This cartoon is guilty of indecent exposure

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  1. ian in hamburg’s avatar

    Not indecent exposure! More like sexual harassment. Keep up the good work. :-)

  2. rafadc’s avatar

    Oh my god! Each strip is better than previous.

  3. deadlytoque’s avatar

    I my experience as a lawyer, lawyers never make $5 bets. Any bet that small is for booze.

    I suppose there are other professionals who are in “firms”, though.
    Good joke, nonetheless.

  4. LOTNorm’s avatar

    Now that’s a video I’d like to see… for investment research, of course…

  5. 19thmayflower’s avatar

    the breasts looked saggy, though.
    but the joke’s cute!

  6. Alex L.’s avatar

    hahahaha… love it how she doesnt even move, her self esteem must be shot to hell… hmmm, anyone got her number?

  7. TCG Inc.’s avatar

    god…ur the best…

  8. tagcloud’s avatar

    So anyone got the youtube link…. ? Maybe?

  9. Henk’s avatar

    By the looks of it she does not put the firm in law firm.
    No wonder she got sacked.

  10. Peter Parkour’s avatar

    Oh that was bad. Evil, pure evil. :P

  11. spinachflame’s avatar

    So funny!! I like that you’re consistently doing multiple panels these days. I know it’s a lot more work, but you get so much more punch out of your punchlines that way. To view my CARTOONS click on my name link.

  12. leafprobably’s avatar

    Reason number eight why I would not like to be a lawyer – the bets are never over $5.

  13. G’s avatar

    I saw the video and thought they were real.

    I must be a boob noob.

  14. Red Kid’s avatar

    Oh my god! How explicitly lovely! :P
    U have done it again mike, u have incited thoughts in my head!!

  15. ameo’s avatar

    LMAO , it’s really funny and sometimes true
    it also talks about something really important , nudity have been spreading all over the Internet and not only in the famous pornographic studios ,. but looks like all girls wanna be porn stars

  16. Red’s avatar


  17. triska’s avatar

    hahaha thats so mean!!! and totally true!

  18. Anonymous’s avatar

    Cheating bastard

  19. קבוצות רכישה’s avatar

    Thanks! Nice Cartoon!

    This cartoon is guilty of indecent exposure! Funny Stuff!

    Very true! Great Job!

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