This cartoon remembers when men were real men, and vampires were real vampires

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  1. Adam’s avatar

    Yeah, I get it (and I love the Cadillac). But did you have to shout ‘fag’? Why not ‘loser’? ‘Wimp’? ‘Spineless’? ‘Poser’? ‘Fake’?

  2. Yogiri’s avatar

    They are vampires, like, bad people. Why would they have to behave politically correct? I like it as it is, nice work Mike!

  3. Zac’s avatar

    Because “Fag” is funny and none of those other words are.

    Not to get all English Major on you, but words mean something very specific and very rarely are they interchangeable, even if they are close synonyms. In this case, none of the words you mentioned would have the same effect, and I can’t think of any that would, so “Fag” it is.

  4. girl normal’s avatar

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa haa ha ha. Sweet!

  5. Joe’s avatar

    Adam, you don’t get it. If you got it, then you’d realize that the joke is a role reversal. Nobody is calling Edward of Twilight a “wimp” or a “poser”. They’re calling him a fag, because they’re “real men”. And it’s obviously got sarcastic written all over it.

  6. Adam’s avatar

    @Zac: Yes, I understand. Words means specific things. “Fag” is a homophobic slur directed at a gay man. No ambiguity there.
    @Joe: Of course I get it. I could easily see how someone could find this amusing, and, yes, I realize it’s sarcastic. I also realize someone could draw a cartoon–equally sarcastic–based on other stereotypes like blacks eating watermelon, Chinese running a laundry service, etc. Some people would find that funny; some would be rather put off by it.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and assume (perhaps incorrectly) that neither of you is a gay man who spent part of his life in the closet and was ever called ‘fag’ as a kid. Been there, done that, survived anyway, and looking to help others avoid what I went through.

    I’m a big fan of this site, because I think the cartoons are hilarious. I am also not a huge fan of humor based in homophobia and gay stereotypes, because there are so many other funny things out there.

    And, before someone takes a leap to a wild conclusion, I’m not assuming the author is some religious nutjob or gay-beating homophobe. And i’m not some leftwing nutjob about to launch a boycott on this site. I simply asked a question. Thanks for listening…

  7. Tom’s avatar

    @Adam: The world is changing around you. “Fag” is changing. You suggested “loser” or “wimp” as alternatives meaning you understand that this cartoon is about lame vampires. You understand the meaning, why squabble with the word? Words only have the power you give them.

  8. Matt’s avatar

    Fag is to Gays as Nigger is to Blacks.

  9. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Adam, firstly, I am sorry if you found this one offensive. Of course I’d anticipated that the choice of wording might offend some people, but let me say that just because I’ve used it doesn’t mean I condone it. To depict is not necessarily to endorse – my cartoons are always done in the spirit of absurdity and are meant to be read as such.

    I’ve taken the mindset and vernacular of the redneck/fratboy stereotype and projected it on to a classic 1920s black and white movie monster, and to me the humour lies in that unlikely juxtaposition.

    But to get to the heart of the matter – why not use any other number of derogatory words? This cartoon is about the perceived ‘softening’ or ‘feminising’ of the modern vampire, and objectionable as it may be, the word ‘fag’ is what your average bigotted moron would shout from his car as he drives past. It boils down to the reader’s interpretation, but to me the two in the car are presented in a demeaning way and hopefully anyone with a moral conscience would see it the same way.

  10. Sunny Kalsi’s avatar

    I like how you distract people from the fact that it’s daylight and the other vampires should be dying at about that time with the homophobic slur.

  11. Kris’s avatar

    I think that the word “fag” is a nasty, mean-spirited word loaded with violence. Like other ‘bad words’ it makes me bristle. That said, for the cartoon to work, it has to be ‘fag’. Anything else lacks the gravitas to nail the point.

    Also, I think that Sunny makes a good point!

  12. Adam’s avatar

    @seemikedraw: Thanks for the feedback. I don’t think we are particularly far apart on this issue, but it’s been interesting to see the discussion. Unfortunately, you probably have a handful of readers who don’t have a moral conscience who’d probably be willing to hurl that word around in the real world. In any event, keep up the hilarious work!
    @Kris: Agreed.
    @Matt: Agreed (and succinctly put).
    @Tom: ‘Fag’ is not changing. You are correct in that words have the power you give them, but to many people (including me), it’s still the same derogatory and demeaning term it’s always been, and particularly offensive to gay men. Its use is right up there with the phrase “That’s so gay” ( In the context of this cartoon I can understand the usage, but that’s a very limited context.

  13. Dominick’s avatar

    Real Vampires drive 1960 Buicks. Edward drives a Volvo XC60 crossover. ‘nough said

  14. kristen stewart’s avatar

    um ok i really dont like.. like this one im sorry to be offending…

  15. jaybravo’s avatar

    Personally, casual homophobia is not what I consider a laughing matter. I guess some people do

  16. Ivan’s avatar

    Next picture: “real vampires” crumble to dust and the “fag” is laughing sick at them.

