blasphemer.

  50. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Diesel, one day I’ll dedicate one of my many best-selling cartoon books to you, and Clay Pigeon.

  51. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    You do realize that you’re going to hell for this one, right? Of course I’ll be next to you, laughing at your cartoons there too.

  52. EvilMonkeyNZ’s avatar

    Mike, It seems to me that people like you. You have good commenters.

  53. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Yep it’s great EvilMonkey, I love the banter going on here. It’s good incentive for me to keep the standard up so people can be bothered writing.

  54. elpeor’s avatar

    Just change jesus for the pope and it is not a joke any more, is the reality.

  55. hughvic’s avatar

    Mike, Mike! Before you could be stopped you had to go and DRAW AGAIN and now you’ve ruined EVERYTHING! Some mean people said I can’t worship a rustic First Century rabbi and convicted criminal, and they even said that you have to go to The Other Place because they’re funny there and we’re not funny! See what you’ve gone and done!

  56. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Hughvic, as usual I don’t have a clue that means. Maybe go have a nice calming cup of tea and try again.

  57. hughvic’s avatar

    Um, I don’t either. And it seems that the tea didn’t help. Oh, bother. Was it Luther who asked, “Why should the devil have all the tricks?” Yes, it was. Though I never can be sure. In any event, evidently he has all the best cartoons as well.

  58. Hudders’s avatar

    seemikedraw: “Yep it’s great EvilMonkey, I love the banter going on here. It’s good incentive for me to keep the standard up so people can be bothered writing.”

    Umm… you don’t think the leg-breaking threat has anything to do with the amount of comments do you?

    P.S. Please don’t break my legs.

  59. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    “Eh! The Godfather made-a you an offer you couldn’t refuse-a!”

  60. rydlp15’s avatar

    “Do onto others as you would like others do unto you”. My Friend Jesus.

  61. rydlp15’s avatar

    Evil drives you crazy, Satan makes you like braking its teeth or using the baseball bat on him(or her). There must be the restrain of forgiveness which is love, that has no limits.

  62. Keywork.’s avatar

    This is perfect. Really. I always had JC pinned as a brass knuckles man myself. Funny stuff, Mike, really funny stuff.

  63. hughvic’s avatar

    Michael, Michael. I come to you this day on behalf of my brothers to offer you a little suggestion. Not a warning, Mike. Just a suggestion. What we want you to consider is that it might be good for Sally—poor, traumatized Sally—if you were to cartoon uh, let’s just say, generously. We know how much you care for Sally, and how you wouldn’t want anything…unfortunate to happen to her. So just think about what I’m saying, is all I’m saying. And Mike, we mean this in the nicest possible way, if you take my meaning.

    May the Peace of the Lord be with you.

  64. Carolyn B.’s avatar

    Love your cartoons; they’re as good as any I see in publication any day. As for blasphemy … *shrug.* I don’t think any topic is off-limits for humor. Especially for a cartoon that showcases quirky observations in such a funny way. I don’t think your humor is offensive usually, although the tearfully boinked fairy godmother in an earlier cartoon did make me go, “AWWW, no!!!” But it IS just a cartoon … about imaginary characters … duh. :o)

    Re the concept of”showing respect” for religion, have you ever listed to Pat Condell go on about that, questioning how much respect someone’s arbitrary religious beliefs deserve respect from the rest of the world? He’s a bitterly funny British comedian and atheist. See his short clip on this topic at this URL:

  65. hughvic’s avatar

    Don’t make us come back there and tell you again, Mike. You sharpen your tools of the trade or we’ll sharpen ours.


  66. Noddegamra’s avatar

    I tried social bookmarking the comic last week too, every little helps ;)

  67. hughvic’s avatar

    Whaddya need, a friggin ultimatum, Mike? I’m tryin’ to tell yooz, little Sally’s gonna need a fibahglass leg bafoah dis ting’s ovah, capiche? You undastan’ naouw wheah ah’m comin’ from? Get busy, Cahtoon Boy! Cause you don’ know what I know, but ahm gonna give you a little hint, jus’ fah ol’ timesake: bettah a blasphemah dan a glass femah, yunno whaddamean. Count on it.

  68. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Play nice now hughvic. Remember, this is a forum for comments on my cartoons, not death threats. I’ve been away and will have one up shortly.

  69. hughvic’s avatar

    Oh goodie!

  70. Hudders’s avatar

    Is it me or is “have one up shortly” an innuendo?

  71. hughvic’s avatar

    Oui, c’est un probleme exceptionnel. Oui, oui.

  72. jobloss’s avatar

    yeah, for those that give a high love to the christ thing…it’s offensive..little doubt of that…and so what makes a cartoon ineffectual or insignificant….you make trivial the huge gun that these things really are…. :)

  73. shawn’s avatar

    That is awesome! I just found your site and love it! Can I blog that and provide a link back?

  74. hughvic’s avatar

    Whoa. Kindly hold your horses. I don’t think anybody here was serious about the cartoon being religiously offensive. We were merely ribbing Mike about it, just as he was kidding about threatening to break our legs if we didn’t applaud his work. I’m not the Pope, but I have been a minister of the Gospel, and I find Mike’s work BLOODY HILARIOUS. I expect to meet up with my Maker someday soon, and if He doesn’t get Mike’s stuff I’ll be happy to explain it to Him. Expect His knee-slapping in the form of thunderclaps.

  75. Scott’s avatar

    I always find it amusing (and I’m being sarcastic here) that those who think themselves morally superior will tell you “thou shall not judge” and then that “you are going to hell for being a blasphemer.”

    F***’em if they can’t take a joke (or a funny cartoon)!

  76. Jeff’s avatar

    Great comic! Keep up the good work.

    I wonder who is shaking down Jesus.
    There might be an infinite regress forming here.

  77. nobody’s avatar

    you can always make fun of yourself, mike.

  78. AMine’s avatar

    Is Chuck NOrris Jesus ?!

  79. Oz’s avatar

    Blasphemy? No, i don’t think so. Blasphemy is defined here, in Venezuela, as the act of depicting our president as a jerk, so the tv shows that once did it now make jokes about sillier things than the government. In other countries that’s not called blasphemy, but telling the truth and making people laugh.
    Thank god you can criticize things in a free way (not everything, i guess, but a a lot of stuff you can)
    Sorry if my writing is not correct, i left USA at age 2…

  80. humblePOSER Staff’s avatar

    ahaha! have just stumbled on your site…..loving it


  81. Kris’s avatar

    [...very funny site, lots of great stuff to be found. Check it out...]

  82. glass’s avatar

    screw Jesus………..there is no GOD!!!!!!!
    great strip though……..

  83. anaglyph’s avatar

    I get accused of blaspheming on The Cow too, but heck, I’m an atheist so that’s supposed to make me feel… what?

    I laffed. Thanks Mike.

  84. maria’s avatar


  85. Girly Quotes’s avatar

    cool site and yes I will comment generously! I do like these pages.. loads of funny stuff to quote. Some of these comments would make great quotes.. hhaaha.. thanks for putting this online!!

  86. seemikedraw’s avatar

    My pleasure! Thanks for the nice comment. I’ve been slack on with this site for a loooong time now, and I keep meaning to update it but never get around to it.

  87. מוסך מיצובישי’s avatar


    Very true! Please comment generously, or I’ll break your legs! Funny Stuff!

    Great Job!

  88.’s avatar

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