Of course they’ve discovered life on other planets. They just don’t want to share the telescope.

New one from Pencils at Dawn…



  1. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Crude but i LOVE IT!!!

  2. steve’s avatar

    hee hee. Thanks Mike.
    I email these & pictures from The Rut to everyone in my office everyday. :)

  3. Red Kid’s avatar

    hahaha!! freakin hillarious!!

  4. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks for spreading them around Steve! I guess this means we have to keep the quality up or your co-workers will hate you…

    And thanks for the comments guys. Lis it would’ve been crude if she wasn’t wearing a bra at all, but apparently it’s child-safe if only a third of the chest is shown :)

  5. joe_chemo2005’s avatar

    I always wondered what happened to the girl with 3 boobies on Total Recall.

  6. Pope Terry’s avatar

    I always knew astrologers were pervs

  7. stickynotetheatre’s avatar

    How could they NOT use their high powered gadgetry to eaves drop on our galactic neighbors? And damn you, joe_chemo2005 for stealing my Total Recall joke!

  8. Matheus’s avatar

    Crazy. xD
    I love your drawings. xP
    Keep it up.

  9. Pope Terry’s avatar

    I love it how Blarnard just keeps concentrating on the boob.

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Yep, he’s a determined little scamp. He’s 15, it’s his first time and he’s told all his buddies it’s going to happen. Unfortunately for him it’s all going to end prematurely. Later, back at school, he’ll fabricate a story about his conquest and ruin her pristine reputation, but will eventually learn the error of his ways and announce his wrong-doing on prom night to his shocked classmates. True story.

  11. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Mikey that is too much tennage movies for you. That is not how everything ends up in real life, there is usually cows blood tipped all over the girl whilst he is giving his confessional speech.

  12. joe_chemo2005’s avatar

    Sorry for stealing your joke stickeynote. You can feel free to make a joke that Mike has had two out of the last three cartoons have boners in them though. Mike, is this a growing trend for you?

  13. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Hmmm…I’m either going to have to cut down on the number of boners in my cartoons or change my name to See Mike Draw Boners.

    No, definitely not a trend. I think maybe in the absence of inspiration lately I’ve just been resorting to the lowest form of humour. I promise you won’t see one for at least another two or three cartoons.

  14. Pope Terry’s avatar

    Oh come now its not the lowest form of comedy, the legs and the feet are still below the groin, thats of course if were going comedy by anatomically

  15. dd’s avatar

    Love the little weeny.

  16. bob’s avatar

    nice drawing it made me horny

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