This cartoon is looking for the most elusive thing in the universe

Whoa, so my last post was BEFORE Game of Thrones! Tsk tsk – so very slack. Anyways, I’m back! (until I slack off again of course). Oh, and if you’re experiencing Higgsteria, you can get this on a shirt here.

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  1. Michael LaRocca’s avatar

    Welcome back. You still rock.

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks man, appreciated!

  3. Claudia’s avatar

    Yaaaayyy ur back! Awesome!

  4. dparks’s avatar

    dude – you have GOT to update this blog more often!!
    almost abandoned it..

  5. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I know, I’ve been pretty slack. Always wanting to do more but always getting distracted! Got a new one to put up soon though.

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