Last night I had over 11,500 views! Thanks heaps to the sites that posted me – I really appreciate it. In particular neatorama.com, oink.elrellano.com and omedi.net – glad you got some chuckles (well, considering the latter two are in a foreign language, I can only hope they were chuckles).


  1. Beth from Avenue Z’s avatar

    11,000! Holy smokes! I just went over 200 for my first time yesterday. I have so far to go.


  2. Rafa’s avatar

    I’ve got here by the last one you, read all the strips and can’t wait to see the next.
    Great work! :)

  3. eliotphillips’s avatar

    It’s really great stuff. Keep up the good work!

  4. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks a lot guys (and gals). Beth, this was a total fluke – I never get anywhere near this amount!

  5. ambrose’s avatar

    I’m really enjoying the cartoons, but why are they incorrectly sized in the HTML? It makes them look horrible, compare to the originals, and the text is hard to read.

    For instance, the piglet one is 567×567, but the HTML says it’s 470×470.

    I bet you’re looking at them on a Mac, but I’m on Windows at work and they look awful.

  6. castrezana’s avatar

    Man, you’re welcome. Keep the good work, it’s very funny! And send me some new cartoons.

    And send me a email, i don’t found yours, I want talk about some ideas.

    Rodolfo Castrezana, omedi.net

    Rodolfo [a] Castrezana dot com

  7. seemikedraw’s avatar

    You guessed it ambrose, I’m on a Mac and they look fine. I don’t really pay too much attention to the size – I’m not too savvy with HTML. I just looked at it on a PC and you’re right – I had no idea they looked that bad! I’ll definitely size them correctly from now on. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. seemikedraw’s avatar

    castrezana, i’ll drop you an email as soon as i get a crappy newsletter design out the door…

  9. castrezana’s avatar

    I don’t want a newsletter!!! Lol!!!
    Just send me one email, man!


  10. Michela’s avatar

    (…from Rome, Italy!) ;-)

  11. Ali S.’s avatar

    Hehehe! Congrats on the ton of folks piling up at the door! I have to say your cartoons made me laugh so hard it hurts now when I eat. :D

  12. fotokew’s avatar

    wonderful! Your work makes many folks laugh! that is great! Keep ‘em coming!

  13. Backpacking On Little Money’s avatar

    Hi Mike. I’ve reading your stuff for some time now and I never thought of asking, but does the cat at the top of your page have a name?? Smokey, maybe? You’re doing a wonderful job.

  14. tiziana’s avatar

    Congrats Mike, I bet you’ll double them in no time! :-) Seems like you managed to get an international set of readers around here… keep up those great pictures, the nastier the better ;-)

  15. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Backpacking On Little Money, I never really thought of a name for the cat – he was just a left-over from a particularly lame cartoon. I’ll go with Smokey – it’s better than Emphysema, which isn’t a really catchy name for a cat.

  16. hon3yb33’s avatar


    I found you through neatorama actually and I’ll definitely be a frequent viewer. Pencils at Dawn’s awesome, too! What a great concept!!

  17. Abi’s avatar

    Yeah, I got your site through Neatorama and I’ve been enjoying it since. I’ve been chuckling quite a bit (even though the pig one made me sort of sad/repulsed).

  18. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks heaps :) I’ll try to keep ‘em coming regularly.

    PS – Yeah the pig cartoon made me feel the same! If it’s any consolation, he was simply delicious and the farmer and his family had a wonderful dinner.

  19. Cisne Negro’s avatar

    You´re great, you deserve it. Regards from Spain.

  20. DrowseyMonkey’s avatar

    Well I’m impressed – I think I get 15 hits a … week or something. Love your blog!!!!!

  21. Capitán Nemo’s avatar

    Your draws are very funny, man. Regards from Spain, too.

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