This cartoon tastes funny

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  1. RancidAmoeba’s avatar

    I’m not sure if you’re entirely aware how gross that bit of hanging flesh is…

  2. Il Venturetto’s avatar


    One of the best yout’ve done!

  3. tychy’s avatar

    this is pretty funny.

  4. Stavros’s avatar

    You are a horrible, horrible person, and I like you.

  5. Liam Morley’s avatar

    Have they always been this morbid? Still, pretty funny.

  6. Atka Kevlarsjal’s avatar

    XDDDDDDDDDDDD greeeeaaaaat, I’m still laughing!!!!

  7. Puke’s avatar

    The funny thing is that according to Jeffery human meat does taste like pork!
    Mmm…the other, other white meat. Dahmer

  8. G’s avatar

    I know I was certainly fooled!

  9. Rob’s avatar

    wow that pig farmer looks exactly like pig farmer Willie Pickton, who if you don’t know, was convicted of killing over six women, and connected to the deaths of over 30 more last year.

    He cut up the bodies and fed them to his pigs, and also distributed some of the person meat to his clients as pig meat.

    so, hmmm, I found the comic really creepy.

  10. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    I thought humans taste like ham?

  11. Madrugada Jones’s avatar

    It reminds me of that movie Alive where everyone ate the dead people’s butts. Check out my CARTOONS under my name link.

  12. Neslock’s avatar

    I love the look on the pig’s face: Surprise!!!

  13. Heather (errantdreams)’s avatar

    That silly, silly pig! Whatever will he do next??

  14. Arjewtino’s avatar

    One of my all-time favorites.

    Now I’m disturbingly hungry.

  15. Edgar’s avatar

    you’re sick but it’s pretty funny

  16. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Wow Rob, I just looked up Willie Pickton and you’re right – it does look like him! That really is quite an uncanny coincidence.

    Well the general consensus is that, amusing or not, this cartoon’s in fairly bad taste (judging from some reddit comments too). Next one’s a nice one!

  17. Hugo’s avatar

    You’ve overdone yourself, Mike.

  18. Red Kid’s avatar

    Ah you can do better mike…
    Looking forward to your next :D

  19. Hugo’s avatar

    Did I say “overdone”? I meant “outdone”. Yours are rare cartoons, Mike, done very well. Far from overdone, they’re both rare and well done. Quite the feet! (But then I defer to Chef Charlie Trotter.)

  20. Lonie Polony’s avatar

    You are a sick, sick man. So what does it say about me when I find you so amusing?

  21. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Personlly Lonie Polony, I think it suggests that you are an upstanding character with impeccable taste, but some may disagree.

  22. 1979semifinalist’s avatar

    Wow. This one is great. But I can’t look at it too much, I feel like my eyes might burn right out of my head with the wonderfull-ness and horror.

  23. Henk’s avatar

    I love the ‘surprise!’ look on the pig’s face.
    Reminds me of my mom when she told me I was adopted.

  24. Simon’s avatar

    I found this less disturbing the first time I read it.
    But I came back and am now a little scared.

  25. Hugo’s avatar

    Now that you mention it, Henk (and Simon, cover your ears), it reminds me of a similar scene, from the film “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover”, in which the pot-scrubbing choirboy is beaten senseless by the gangsters simply because he’s angelic.

    I loved that scene. I suspect that our “Mike” may be in fact Peter Greenaway…

  26. Alex L.’s avatar

    Screw the reddit comments this is just hella funny, that crazy scamp of a pig, what will he do next.

  27. Hugo’s avatar

    Mike, I haven’t yet figured out vot iss vis dis ting vot you people call reddit, but
    I do know that this cartoon is beautifully composed and rendered. Please consider adding it to your designer collection of Mikeaic and Mikeana, as I’ll be a hearty consumer (as it were).

  28. Noddegamra’s avatar

    lol, I love the look of pure joy on that little pigs face! :D

    you made my day once again Mike, thanks :D

  29. Hugo’s avatar

    Hey, I actually MEANT that last one, Maestro. I wanna wear the dang SHIRT. This cartoon’s a disgraceful CLASSIC! Now, PUT UP or SHUT UP (but keep drawing, please, and put me down for three-count, in various sizes.)

  30. מוסך יונדאי’s avatar

    Thank You!

    Very true! Great Job! This cartoon tastes funny! Funny Stuff!

    Great Cartoon!

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