This cartoon ate all my porridge!

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  1. FallenAngel’s avatar

    LOL… ur comics are awesome!!!

  2. Morghus’s avatar

    Heysus, I just can’t stop laughing. You’re brilliant man, you really are xD

  3. holly’s avatar

    Awww! How adorably disgusting!

  4. oswaldoparra’s avatar

    She “ate his soup, slept on his bed”. The story is not so innocent as i used to believe.

  5. littleaboutme’s avatar

    so cute.. ^_^

  6. ZTN’s avatar

    so this is what REALLY happened!
    No wonder mum used to always stop at the part when they look in their beds…she said the police took her away.


  7. kookieniva’s avatar

    LMAO !!!!

  8. Henk’s avatar

    Mrrrr! Is it just me or is the hairy righthand of that baby just damn sexy!

    Nicely done Mr Draw.

  9. DziQ_69’s avatar

    AWESOME!!! oh man…

  10. Alex L.’s avatar

    Oh dear god… its a cute little freak bear child though…

  11. BungalowBill’s avatar

    Excellent, hahah!

  12. מוסך מרצדס’s avatar


    Very true! This cartoon ate all my porridge! Funny Stuff!

    Great Job!

  13. Schnettler’s avatar

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