This cartoon will let you down gently

Okay, I’ve lazed about for long enough so it’s back to it! To start things off, here’s one that’s short but sweet. Well, it’s short…

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  1. Henry E’s avatar

    hehe nice

  2. Alex L’s avatar

    Nice… I’ll have to try that one day.

  3. ameo’s avatar

    LOL , it’s not her Fault For Sure :) ..
    not like Alex L i hope i don’t have to deal with that situation someday

  4. twistedfa’s avatar

    LOL~ oh my… XD

  5. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Finally sundown in MT. i was waiting to see how long that is. :P

  6. seemikedraw’s avatar

    OK Nimish I’ll admit that it was probably a tad later than sundown, but better late than never right?

  7. debashis1963’s avatar


  8. Lonie Polony’s avatar

    You’d think someone with a ginormous head would be a tad less choosy…

  9. Mike’s avatar

    Again your cartoon always make a smile on my face

  10. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Good stuff Mike, I’m glad! So at least I know you smile every one to two weeks – that’s more than some people I know :)

    Lonie Polony, you’re right, he does seem to have elephantiasis of the head. I guess it’s his humungous brain that causes him to over-think relationships.

  11. Hugo’s avatar

    You devious bastid, I threw out my neck laughing at this horribly inexcusable piece of art, and my osteo isn’t nicknamed “Satan” for nothing…

  12. david’s avatar

    hahaha yeah it is just short. Poor girl. XD

  13. Madrugada Jones’s avatar

    I’ve used the “it’s not you it’s me” line too many times not to appreciate this cartoon.

    Check out more cartoons here:

  14. Rosita’s avatar

    true … a better way out and still get the other side more grateful (hope in right way)!
    btw – your cartoon good

  15. feyoh’s avatar

    bad boyfriend! bad!

  16. Arpeggio Andy’s avatar

    That’s funny stuff. That has totally made my crappy day better. Thanks

  17. Red Kid’s avatar

    I am sure this is only a work of fiction. No such thing ever happens! (Except for the “it’s not you it’s me” part.)

  18. Bill’s avatar

    Now when you put it like that, how could anyone feel bad?

  19. Noddegamra’s avatar

    hehehe. Atleast he is honest :P

  20. Andy’s avatar

    John Lajoy would say it similarly. Good times.

  21. Sarah’s avatar

    Oh my gosh! That was so funny!

  22. Henk’s avatar

    Nice and subtle.
    So gently you can actually hear her heart snap into pieces.
    Worth the extra effort of letting them down gently eh.

  23. Hugo’s avatar

    Omigawd, Mike, I do believe Henk is twisted almost exactly the same as you—only tighter!

    Too much.

  24. Rachel S’s avatar

    So good, I had to Digg it. Glad I found you, man. Great stuff you’ve got here.

  25. Corrina’s avatar

    LOL! If only we could be that honest with people!

  26. The Rev.’s avatar

    I’ve skimmed through all your cartoons, and I simply can not stop myself from coming back to this one, time and time again. Easily one your top five (5). I’m tickled!

  27. Jason’s avatar

    Brutal! But so true…

    Each time I make a cartoon of you, I’ll try to match this!

  28. Manuel Bartual’s avatar

    Ha ha ha… I’ve just discovered your work and it made my day. It’s hilarious! And great drawings too. Did you have any book compiling your work, Mike?

  29. מוסך’s avatar


    Very true! Great Job! This cartoon will let you down gently! Funny Stuff!

    Nice Cartoon!

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