Remember, when driving be mindful of blind spocks… sorry, I mean ‘spots’

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  1. G’s avatar

    Call me crazy, but I believe the Andorian.

    For the love of FSM, people, think before you beam!

  2. MIke’s avatar

    I subscribe to your RSS feed, and while I love the comics, I must say that your headlines for them tend to ass-back the joke. Meaning, the headlines tend to give the joke away. I suspect you come up with the headline last, but some of us on a feed see the headline first, and independent of the comic.

    I think your feed would go over better with headlines that either lead into the joke, or are obscure enough that they at least don’t ass-back it. See xkcd, indexed, etc., for examples.

  3. MIke’s avatar

    How’s this for irony: I just realized this is one of your headlines that doesn’t ass-back the joke. Oh well. I just got through running your archive of comics, and my above comment applies for a number of them. IMO, of course.

  4. Red Kid’s avatar

    Never teleport!

  5. hughvic’s avatar

    Why would ANY self-respecting planet have a law against vehicular vulcanslaughter? It is most illogical. Still, poor Spock. Too bad Bones is not a magician.

  6. o4tuna’s avatar

    Vulcans have green blood.

    Fix it, Tribble-brain.

  7. seemikedraw’s avatar

    A reaction with this planet’s atmosphere has altered Spock’s blood at a molecular level, resulting in its red colour.

  8. L'0rd’s avatar

    i don’t get it

  9. EvilMonkeyNZ’s avatar

    I honestly don’t know why I havn’t seen this cartoon before – It’s so obvious… way to think of it Mike.

    and o4tuna… don’t worry this isn’t officially part of the star trek canon, so it doesn’t matter if his blood is red or his uniform is made from wool and not the standard polycotton blend. But congrats on being a bigger nerd than the rest of us :-D

  10. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    WOW. Smurfs killing Mr. Spock. Cool!!

  11. cjwriter’s avatar

    Lol, great cartoon, Mike. Always knew those transporters would cause trouble one day!

  12. G’s avatar

    Looks like Neatorama is linking to you again. Nice!

  13. מוסך מאזדה’s avatar


    So true! Remember, when driving be mindful of blind spocks… sorry, I mean ‘spots’ Funny Stuff!

    Great Work!

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