Why kids is stupid these days


Well it’s been a while! For those of you who haven’t given up checking in now and then, I’d just like to say a big thanks and holy crap you’re persistent!



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  1. molok’s avatar

    Don’t underestimate the power of a feed reader :)

  2. Jacob’s avatar

    That’s what RSS feeds are for.

    Great comic!
    Good to have you back.

  3. yoruneko’s avatar

    We love you Mike, even if you’re lazy…

  4. Phlau’s avatar

    Yeah! The Mike is back!

  5. Mediocre Renaissance Man’s avatar

    It’s about time! Good to have you back.

  6. Box’s avatar

    Can we expect more??

  7. Christopher Harrison’s avatar

    > holy crap you’re persistent!

    What can I say: I love to see you draw ;)

  8. Roy’s avatar

    RSS automates my persistence, so feel free to set your own pace.

  9. Vibayo’s avatar

    No doubt about persistence ^_^*

  10. Anon.’s avatar

    Worth the wait…!

  11. loyal follower’s avatar

    are you back from a hiatus or is this just going to be the normal post rate now (one every half year)?

  12. Epicanis’s avatar

    It’s always uplifting to read these stories of people in comas for years, suddenly waking up and carrying on as if nothing had happened…

    Welcome back!

  13. Kavey’s avatar

    Not so much persistent as making use of RSS feeds! ;)

  14. Brian’s avatar

    yay! Mike’s still alive!

  15. horia314’s avatar

    Took a while to figure that out, but it was worth it. Really funny one.

  16. Emilio’s avatar

    Don’t thank me, thank my RSS feed that told me that your pilgrimage to the land of no comics had ended.

  17. Ahmed’s avatar

    I knew you weren’t giving up so I stuck around :)

  18. Luen’s avatar

    I hope you came back to stay. My Google Reader felt alone.
    Glad to enjoy your blog again.

  19. StrangeQuark’s avatar

    Yes, persistent… It’s got nothing to do with your RSS feed whatsoever. ;)

    Anyway, great comic again! Keep ‘em coming!
    Or don’t… whatever. :p

  20. bostwickenator’s avatar

    Yay you aren’t dead ^_^

  21. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thank you, thank you. I’d just like to send out a special thanks to RSS feeds, without whom all of this wouldn’t have been possible :)

    It’s great to hear from you guys. Now let’s see if I can keep it going at a better rate than the usual one every half year…

  22. Michael Carper’s avatar

    What, no one else has checked the website every single morning for the past six months?

  23. Albert Ng’s avatar

    I got excited when I saw a 1 beside your rss feed and knew something was up. Welcome back!

  24. edwin mederos’s avatar

    holy cow! mike is back! hope you keep drawing for us mike!! n_n

  25. Stephen’s avatar

    You’ve been on my daily RSS check. Always hoping for the new comic :-)

  26. Miguel Carballo’s avatar

    Hey, I’m so glad to have you back, you lazy arse. Now, you have a lot of drawing to do to make us forgive your long absence. Draw on!!!

  27. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Cheers Miguel (and everyone else). I’m trying not to make any promises, considering my rather shoddy track record :)

  28. scottseibel’s avatar

    I don’t get it… ;)

  29. Alex L.’s avatar

    It was well worth the wait. Good to have you back.

  30. Kris’s avatar

    I thought that you’d been kidnapped by bees.

  31. cantueso’s avatar

    And now you would also explain why adults is stupid these days.

    If only you could.
    If only you would.

    Besides, you could make it a money back guarantee.

  32. Tim’s avatar

    Welcome back ;)

  33. nogizaka’s avatar

    do you mean .. “are” instead of “is” O_o’;;

  34. seemikedraw’s avatar

    I had a bad teacher when I was young nogizaka

  35. ignacio’s avatar

    Great, thank you for comming back!

  36. Henk’s avatar

    Hurray for Mike!

    I like the cartoon! I had expected something a bit more blasphemous though. Or did you grow tired of all the jesusfreaks?

  37. Right’s avatar

    lovin it. utter stupidity.

  38. Manny’s avatar

    I was waiting for your new cartoon, thx

  39. Left’s avatar

    I just found your website so I’ll consider myself lucky that I found you when I did, great stuff, got here via: neatorama, urf, the rut, pencils at dawn.

  40. Mateus’s avatar

    Glad you are back!

    -a brazilian fan

  41. P.L. Frederick’s avatar

    I’m glad the teacher woman pointed that out, because roosters don’t come from cows. Ahem.

  42. Jade’s avatar

    Finally! :D

  43. NewSc2’s avatar

    welcome back! you’re still on my “comics” bookmark folder tab

  44. MYO HAN HTUN’s avatar

    Ha ha ha .. Nice Idea. I am laughing loudly.

  45. Stick Boy’s avatar

    Hahaha, very funny! Great to see something new…
    Keep on rockin’!… I mean… drawin’! (Sorry… “mi rollo es el rock”, as we say in Spain :D)

  46. Spenno’s avatar

    Thank god you finally posted a new cartoon Mike. 3 more months of not finding any new ones and i might have considered doing some work.

  47. Tony’s avatar

    YES!!!! Mike’s back!! I knew it was worth digging up his grave and reburying him at the pet cemetary

  48. roodiedoodie’s avatar

    What would we do without RSS????

    oh, and great cartoon as usual

  49. fizzdizzy’s avatar

    yup! great cartoon! nice to see you(r drawings) again! (:D great to have you back!

  50. thcgirl77’s avatar

    funny comic, you should really create them more often. i almost thought you forgot about the blog…

  51. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks everyone – i really appreciate the comments. Working on a new one…

  52. Mike DiLuigi’s avatar

    That was a rough couple of months, but I made it and I’m just glad to see your back. Keep ‘em comin, Mike.

  53. Moses’s avatar

    Why “is” kids stupid these days …….. are you kidding … “is” ????

    Surely you meant the “is” as a joke !!

  54. Moses’s avatar

    Just in case you’re a moron too its “are”

    Why kids “are” stupid these days.

  55. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Moses, apparently you is stupid. Thanks for pointing out the obvious. Apparently it takes a moron to not realise that the bad grammar is deliberate, considering the theme of the cartoon.

  56. pamnensasiund’s avatar

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  57. Cockwiper’s avatar

    “Why kids ‘is’ stupid these days”. Look at yourself, retard.

  58. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Dear ‘cockwiper’,
    It’s part of the joke, moron.

  59. Nandi’s avatar

    Hahahahaha LOL

  60. מוסך מרצדס’s avatar


    Very true! Why kids is stupid these days Funny Stuff!

    Great Job!

  61. andy’s avatar

    @Cockwiper, et al. Yes well done there.

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