New geeky t-shirts! (aka shameless self-promotion!)

I have some new geeky t-shirts available over at the Neatorama shop for the Star Wars nerd in you. Or the Wizard of Oz nerd in you, or the cloning nerd in you. For every shirt purchased I promise to spare the life of a cute little animal.

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  1. nzgabriel’s avatar

    But wouldn’t that mean that for every shirt you don’t sell, you will kill an animal? How will you know that?

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Now now, let’s not get caught up in the details. I suppose I’ll just have to guess.

  3. Synchronium’s avatar

    Just kill an animal every 10 minutes, then for each sale, don’t kill the next one due.

  4. Vodka and Ground Beef’s avatar

    I’m worried about the animals. Do you have any tshirts that would fit my massive double F boobs though?

  5. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Hmmm… Perhaps you should buy a shirt for each.

  6. gnicky’s avatar

    I want your shirts… but I want the slim fit ones.
    I don’t want a shirt that seems like a robe. Is there a solution?
    uhm becoming fatter… yeah but… another one?
    Thank you!

  7. seemikedraw’s avatar

    gnicky there’s not much I can do about the shirts sold on Neatorama, but if you want to email me ( with what you want, I can make the design available on a slim fit shirt on my Cafepress shop.

  8. gnicky’s avatar

    mail sended thank you… I was thinking to print that on my own but it would be incorrect and it was probable that you would kill so many cute animals by my fault.

  9. D’s avatar

    Hi! I’m from Brazil. Can I buy it from here? I love ur art!

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Hey D, sorry but I don’t actually sell shirts myself. I have a cafepress shop but haven’t updated it for ages and it’s just easier for me to have the people over at Neatorama do it for me. (plus they get a lot more traffic!)

  11. Chocolatgatuex’s avatar

    I really adore your illustrations, may I create a photo albulm on my facebook page showing them or will I be sued?

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    No I promise I won’t sue you Chocolatgateux. I’m already suing far too many people :) I’m happy for you to create an album, maybe just give me a credit.

  13. Henk!’s avatar

    You forgot the accountnumber onto which the credit should be put.

  14. Paul’s avatar

    I like the shirts but I would buy a ton of em if I got that beautiful girl with em.

  15. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I’d sell her, Paul, but unfortunately it’s against the law in my country.

  16. Wolf’s avatar

    Oh, so that’s how you look in real life!

  17. Tzaq’s avatar

    Omg you are so pretty :)

  18. Cris Lasaitis’s avatar

    I don’t want the t-shirt, but the model is sooo cute!

  19. ronnie74’s avatar

    I can’t quite make out the shirt in the middle, is that Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz?? lol

  20. liquid-slow’s avatar

    Is that Audrey Tatou?!

  21. newtothis’s avatar

    Display your T-shirts on mannequins or something. I barely focused on the T shirt.

  22. Eula’s avatar

    Nice blog here! Also your website loads up fast!
    What host are you using? Can I get your affiliate link to your host?
    I wish my web site loaded up as quickly as yours lol

  23. Ivan’s avatar

    I’ll support cloning everywhere if we can clone the model! I’ll even pay for a SEAT (rather than just “Live Cargo!” in a crate) – as long as she is shipped “Priority Mail Order Bride!”

    Just let her know I look much different today, as my pic is before the industrial accident.

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