  17. heilkitty’s avatar

    >But did you have to shout ‘fag’?
    Mmm… maybe because he looks like one, no?

  18. Schwantz’s avatar

    WTF at everyone! It’s a damned cartoon, it doesn’t need to become some debate on societal decay. Fags; pull up your pussy straps and deal with it. Others; don’t let them doup you into a losing argument. Moral of the story is that people are people, and someone will always be offended by whatever you say. Be a straight shooter and if someone is offended, to hell with them. Just be something they can bitch about later, which I think is the motive to begin with.

  19. Dr. Cynicism’s avatar

    HAha… great work! I hope you have a toon planned that makes fun of True Blood too. Awesome blog by the way, I’m new but subscribed! Can’t wait for future toons man!

  20. luke’s avatar

    FFS it’s a cartoon! Stop the fag debate. Mike it’s a great piece as usual.

  21. Elvis’s avatar

    “I am also not a huge fan of humor based in homophobia and gay stereotypes, because there are so many other funny things out there.”

    @Adam: Wait, did I get this right? You want cartoonist to practice exclusion by not using gay stereotypes because you suffered at the hands of such ridicule and would not want to see others undergo the same punishment? But yet you note that there are, “so many other funny things out there.” You my friend are what I like to call a total hypocrite. You cannot state that you love humor but yet be offended by a cretin genre of humor. You either laugh of you don’t. You noted the words; “loser and wimp,” would be adequate? So those who were made to believe that they were losers while growing up should take offence to your illustration? Do I not assert my point correctly based on my observation, or perhaps am I missing something?

    I think the cartoon is funny and to the point. He sparkles, yet long line of vampire never sparkled in the sun. They burned to death! I never heard of theory of evolution spoof in the vampire world. Could Edward be a cross between a fairy godmother and Dracula? Often things that sparkle have been paired with the female gender and those who sparkle but are of male gender have been classified as ‘gay.’ Making this even more to the point.

  22. Sarah’s avatar

    @Elvis I just want to let you know that I totally
    and completely agree with your comment. Your agrument is well phrased and I’m glad you brought some common sense into the comment section.

    That being said, in the future everyone, please
    stop taking EVERYTHING so seriously. Do you take Mike’s comics on murder and other acts in that category literally? I don’t think so. Just… Everyone calm down.

  23. scott’s avatar

    lmao love it!!!!

  24. aks’s avatar

    haha yeah he is a fag… =D

  25. yuki’s avatar

    love it.
    to me…twilight is so very fag……………………… i m a woman…

  26. Lucifer’s avatar

    Thank you for sharing to us.

    Well written, hope to have more articles

    Come on, hard.

  27. ThisIsWhyImBroke’s avatar

    Mike, you are hilarious. Keep up the amazing work!

  28. whiteadi’s avatar

    Are you still alive? :)

  29. Nick’s avatar

    @Adam I’m with you but up to a certain point. Gay humour and stereotypes can be funny but it has to come from a certain source. It has to come from someone who sympathizes with gay culture, who understands our culture, so that when they tell their jokes, it’s ironic and sarcastic. When someone not from the culture or not sympathetic with the culture uses it in such a way as this comic, they might not be doing it to be offensive, but they just don’t fully comprehend the weight of the word.

    @SeeMikeDraw I love your comics, they’re hilarious. I understand the nature of the comics, and I can’t argue with your own creative processes but just know that, the second I read the comic, I had to come and comment right away. It just reminded and reinforced how easily people can sling that word. Your intention for “people with a moral conscience” to view the two vampires as horrible people will be lost I’m afraid. For the most part, readers will just see it and it will subconsciously reinforce the “nonchalant” way the word “Fag” was used. All those people in the comments who are telling people to “relax it’s just a comic” most likely fall into that category. They see it and they don’t think very much of it because they aren’t of that culture. Why should it affect them? Even the point of the cartoon is “Haha Edward is a Fag” that’s the focus. How many people will think “Oh those two vampires are such jerks calling him a fag” ?

  30. sean’s avatar

    it’d be nice if there was another panel where Nosferatu starts to catch on fire.

  31. Alex’s avatar

    His face is supposed to sparkle. Not the air around him.

  32. seemikedraw’s avatar

    It’s the illustrated way to show that he’s sparkling Alex, but thanks for that crucial bit of information.

  33. bonco’s avatar

    i am still trying to figure out why teenage girls sparkle around that pasty dude. :P

  34. Andy’s avatar

    So all the movies should have been called: Faglight, New Fag and Faglipse. The 4th should have been called Breaking Fag. Neat.

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