Why you shouldn’t mess with the supernatural

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  1. Keymaster’s avatar

    Especially Jim from accounting! ^ ^

  2. Jerry’s avatar

    Glad to see your back! and with good humor still at hand ;D!

    thanks mike!

  3. ignacio’s avatar

    he is like a psyc Gregory House

  4. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Keymaster, that’s the first ‘first’ comment I’ve had on this site I think! Spot-on about Jim :)
    And Jerry, thanks – though as always I’m probably only back for a few cartoons and then off to my slack ways again.

  5. Tyler Hayes’s avatar

    Don’t you dare slack off.

  6. Henk!’s avatar

    Brilliant Mike! Cheers for the laugh.

  7. חלקי חילוף לרכב’s avatar

    that’s a cool six sense!!

    נושא חשוב להזכיר הוא
    חלקי חילוף לרכב בשרון כי קשה בחיים בלי זה
    במוסך הם מתקנים אבל צריך גם חלקי חילוף לרכב בשרון על מנת שיהיה אפשר לפתור את התקלה

  8. Colleen Dick’s avatar

    Yea! A comic that remembers me from last time. Sometimes I wish I had a juicy scandal like that buried in my distant past.

  9. Dani’s avatar

    You are simply the best Mike.
    Laughing out loud here alone drinking coffee. :)

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