This cartoon is child friendly

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  1. Psicotica’s avatar

    xDD awesome man!

  2. FallenAngel’s avatar

    … they need call Pedobear!!

    I lol’d so hard XD

  3. Eric’s avatar

    nice! that is a good one!

  4. disconnectionnotice’s avatar

    I love how they both have the same mustache.

  5. Pidge’s avatar

    Ach, unfortunately it’s already been done.

  6. Joe Kerr’s avatar

    brilliant!!! @_@
    ilove your cartoons a lot, wish you release them as often as you used to…

  7. Cortex’s avatar

    Awesome! :D:D

  8. leonardo’s avatar

    I love your cartoons a lot, wish you release them as often as you used to…

  9. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks very much guys. Don’t think I’ll ever produce them as regularly as I used to, but I’ll keep a steady flow of them from now on I hope.

    And yes Pidge, it’s a bummer that this idea has been done, but there are a lot of people out there producing cartoons and animations and sometimes two people are going to have the same idea.

    I was accused of ripping off a Danish commercial about something obscure the other day. We don’t get a lot of Danish commercials here in Australia…

  10. Isawmikedrawalready’s avatar

    Love ur toons mike, greetings from brasil

  11. The Lizbing’s avatar

    Hhahahaha XD

  12. I wish...’s avatar

    Awww that happened to me too :( It’s so awkward when that happens.

  13. Luis’s avatar

    This one should be called “How Mike and Phil meet”^^

  14. Alex L.’s avatar

    I didn’t know you were in Australia Mike.

    Awkward and hilarious as usual…

  15. Henk’s avatar

    You’re from Australia?! That’s plagiarism!!

    Anywho I love the cartoon. Sad to see it’s getting harder and harder to molest people due to the popularity of it.

  16. leonardo’s avatar

    wow, Mike.

    I did not know you lived in Australia.

  17. Mike’s avatar

    Hey you, lazy arse. It’s almost been one month since the last cartoon…

  18. DamianMSK’s avatar

    :)) the world is full of them ..
    child friendly lmao!

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Hey everyone, I think it’s going to be a while between cartoons. I have a load on my plate for the foreseeable future so feel free to peruse the (limited) back catalogue and I’ll be back when I can get the time!

  20. Janie’s avatar

    hahaha I love how the title adds to the cartoon

  21. Henk’s avatar

    Woah.. I must be getting more and more senile.
    Cartoons seem to be disappearing from here rather than them getting added. Or is this just Mike being very VERY busy?

  22. Alisha’s avatar

    Hey Mike! I just did a short article on my blog about your work! I love all the new stuff, and I am glad to see you have been updating again!

    Over and out from Los Angeles, CA, US

  23. Alisha’s avatar

    oh and you can catch it at www[dot]dailychiaroscuro[dot]tumblr[dot]com

  24. grimboid’s avatar

    Hey Mike, your blog is great and it inspired me to get off my a** and do my own cartoon blog. It was something I had been thinking about for a while and when I stumbled upon See Mike Draw, Urf, Pencils at Dawn and The Rut it really got my juices flowing… so to speak!

    I would be really honoured if you took a moment to look at my wordpress blog. Any feedback would be gratefully received.

    Check it out here…


  25. Hamza’s avatar

    Awesome cartoons pics!!!!

  26. cartoon hunter’s avatar

    Everybody like cartoon..exspecially a kids

  27. משחקים’s avatar

    haha very nice cartoon

  28. Random Humo(u) r’s avatar

    This is one of the best cartoon blogs on the web.
    Great stuff. I have put a link onto my blog. Robert.

  29. Indiana Art’s avatar

    I can only imagine how sad Pedo-bear would be if he joined this fine meeting of old pervs. :[ Poor poor pedo-bear.

  30. aledujke’s avatar

    Why are there no more updates from mike :(

  31. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Alas, I’ve really let this one get away from me now. I blame life! Until I (possibly, maybe…unlikely) get back into it, I invite everyone to peruse my crappy old catalogue of cartoons again and again and again until you’re so sick of them that you don’t give a crap if I ever draw another one.

  32. L'0rd’s avatar

    god damn mike,just draw man!
    i mean,will you ever come back to drawing,right?

  33. Jerry’s avatar

    come back!!! ):

    i miss your comics.

  34. Ugly Shoelace’s avatar

    Haha. This is good.

  35. Yo' Momma’s avatar

    Love it. Chris Hansen from To Catch a Predator would be all over this.

  36. Lee’s avatar

    Good, very good. Predators are funny.

  37. scott’s avatar

    lol you know this has happened!!! Too bad there isn’t a two for one ass whippin that would in sue.

  38. rae’s avatar

    thats proally happened! wtf

  39. הרחקת יונים’s avatar

    This cartoon is child friendly! Funny Stuff!

    Great Job! Very true!

    Nice Cartoon! Thanks!

  40. bridaldress’s avatar

    Have you ever dream of being touched by gentle sea breeze on your wedding day?

  41. afcles’s avatar

    you are not a well man

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