This cartoon is highly nutritious

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  1. Lonie Polony’s avatar

    Were the cats named ‘Thyroid’ and ‘Metabolism’?

  2. Red Kid’s avatar

    WoW! Your timing is perfect… My friend can’t find her cat. Gives me ideas! :D

  3. a’s avatar

    Red, use google.

  4. L'0rd’s avatar

    (take a long breath)


    Dude,you made it,again!!
    Awesome,i mean,Awasome :)

    2 billions thumbs up
    (what even rules is that i can see this directly from my cellphone!!,in my school,that pwnds)

  5. fotokew’s avatar

    Super funny!! LOLOL

  6. Paul’s avatar

    They must be fortified with yummy vitamins!

  7. Arjewtino’s avatar

    Disturbingly awesome.

    I like how the kid, who can obviously hear his mom, keeps right on chomping.

  8. Patrick’s avatar


    very nice.

  9. Mr. Fabulous’s avatar

    Best use of cats EVAH.

  10. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    I’m guessing her next call will be to the vet, regarding her son’s furballs.

  11. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I just realised this is my second cartoon about eating cats. For the record, I’d like to state that I am the happy owner of a burmese cat and not once have I thought of eating her.

    Thanks for the comments everyone! L’Ord, that’s a lot of thumbs – I’m having trouble picturing your freakishly large hands.

  12. Richmond’s avatar

    There is an Urban Legend here in the Philippines that certain Siopao (steamed dimsum bread) stores stuff cat’s meat in their product. EEEWWWW

  13. frmad’s avatar

    Conglatulation! both of your blog, and this post are high ranked in
    “The top blogs of the day” report

  14. Alex L’s avatar

    Your evil you know that dont you. But I guess thats why we enjoy your cartoons so much.

  15. Mama Kelly’s avatar

    OMGs …. terrible … horrible …. but awfully funny!!!!!

  16. G’s avatar

    I don’t know… cats are pretty low-carb. Unless this is definitive proof that low-carb diets don’t work?!?

  17. ian in hamburg’s avatar

    Hi –
    I just discovered your site and it looks like lost of other bloggers have too. Deservedly so!


    If you’d like a heads – up, this guy is reproducing your cartoons – no link back, no credit, nada:

    Unless you’ve already told him it’s OK to do so, you should tell him to take it down.

    Just telling you this cuz it’s happened to me before.

  18. Red’s avatar

    *snort* Oh . my . gosh . . . aaahahaaahahee!

  19. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks ian in hamburg. Normally I’d just take it as a compliment that he/she has reproduced it, but yeah it would be nice to have a link back. I won’t go telling them on their site, but if said person happens to be reading this then LINK BACK TO ME DAMMIT!

  20. Lee’s avatar

    Just don’t eat my cats!

    - Lee (

  21. hughvic’s avatar

    Now THIS is blasphemous, Mike! This one I print and enframe in my niche.

  22. hughvic’s avatar

    Also, I hope none of those skulls belongs to your logo feline, poster cat for Lung Cancer. To be eaten from without and within—it’s too horrible. Horrible.

  23. ch0cl8sngrin’s avatar

    LOL! i wonder if they also have dogs and parrots!

  24. curtishots’s avatar

    Dude, I am addicted to your comics! I can’t stop reading them! Thanks… I think! Exclamation point!

  25. Bailey’s avatar


  26. Hugo’s avatar

    See, Mike?

    You draws funny, you gets great stuff. It just figures. Your figures figure.

    It all makes sense to me, Mike. But then everything I say makes sense to me.

    Until it doesn’t do. And that happens, sometimes, but mostly what I say makes as much sense as your cartoons do, and mostly that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

    My best,


  27. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Nice to see you back Hugo, in all your wordy glory :) Hope you have a great Chrissy. I’ll see if I can squeeze out a cartoon, it being the festive season ‘n all!

  28. Hugo’s avatar

    Oh thanks, Mike! We’d like that. I would, I mean.

  29. Hugo’s avatar

    A happy Chrissy to you too, Mate.

  30. מוסך יונדאי’s avatar

    Thank You!

    Very true! Great Job! This cartoon is highly nutritious! Funny Stuff!

    Great Cartoon!

  31. ciaran’s avatar

    crazy or wat :)

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