Tonight it’s leftovers

Yes, the pantry was bare tonight so I scraped together some leftovers. Hopefully you’re all believers in quantity, not quality…

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  1. Nimish Batra’s avatar

    Hmm… mixed bag of food…

  2. keephopeinside’s avatar

    the ghost one made me chuckle.

  3. Henk’s avatar

    Another reason not to pull your pants down when taking a dump!
    Thanks. I was in need of another one.

  4. G’s avatar

    i bet that ghost looks just like elvis haunting graceland! except he’d be fatter. with more hair. and sideburns. and jewelry. and a peanut butter and banana sandwich…

    hey, wait a minute, that doesn’t look like elvis at all! what are you trying to pull?

  5. Lonie Polony’s avatar

    The expression on that poor rabbit’s face is priceless.

  6. Henk’s avatar

    The rabbit’s face reminds me of the rabbit’s in Rayman.

  7. Alex L.’s avatar

    I love that only one guy thinks that trick is being done wrong.

  8. Horus Kol’s avatar

    That rabbit trick could almost be a Penn and Teller act

  9. Matt’s avatar

    I’m guessing the telepod one was inspired by the Simpsons episode? Simpsons Did it!

  10. Madrugada Jones’s avatar

    I like the ghost one! Hilarious. Kids would do that. Check out my cartoons by clicking on my name link.

  11. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Matt, it was actually inspired by the original source – The Fly – just as a thousand other cartoons probably have been.

    Anyway, thanks all for bothering to leave comments on a rather sub-standard bunch of cartoons :)

  12. Kate’s avatar

    Ohhhhh – I am so happy to find you!

  13. Manic Comics’s avatar

    That poor rabbit.. But funny as hell :oþ

  14. tychy’s avatar

    ah, i thought so… that movie “The Fly” has many horrible scenes it it, but by far the worst is the one where the baboon is transported from one telepod to another, and when it arrives it has been turned inside out, and it’s briefly screaming and kicking. hilarious.

  15. bigeyedeer’s avatar

    Hey Mike, you went through a teleporter with a baboon once, didn’t you? Huh? You didn’t? So… so the body hair is all yours, then? And… and that’s your original head? Oh. Gosh… this is awkward.

  16. Staff de Bla Bla Bla’s avatar

    jajajaja! very good! (my english is poor) jaja

  17. L'0rd’s avatar

    yo mike,you rule dawg.
    awesome as always

  18. מוסך פורד’s avatar


    So true! Tonight it’s leftovers!

    Great Job!

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