T’was not Snoop Dog who coineth the phrase…


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  1. electric0lemon’s avatar

    :))) LOL that was one of the funniest cartoons I have ever seen

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thou dost flattereth me…ummm…verily

  3. Hudders’s avatar


    Now do another one that incorporates the tag “fo shizzle”!

  4. Gilbert Sanchez’s avatar

    ROFL! I’m gonna start saying “yonder bitch” now.

    Hilarious cartoons as usual. I got my entire department subscribed to your feed. Great stuff =D

  5. Jeff’s avatar

    Too funny… you’ve outdone yourself on this one.

    But I’m not sure which is funnier… the cartoon itself or the name of the gif. :-)

  6. krmb’s avatar

    it would be funny if the grammar was even remotely correct.
    “Yonder bitch doth have ain fine booty” would work.
    “Prithee, do thou feast thine eyes on the fine booty upon yonder bitch”
    “Yonder bitch dost hath thy fine booty” tranlates (poorly) into “That bitch has YOUR fine ass.”
    “Dost hath” is absurdly incorrect and the word “thy” makes zero sense in the context of the sentence.
    That is not funny.

  7. krmb’s avatar

    Sorry. That was snarky and not meant at all the way it came out. The comic is funny, but grammatically incorrect and that set my mood (and thus comment). I do enjoy your work, keep it up.

  8. EvilMonkeyNZ’s avatar

    “Yonder Bitch” … Classic

  9. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Well krmb, snarky as it was, I do appreciate the correction. I knew my use of the language was probably all wrong, but I also knew that most people wouldn’t have a clue, just like me.

  10. Noddegamra’s avatar

    fo’ certain my good man, fo’ certain.

    lol, another great cartoon! where do you get your ideas? hehe

  11. Red Kid’s avatar

    LMAO!! “Yonder bitch?”

    As EvilMonkeyNZ said… a classic!!

  12. Alex L’s avatar

    Let me see if I can get this comment right.

    The shit was da bomb-izzle… close or no.

    Funny as always Mike.

    (used to be Pope Terry)

  13. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    Mike, I laughed so hard that my boss came into my office. Either I’m fired or he just thinks that I have an odd sense of humor. Either way, this cartoon made my day.

  14. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Now why is it that you have an odd sense of humour if you like my cartoon? Nothing wrong with laughing when thou feasts thine eyes on ain fine cartoon. (feel free to correct my grammar at any point krmb)

    Thanks for the comments guys! I’m glad this one went down well.

    PS – Alex, I have a confession to make… I love Iron Chef. I hope you still visit my site again :)

  15. Joe Chemo’s avatar

    My boss is from Texas. They’re “special” down there.

  16. Alex L’s avatar

    I wont hold it against you Mike. Your to funny to let my hatred of japanese cooking shows get in the way.

  17. hughvic’s avatar

    Alas and alack! A bustle in her hedgerow! Let thou not be alarmed, now. Pray tell us, might yon ho walk it out, that the Glory of da Lord might be revealeth, and all flesh see as one da bitch’s badunkadunk dip’t in butta sauce?

  18. hughvic’s avatar

    And so it would appear that we have consensus: you really ought to be ashamed of yourself, Mike. In fact, you should have been ashamed of yourself a very long time ago. Deeply, deeply ashamed. And yet you somehow were not ashamed, and now just look at the results!

  19. L'0rd’s avatar

    now,this ranks into my new rank level, ”awasome”, which is 10 times better than the ”awesome” rank level.

    (pardon my bad english)

  20. Gal Pal Lis’s avatar

    Ha great one Mikey!! I love the olden day whore look you have done here!

  21. Leah’s avatar

    Shakespearean language + random context = brilliance

  22. hughvic’s avatar

    Wuddup widdat? Doth not every soul rap likewise, leaving naught save da hookup to randomness? Me thinkest das cold!

  23. hughvic’s avatar

    All right, I for one am getting sick of the Elizabethan schtick, Mike. Bring on more brilliance or else I will lead the surreal jesters of the Itinerant Thesbian Liberation Front on a cartoon strike that would make a Dane bar the door. Inexplicably long baguettes will appear on narrow streets at dawn and we will frame innocent pipes who insist they are not pipes and that you were behind it all. You’ll have some serious ‘splainin’ to do, Lucy, if you don’t caugh up an execrably tasteless one but quick.

    And don’t skimp on the draftsmanship, either.

    Or else.

    P.S. Here’s one for you…

    Q: How many Surrealists does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: Fish.

    There. If that doesn’t blow a fuse in your Muse, your Muse is dead.


  24. seemikedraw’s avatar

    hughvic, as far as I can tell, you’re suggesting I do another cartoon…

    So it’s done! Cheers for the oh-so elegantly phrased kick up the bum.

  25. hughvic’s avatar

    Yes, I think that’s what I was suggesting, but I can never be sure.

    O splendid! A new cartoon!

  26. Osama’s avatar

    Brilliant! :D Snoop Dogg has got nothing on you ;)

  27. cthomp7777’s avatar

    Oh-k I really, really, dig this one too. It’s throwback funny which is ahhh-some.

    shapes of sweentess

  28. Austin’s avatar

    Oh so wrong in so many ways. ROLFMAO Oh gosh!!!!!

  29. FMDC’s avatar

    That’s Snoop Dogg. Fuckin fool.

  30. twistedfa’s avatar

    lollollollollollol~ XD

  31. Will Knott’s avatar

    I do, thou dost, she does (she doth was archaic even in 1560)
    Yon for object, yonder for place

    Yon bitch doth have a fine booty. I’faith, I would fain smite that.
    Fo Shizzle, My Nizzle

    Yeah, I’m a pedant…

  32. CPWonder’s avatar

    thy grand cartoon that hath been created by yonder lad mind is surely off the hizzle fo’ shizzle, my nizzle!!!! awesome and funny!!!

  33. hank’s avatar

    “Yonder bitch hath THY fine booty”? This makes no sense. “Thy” means “your”.

  34. מוסך מאזדה’s avatar


    So true! T’was not Snoop Dog who coineth the phrase… Funny Stuff!

    Great Work!

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