The world has been waiting for this cartoon

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  1. Manic Comics’s avatar


    Do you think he could possibly turn my tube-tv into a plasma..?

  2. rolandog’s avatar

    But can he turn a 1080i into a 1080p?

  3. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Hmm… I have this bottle connected to a radio and a telegraph pole here… can you make a Mac Pro out of this?

    IIRC you’re supposed to turn it into 50 Mac Pros.

  4. Paul’s avatar

    Hee, I giggled at this one. Can’t wait for return of the hobo #3! :P

  5. Heather (errantdreams)’s avatar

    Could he upgrade my computer to the latest & greatest game-playing specs?

  6. G’s avatar

    Now that’s a savior I can worship.


  7. effectandcause’s avatar

    haha wow it would be cool if religion was like that

  8. LOTNorm’s avatar

    Dirty hobos are fun.

  9. Red Kid’s avatar

    are dirty hobos allowed in stores?!

  10. Simon’s avatar

    No. But sometimes they sneak past security to get out of the rain.

  11. Madrugada Jones’s avatar

    @effectandcause, if religion were more like that, I think there’d be a lot more believers out there. And to check out my cartoons click on my name link.

  12. costumesupercenter’s avatar

    HAHA, that is good. Now change my 8 year old rear projector into a thin screen plasma please? :)

  13. Staff de Bla Bla Bla’s avatar

    jajaja! god save the queen!

  14. seemikedraw’s avatar

    To everyone who wants a particular piece of technology upgraded, I’m afraid that you’re all out of luck. Turns out this was not the second coming but simply a hobo with magical powers who, after performing his first and only miracle, died needlessly in a vicious hobo fight when he stumbled into another hobo’s territory.

  15. Bill’s avatar

    The real miracle would be if he could put something worth watching on the blasted thing. Funny cartoon, and to backtrack; the magician pulling the hat out of that poor rabbit’s sphincter…priceless.

  16. Henk’s avatar

    Word G!

    As for the hobofight. He could have at least warned me so I could have placed a bet! Damn those religious hobo’s!

  17. creeping’s avatar

    if that dirty hobo was muhammid you’d be hiding for your life…

  18. pseudonymblog’s avatar

    I share a spot with you on the blogroll at so I thought I’d drop by and see what your site was all about, it’s hilarious! Thanks for brightening up a very dreary day!!

  19. Alex L.’s avatar

    I love the look on jesus face at being called a dirty hobo….

  20. FunboxComedy’s avatar

    Sadly, there was no room at the Jumpstart Advanced Pre-school.

  21. Levitra’s avatar

    haha very clever. jesus looks great in this

  22. The Rev.’s avatar

    This is precisely why I always donate some loose change or cash to the hobos on the street, you just never know what powers they have!

    As for his unfortunate demise, that’s to be expected, really. It’s the way of the hobos..

  23. rp’s avatar

    Dirty hobo? Do you know who his dad is?

  24. seemikedraw’s avatar

    rp, the shop assistant has mistaken him for a hobo. Does the identity of his father really have any bearing on that?

  25. miruactress’s avatar

    Very nice job! I can definitely see how Christ will have to start dealing with this technology industry in the future.

  26. SinisterDan’s avatar

    …and then they would complain that there is no surround sound…

  27. Kingsoviat77’s avatar

    haha poor Jesus… being called a hobo. He needs some new clothes I think…. mostly pants. Does jesus wear pants?

  28. theokyo’s avatar

    any gentleman sporting tanned skin, a full beard and middle eastern ropes should be sure not to try the same stunt on an airport security monitor. In fact, He should not show his bearded face at an airport at all, likely to get nailed!

  29. מוסך’s avatar


    Very true! Great Job! This cartoon has gone to the dark side! Funny Stuff!

    Nice Cartoon!

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