This cartoon is about bad Hobbit habits

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  1. Tobe’s avatar

    If that Hobbit wore a habit, he would be able to resist Bilbo’s bad habits.

  2. Some Guy’s avatar

    I like how you’ll show hobbit dick, but won’t spell out “fuck.”

  3. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I uploaded the censored version I did for Facebook by mistake – figured that the profanity was more likely to get it taken down that his innocuous little nub of a penis.

  4. Afro’s avatar

    Lest we forget:

    F#ck off Facebook for those foolish reactions.

    Brilliant comic, BTW. Your ability with subtlety is a gift.

  5. seemikedraw’s avatar

    It’s insane isn’t it? I’ve had a cartoon banned for the very same reason, so I am pushing it by uploading a cartoon willy, but really it just seems so ludicrous!

  6. Corey Murray’s avatar

    What, no underwear? XD

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