This cartoon has virtually lost all perspective

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  1. Davis’s avatar

    wow — halfway around the world? that’s pretty desperate

  2. Silly S’s avatar

    Well, at least she has hair….

  3. Munaq’s avatar

    At least she is… well, she…

  4. Jonel Burge’s avatar

    Hee hee. this has happened to me several times.
    “You totally aren’t dressed like your avatar.”
    “Because my avatar is fake.”
    “But I thought you would be wearing a metal bikini! That’s false advertising, you know?!”

  5. Kris’s avatar

    Typical scheming woman…

  6. zunedita373’s avatar

    It’s a fine cartoon and all, but I was expecting a blog post about newspapers canceling ‘Garfield’ because, well, just because. And Beetle Bailey? When exactly is it supposed to take place? World War II? Then there’s the charges that Johnny Hart’s B.C. was a right-wing christian cartoon strip. And Dilbert. I never got Dilbert. I guess Dilbert and Bart Simpson appeared about the same time. They’ve got similar haircuts, except Dilbert is all growed up now and he smoothed out the spikes because he’s old and square. And what exactly is a Funky Winkerbean, anyway? Oh, right, I could check Wikipedia. I’ll be right back…

  7. Alex L.’s avatar

    What a dirty skank, I can’t believe she would do that.

  8. anonymous’s avatar

    I love the way the guys are all commenting. What about the fact that the woman is pretty honest compared to the guy? Look at his avatar and look at HIM! Gross. At least the woman had ONE thing off…

  9. Sk’s avatar

    Anon, I guess THAT was the joke. Pretty good comic.

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Yep Anon, that was essentially the gag. But however you understood it, at least you seem passionate about it :)

  11. JT - Stickynote Theatre’s avatar

    So good to see more SeeMikeDraw in my RSS feeds lately!

    BTW, anon…..thanks for jumping on the obvious-grenade. It was about to blow up all over us.

  12. Terry Maranda’s avatar

    Welcome back Mike! and I’m still waiting for this big Urf project unveiling…come onnnnnn spill the beans

  13. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Good to be back Terry. I’m afraid if I told you about the Urf project I’d have to kill you.

  14. VonSkippy’s avatar

    Mike – personally I think you killing Terry is a fair price for that info (assuming you publish it here of course).

  15. Terry Maranda’s avatar

    Let’s not be too rash with any means to finding out about the urf project, a surprise is a nice thing.

  16. seemikedraw’s avatar

    VonSkippy, there’ll be no killing of Terry. Terry, I hope these last few days haven’t been too traumatic for you.

  17. dot’s avatar

    Why does he remind me of john howard….:P

  18. seemikedraw’s avatar

    My first politcal charicature and I didn’t even try!

  19. Sabela’s avatar

    Hilarious! Love your blog : )

  20. Henk’s avatar

    Her honkers are bigger than his legs…. why complain?

  21. snarky’s avatar

    I like :)

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  23. Ralph’s avatar

    Well, to be honest, he DID fly half way round the world. The least she could do was dye her hair.

  24. lucas’s avatar

    funny pictures !

  25. משחקים’s avatar

    halfway around the wourld? how romantic! .. or desperate..

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