This cartoon sucks.


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  1. grey kid’s avatar

    Hehehe, nice! I’m a fellow b3tard with a wordpress account (, and I’m just wondering – which template are you using here? I really like it, it’s more simple and logical than the one I’ve got up at the moment.

    If you get a chance, drop me a line there or gaz me on b3ta – cheers! :)

    Oh, and keep up the top work! Woo!

  2. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Very nice, at first I only saw the first panel and thought it was a joke about a woman at that time of the month and then I saw the second panel, still funny.

  3. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Lis, that would just be tasteless. Shame on you!

  4. Noddegamra’s avatar

    Hahahahahaha! Blunt, and to the point! I love it!

    On the subject of “tasteless comedy”, next time your with a new girlfriend, the first time you have sex, cry out “I have aids!” as you ejaculate.

    I tried it once, and had one of the funniest reactions ever. Good job she has a sense of humour. We are still together even now. What a wonderful relationship :) hehe

  5. S E E Quine’s avatar

    ` That’s what ya get….

  6. jerk’s avatar

    lol, this is genious. Great

  7. fyou’s avatar

    god help you!!! you suck at vampire comics i mean really thats what you call a comic? ive seen a blind freashly nutered boy dog make better comics then you i mean seriously vampires wouldnt get aids from that their bodies arent like ours we could get aids that way but they wouldnt!!!! OMFG!!! YOU NEED SOME SERIOUS HELP FROM VAMPIRE EXPERTS CUSE YOU AINT ONE! god! go get some freakin help! shit you really need it!

  8. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Dear ‘fyou’, thank you so much for the best laugh I’ve had in a while :)

    I’m assuming you’re a vampire? I’m truly sorry for not fully understanding your other-worldly physiology.

    And even if you aren’t a vampire, at least your grammar sucks.

    Oh and you’ve REALLY seen a dog draw comics? WOW!

  9. ondjce’s avatar

    HAHAHA, not only is the comic a great laugh but so is the comment by ‘fyou’.

  10. Shithead’s avatar


  11. Aimee’s avatar

    Why would a freshly neutered dog draw vampire comics? It’s a vast and wonderful world we occupy.

  12. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Aimee, don’t ask stupid questions!

  13. Kapol’s avatar

    Obvious provocation by ‘fyou’

  14. Ottgirl29’s avatar

    LOL you rock! i found this through google and have managed to kill about 45 minutes…ill be back! :D

  15. מוסך מיצובישי’s avatar


    Very true! This cartoon sucks! Funny Stuff!

    Great Job!

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