It’s a Halloween special!

This is a guest cartoon I did for the lovely guys over at Fredo & Pid’jin. If you haven’t checked them out yet, thenĀ go check ‘em out!

Oh, and I know thatĀ Jehovah’s Witnesses wouldn’t have name tags, and Mormons wouldn’t be carrying a bible with a cross on the cover, and that they only travel in pairs, but to those who would like to nit-pick I say nuts to you!


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  1. Tobe’s avatar

    I didn’t know the idiom – ‘nuts to you!’ But I see it means ‘drop dead!’ so it’s basically the best idiom in the whole world.
    SeeMikeDraw – funny and educational!

  2. seemikedraw’s avatar

    My work here is done :)

  3. John’s avatar

    haha killing people of other religions is soooo funny. Bet you’d be in trouble if this were jews, muslims, or any other religion.

    This is one thing that is wrong with society.

  4. seemikedraw’s avatar

    John, this isn’t a pointed attack on religion.

  5. Ems800’s avatar

    Yo mike, in your website you aren’t getting the views you deserve, but in 9gag this same image was posted and it got 23,000 views and 4,250 likes, please make the same pablostanley did and post your work in 9gag so you get more followers, credit and views from your great work! and keep the good work its awesome!

    (Sorry for my English, I’m Colombian)

  6. seemikedraw’s avatar

    Thanks man, I appreciate it. Unfortunately that seems to be the way it goes – other people always seem to get way more traffic for my cartoons than I do! At least he did link to my site, which doesn’t happen very often.

  7. Marc Perez’s avatar

    Great!: I love your work. Shotgun and chikens are my weakness.

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