This cartoon secretly loves you

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  1. Emma’s avatar

    I love this comic, too!
    Do you think it is willing to marry me?

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    You wouldn’t want to marry it Emma. It has very little substance and keeps telling the same story over and over – you’d eventually grow tired of it.

  3. Michael’s avatar

    Isn’t that all marriages?

  4. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Is that a tribute to Isaac Asimov? Mebbe not, but I see an Asimov short story in it… two even…

  5. Emma’s avatar

    Sigh, I guess I’ll never marry then.
    My life falls apart now!

  6. sensico’s avatar

    yeah its really funny and I digg it

  7. alhackerandnoz’s avatar

    This made me smile :D

    Katie x

  8. personame’s avatar

    what about having dinner maybe ? (Im not the marrying type anyway…)

  9. G’s avatar

    I’m just glad we’ll still have turkey in the future!

    I’ve been losing sleep over that recently.

  10. Enna’s avatar

    How could he want someone else? Look at his wife’s robot rack!

  11. jeremy’s avatar

    Aw, mine tells me how much it hates me all day. Apparently, I make it’s buttons curl.

  12. colourmydays’s avatar

    the last picture is a surprise :D
    really good work!

  13. Alex L.’s avatar

    I bet you its a mac… dam slutty things always flaunting it about.

  14. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well I’ve always used a Mac and it’s always been faithful. Oh, which brings me to the point that yes, the computer depicted here is indeed a Mac. That’s specifically for the benefit of the loser who got all upset and narky and called me a Mac fanboy last time I put one in a cartoon. Not that he’d actually be reading this now…

    So, umm, only two links to suburban connoisseurs on one comments page? You can do better than that!

  15. ly86’s avatar

    well, i think that is anice cartoon. so if you want to say love for someone, please give the like the cartoon do.

  16. hermosaleekwan’s avatar

    hahaha! cool!

    thanks for posting this ^__^x

  17. TCG Inc.’s avatar

    wsnt THAT funny

  18. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Wow, thanks TCG. That was very sobering.

  19. etyk’s avatar

    aahahah =)

    I bought the Ihoe, with the pimp OS

  20. Red Kid’s avatar

    i don’t know… will my computer wives hate each other like this? :O
    i am having second thoughts about marrying pcs then… i’ll try to find myself a sweet lady :(

  21. bert’s avatar

    your comics are the best but there isn’t enough sites like planning of making 1 once i get my drawing pad and learn how to draw decently.

    p.s You Are Awesome

  22. bert’s avatar

    oh and 1 more thing, do u use a drawing pad or do u scan ur pictures?

  23. 19thmayflower’s avatar

    hehehe this is terribly cute!!!
    looking forward to see more!

  24. Emma’s avatar

    Oh my, imagine what a great handjob Jane could give..

    Or was this a too male comment for someone called “Emma”? In that case – excusez-moi.

  25. Offbeat News’s avatar

    I just discovered this blog when I did some WP channel surfing. Then I read your ‘About Me’ page and knew the humor cosmos had drawn us together. Great cartoon, if I were the wife I’d come armed with some wire cutters :)

  26. Henk’s avatar


    But apart from that that bitc.. errr bot is sexy.

    No wonder Emz wants to mary it!

  27. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Redkid: I like the fact that you automatically assume you’d have two computer wives – greedy!

    Bert: I actually have my monkey draw the cartoons with ink and scan them, but of course I always art-direct.

    Emma: Great minds think alike

    Offbeat News: ‘the humor cosmos had drawn us together’ – very punny :)
    Yes, I said punny.

    Henk (and Emma): It must be very frustrating trying to find true love these days, what with only fleshy humans to choose from.

    Hitech Stupidity: I’m not sure how to respond to that.

  28. Daniel's Critical Corner’s avatar

    Well, that’s what happens when you spend all night
    banging away on your laptop. LOL ! Funny stuff !!!

  29. antioxexpress’s avatar

    I enjoy cleverness….a creative mind. I think Jane has starved her neurons of decent whole foods, and of deeply colored and beneficial high-phytonutrient antioxidant foods. Otherwise she would have understood the relationship was safe (…..or was it?).


  30. .| Avenger |.’s avatar

    Funny !

    Thanks …

  31. rinka’s avatar

    hehehe…nice one

  32. chouquette’s avatar

    so funny !
    I don’t know if this cartoon really loves me… But I really love this cartoon ! :)

  33. teapotarmy’s avatar

    Ha! I think I secretly love this wordpress.

  34. K C’s avatar

    That is funny. I like this one a lot. :)

  35. מוסך יונדאי’s avatar

    Thank You!

    Very true! Great Job! This cartoon secretly loves you! Funny Stuff!

    Great Cartoon!

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