This cartoon has a skeleton in its closet, and another in the living room

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  1. Mike’s avatar

    I receive your drawing via RSS and every-time I see that you got a new post it put a smile on my face even before I saw your drawing. keep up the good work, love your cartoon.

  2. Arjewtino’s avatar

    This one cracked me up. Great work.

  3. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Ah the agony of parting with true love! It’s her own damn fault that she’s suffering though.

  4. Kris’s avatar

    Very funny. Again.

  5. L'0rd’s avatar

    lol,”even jim’s skeleton reminds me of jim” *sniff*.
    uber awasome dude,keep your work

  6. G’s avatar

    I get so sick and tired of people whining about skeletons strewn about their homes! Wake up people! If you’re too lazy to properly dispose of your victims, stab them down in the basement. Or out in the woods. Or anywhere in New Jersey.


  7. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Hang on… did she kill him, or is she just using his rib cage as a drying rack for the dishes?

  8. seemikedraw’s avatar

    She killed him whilst trying to use him as a drying rack. It’s a common household accident.

  9. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Well, better that than a bicycle rack, I suppose.

  10. Alex L’s avatar

    I’m sure Jim would be happy she still keeps him close at hand.

  11. pezda’s avatar

    Hey I just found your site and read all your stuff. Very funny, thanks.

  12. Red Kid’s avatar

    Ah! True love, makes me smile :)

  13. leafprobably’s avatar

    You know, she should change the rug if it bothers her…

  14. VE’s avatar

    He’d be good for drying clothes with now though…

  15. seemikedraw’s avatar

    True! Poor Jim, if only he could appreciate the irony that he’s contributing to the marriage more now than he ever did when he was alive.

  16. Carla’s avatar

    Man, your blog completely rocks. I loved the cartoon you posted about the cowardly lion. I played that character once, and I simply HAD to post that cartoon in my blog.

    I also added you in my list pages worth visiting.

    Simply love all your cartoons!

    Greetings from Costa Rica!

  17. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks Carla! That takes me back to school days when we’d put on plays – I had a mate who was so talentless he was always given the role of ‘rock’ or ‘tree’ :)

  18. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Mike – Is it a tree? Is it a rock? No it’s… NEO!!

  19. Kayfour’s avatar

    This one was REALLY funny! Thanks.

  20. DJW’s avatar

    ‘I’ve already seen this one’…

    We are the Interwebs. Give up your real life and surrender your dreams. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile

  21. curlywurlygurly’s avatar

    highly amusing…thanks for the giggle…

  22. spinachflame’s avatar

    Remarkably well-preserved skeleton!

    Cartoons here:

  23. songmistress’s avatar

    LMAO! She needs to learn how to hide the bodies better, obviously.

    You’re a riot, Man.

  24. Adrienne’s avatar

    Thats funny. She stabbed him then used him for a dish rack.


  25. Adrienne A.’s avatar

    I don’t really think he’d make a good clothespin.


  26. Fun Lovin Criminal’s avatar

    Hey mate, love the drawings! If anything in this world reminds me of the hilarious and bizarre humour of Jack Handy, it’d be your pictures. 5 stars!!

  27. מוסך’s avatar


    Very true! Great Job! This cartoon has a skeleton in its closet, and another in the living room! Funny Stuff!

    Nice Cartoon!

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