The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away

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  2. Kmuzu’s avatar

    I wondered how that happened .. now I know .. thank you

  3. neonblue120’s avatar

    i actually laughed out loud

    but adam should be pleased with the results :D

  4. tomlarkin’s avatar

    I thought it was a kidney joke, and then realized it was a rib that was taken. Worth it though, since the next gift was something special!

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  6. Revista J'adore’s avatar

    Hahahahaahahahahaha, very Good!!!

  7. Theodore’s avatar

    Yeh, and then he made this cartoonist!

  8. Henk!’s avatar

    Blasphemy! I tells ya!
    Where are the religious people when you need them ;)

    Seriously though Mike, when publishing this, you thought of the commenters from your other cartoon right?

  9. Lincoln’s avatar

    Stupid! This is funny? Puleez.

  10. lilsketch’s avatar

    hahhahahahahahha… always make me laugh when i see that picture

  11. John Wilkes Booth’s avatar

    @ Lincoln

    you need a sense of laughter like a bullet in the head.

  12. חלקי חילוף לרכב’s avatar

    That god is a nutty bustard!

    נושא חשוב להזכיר הוא
    חלקי חילוף לרכב בירושלים כי קשה בחיים בלי זה
    במוסך הם מתקנים אבל צריך גם חלקי חילוף לרכב בירושלים על מנת שיהיה אפשר לפתור את התקלה

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